Orioles Rumors: Adam Jones, Tommy Hanson, Fielder

The Orioles acquired Jai Miller today and also sent Brandon Snyder to Texas.  The latest on the team…

  • Executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette told Roch Kubatko of MASNSports.com he wants to improve the Orioles' "on-base capability from top to bottom."  Duquette isn't sure he currently has a .380 OBP guy, and isn't sure if his second baseman is currently on the roster.  The free agents with the best 2011 OBPs include Casey Kotchman, Chris Snyder, Carlos Pena, and Pat Burrell.
  • The Orioles haven't made contract with Luke Scott since non-tendering him on December 12th, reports Kubatko.    
  • The Orioles are fairly confident they will add another outfielder, though that wouldn't necessarily portend an Adam Jones trade, writes Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun.  The Orioles were not overly intrigued by the Braves' offer of Jair Jurrjens, Martin Prado, and a minor league pitcher.  Connolly doesn't see Jurrjens as a centerpiece for a Jones trade.  Instead, the Orioles are intrigued by Tommy Hanson.
  • Connolly notes that an extension remains possible for Jones, who is under team control for two more years.  January is always a big month for extensions.
  • An Orioles source told Connolly they would not offer Prince Fielder the seven-year, $140MM deal Mark Teixeira rejected three years ago.  For the Orioles to sign Fielder, Connolly feels that his market would have to completely collapse, and he finds that highly unlikely.  Connolly reiterates that agent Scott Boras and Fielder "did not meet with [Orioles owner] Peter Angelos despite being in the area – which I thought should demonstrate once and for all that the Orioles really aren’t anywhere near the frontburner of this issue and Fielder's side isn't forcing it." 

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  1. 19bravos95 4 years ago

    No thanks. Adam jones isn’t even worth b-level prospects. The proposed trade of JJ, Prado and prospects was shot down. That was never on the table.

    • Rangersfan32 4 years ago

      Jones should be worth b prospects, but definitely not worth Prado, Jurrjens or those pitching prospects. Heck, I probably wouldn’t trade any of those straight up for Jones.

    • Oh? You’re Wren’s assistant?  You were in the room for negotiations?

      • I can’t decide who is more obnoxious… Jays fans worshiping AA or Braves fans asking for Bundy, Machado, Schoop, etc for their pretty good (but not great) ML Talent.

  2. Hanson would be a much more interesting piece for Bmore.Hope this gets done.

    • renegadeisback 4 years ago

      Why would Atlanta do that? Hanson is a stud. Jones career OBP is .320.

      • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

        I’d bring on Adam Jones but no way would I give up Hanson for him. Or JJ.

        • Moving Jurrjens and simultaneously opening up a spot in the rotation for Teheran in exchange for Adam Jones is pretty sound for the Braves. Although i think the O’s would want more

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            While Jurrjens has some history with injuries , Jones’ OBP has been low for most of his short career . Both have the same amount of team control left . I wouldn’t give the Orioles too much more . Zeke Spruill at most .     

          • Thats fair. I wouldnt give Hanson either thats way too much. But despite his low OBP Jones is still a fairly solid hitter for average with power. CF’s like him dont grow on trees and he would still be a upgrade for ATL

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            He actually would not be that much more of an upgrade over Prado . Last year , the guy was obviously hurt . He should put up numbers like .290/.340/.430 when healthy . Getting on base is really what the Braves are needing in their lineup . We have several guys who can hit HR’s . We just need some guys to get on in front of them . Jones would be traded for taking over Bourns spot in CF next after someone else out bids us .

          • MB923 4 years ago

            Jones has put up a .325 OBP the past 2 years, and sadly that’s his highest ever. Why “should” he put up a .340 OBP?

            If getting on base is what the Braves need as you say it is, then Jones isn’t exactly answer.

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            Re-read above . I was talking about Prado .

          • MB923 4 years ago

            My fault man

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            No biggie .

          • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

            The problem is that he really isn’t a CF, he is a LF.

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        I don’t know about a straight up trade just for Jones . But I see Hanson possibly having injury problems down the road , much like he did this season . Regardless , he has ace-like stuff . He also has more team control left than Jones . I would ask for Josh Bell along with Jones and throw in Prado .

        • Bell? Done.

          Are you sure that is all it will cost to get rid of Bell is Jones?

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            I might have been thinking of Machado .

          • OrangeCards 4 years ago

            Machado isn’t going anywhere.

          • Rangersfan32 4 years ago

            Machado going is just as likely to happen as getting Prado, Jurrjens/Hanson and prospects for Adam freaking Jones.

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            I bet he would for Hanson .

        • Jeff 4 years ago

          I would do Hanson for Jones + B prospect.  I’m not sold on Hanson, and I can easily see him being the 4th best pitcher on the Braves this year, behind Hudson, JJ, and Beachy.  Teheran and Minor won’t be better now, but Teheran is likely to be better in future, and Minor’s going to be solid.

          I think Beachy has the brightest future of any Braves pitcher.  JJ can fill in Hudson’s role next year, I’d actually try to extend him right now if I could while his value is lowest, though Boras won’t agree to it I’m sure.

          • rundmc1981 4 years ago

            So Beachy has done enough in 1/2 of a season for you to extend him (presumably into his arb years), but Hanson hasn’t coming off a season where he was an All-Star if Bruce Brochy didn’t favor his own pitchers? 

            I don’t get it. I can understand teams overvaluing players, but give Hanson a free pass. WE COULD GO A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT MORE FROM TEAMS THAN 2 YEARS OF ADAM JONES IF WE DID WANT TO TRADE HANSON. Look at what CIN gave up for Mat Latos!

          • Jeff 4 years ago

            First part- yes.

            Second part- I agree with you.  I think talking to COL for Smith+Fowler for Hanson is worth it.

        • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

          I agree hanson has already started to break down , but does have ace like stuff , however it isnt ace like if he’s only making 15 starts a year. 

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            Much like the O’s are doing with Jones as looking at his upside , you’d have to do the same with Hanson . And this last year was suppose to be his 2nd full year in majors before his injury . But he did in fact start over 30 games and pitch over 200+ innings in 2010 .

      • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

        and hanson has shown he is injury prone 

        • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

          Injury prone?  He’s had one injury and has never had any surgery.

    • NEBravesfan33 4 years ago

      4 years of Tommy Hanson for 2 years of Adam Jones? That’s hilarious.

    • Rangersfan32 4 years ago

      It’s ridiculous how much you Braves fans think Jones is worth.

      • Jeff 4 years ago

        Much of it is shellshock from Jeff Franceour’s suck.

      • bigdawg1980 4 years ago

        i think adam jones reminds me of reggie sanders…a semi-star but never a super-star….i would take him for j.j. only…thats it

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        I think that most of us actually realize that while he is no superstar , he is still better than average .

      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        What’s ridiculous is how much the Orioles front office thinks he is worth.  He is an average to good player with only two cost controