NL West Links: Moorad, Padres, Martinez, Dodgers

Five years ago today, the Diamondbacks re-acquired Randy Johnson from the Yankees for Luis Vizcaino, Ross Ohlendorf, Steven Jackson, and Alberto Gonzalez. The Big Unit spent two more seasons in Arizona then one with the Giants before calling it a career. Here's the latest from the NL West…

  • Jeff Moorad's long-awaited purchase of the Padres from John Moores is nearly complete, reports's Barry M. Bloom. The sale is estimated at $530MM and is on the agenda for approval by the owners at this Thursday's quarterly meeting.
  • Bob Nightengale of USA Today says (on Twitter) that it's a "virtual slam dunk" that the Padres sale will be approved on Thursday. Moorad needs 75% approval.
  • Dan Hayes of The North County Times reports (on Twitter) that the Padres new television deal should be completed later this week, but it is unrelated to the change in ownership.
  • Tim Sullivan of The San Diego Union-Tribune says it's refreshing to see the Padres make deals not predicated on payroll, referring specifically to the Carlos Quentin trade. “I’m committed to building a team that can win every year and that can sustain success,” said Moorad.
  • The Mets waived Fernando Martinez earlier today, who they signed for $1.35MM back in 2005. Adam Rubin of ESPN New York notes (on Twitter) that the Padres offered him more money back then, but he chose New York because of Pedro Martinez.
  • "I don't see it. Not at the moment," said Dodgers GM Ned Colletti to's Ken Gurnick when asked about the possibility of adding a big bat, potentially even Prince Fielder. "Our payroll is what it is."

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  1. Why don’t they just call it Padres links.

    • CAD_Monkey 4 years ago

      Because I needed further reminder that my team put all of its resources into two year deals for washed up players.

    • thebigbangdito 4 years ago

      there is one dodger link there lol

    • Blue387 4 years ago

      The Mets have signed a whole bunch of former Padres in the past year from Chris Young to Scott Hairston and Mike Baxter. This is, of course, the result of former Padres executive Sandy Alderson becoming GM.

  2. BeisbolJunkie 4 years ago

    Most importantly, Five Years ago today Randy Johnson’s legendary mullet was finally free to come out of hiding.

  3. sdsuphilip 4 years ago


  4. GasLampGuru 4 years ago

    Quentin was not a pointless acquisition.  I know people have been convinced Blanks is going to be some ruthian masher, but the fact is Quentin has proven he can be a run producer.  He’s a better player than Blanks right now, and will almost certainly still be the better player in three years.

    Blanks has amassed a .219/.315/.424 split in 470 career at bats to go with 20 HR, 49 BB and 153 strike outs.

    Quentin has amassed a .252/.346/.490 split in 2100 at bats to go with 121 HR, 214 BB and 347 strike outs.

    One has a proven track record and has demonstrated an ability to be a very good run producer.  The other is, at 25, still a project in many ways, can’t stay healthy, and hasn’t shown an ability to be consistent.  I don’t get the ire over “blocking” Blanks.  I don’t see it as “blocking”, I see it as replacing with a better player.

  5. MetsMagic 4 years ago

    That pitcher you got…Clay Coleslaw or something. I think he could win a Cy Young someday. 

  6. Lastings 4 years ago

    Um…Tony Gwynn!?! Oh wait, Tony Gwynn Jr., never mind then…

  7. the Rockies were beastin last year

  8. John McFadin 4 years ago


  9. melonis_rex 4 years ago

    “Back in the good ol’ days, the Dodgers had ’emselves a bona-fide Cy Young winnah.”

  10. Leonard Washington 4 years ago

    I agree 100% that Quentin is a better overall player than Blanks is or will likely be. My problem is that the acquisition by itself does not even make the Padres in the conversation for competing not even close, at all whatsoever. So why do it? The best case scenario that could occur is Quentin puts in a fully healthy season they finish 3rd and he nets them a couple nice prospects at the deadline.That would require a ton of luck. Thats really it though. You don’t go from last to first by adding one threat to your lineup when your lineup had no big threats in it. Sure they got Alonso but even still the rest of the division will do better. They were a losing team with Adrian at first and more talent in the bullpen and rotation. Now the Padres got the 4th best rotation in the division a weaker bullpen then years past and whats likely to amount to a tie for worst offense in their divison. They are not a threat so the acquisition seems silly. Unless the prospects given up for him were soooooo terrible there is no way they could contribute at all it was a silly deal. The one hope they have is for him to stay healthy to get some prospects back.

  11. GasLampGuru 4 years ago

    I guess this is where our views on the trade differ.  While it’s possible the Padres acquired him in the hopes that they could recoup some prospects at the deadline, I think they did it with the intention of signing him to a team friendly extension and having him here for several years.  

    It makes sense – he’s a local guy, his offensive game fits their needs and PetCo’s dimensions, and he’s still young and relatively inexpensive.  They should be able to sign him to a team-friendly extension that buys out a couple FA years.  He also instantly becomes the best stick in the lineup.  I also don’t think the kids they gave up for him will amount to much.  Hernandez has fringy stuff and Castro’s numbers got worse at every minor league stop.

    After YEARS of watching them try to rush prospects and fill holes with aging veterans on discounted deals, it’s refreshing to see the Padres make a move that improves the team without any consideration to payroll or cost.  They simply saw a chance to improve the lineup and took it.

    You watch, they’re going to sign him to an extension.

  12. GasLampGuru 4 years ago

    Also, with regard to blocking Blanks, don’t be so sure.  I don’t think the team is exactly enamored with Venable right now, and if he has a bad spring there is a very real possibility he could be shipped out and Blanks given the RF job since he’s more athletic than Quentin.

    And I would argue you have to start somewhere.  Two weeks ago they added Alonso and some nice prospects.  Last week it was Quentin and Cashner.  Alonso and Quentin both make the lineup better.  Maybe they have another trick up their sleeves before the end of ST – or maybe Grandal shocks all of us, tears it up in ST to win the starting catcher job and adds another stick to the lineup.  Either way, you don’t build a team overnight – you build it piece by piece.

  13. johnnycomelately9 4 years ago

    Your viewpoint is based on the false premise that the Padres can’t compete.  Brynes was asked by Moorad what he would do if he had extra room in the budget, he said go after Quentin, so Moorad signed off on it.  Dig up Quentin’s radio interview in the xx1090 podcast library.  After listening to him and reading more about him I see that he’s a guy focused on winning.  I’m a huge Blanks fan so I hope they find a way to play him every game.

  14. Leonard Washington 4 years ago

    Never said Quentin was blocking somebody. The guy is 29, not terribly young. And this is his last season before free agency. Sure he could sign an extension to play there or just as easily go out and get paid for the first time in his career. Not that many hitters are dreaming about long term baseball at Petco. I don’t see it. I see a trade to boost the lineup for one season and see where they are if a bunch of things go right. If things don’t which is likely to happen, he will most likely be traded if he puts together a nice season.

  15. Leonard Washington 4 years ago

    The Padres would need a lot of luck to compete this year. They got no legit ace, and a rotation full of 3 to 5 starters. A much weaker bullpen then years past. and an offense with Quentin that is still arguably the worst in their division. Its in no way a false view to see the Padres as non-contenders. The season starts and injuries can/will happen then who knows. But as of now they should not be viewed as contenders. They weren’t contenders with Latos, so to add a couple nice rookie bats (That may or may no do anything at all), and an oft injured OF (Defensive liability), who is often streaky all in the worst hitters park in the league and assume they can compete with the likes of Arizona/San Fran/LA/ or even Colorado is a pretty ridiculous stretch. They could still conceivably add someone like a Kuroda, or Oswalt (Very unlikely) but even then they arn’t even going to be clear threats for even 2nd place in the division. They should just count themselves lucky that if absolutely everything that could go right goes right they might get 3rd because in the rest of the NL divisions I am not sure that would make a difference.

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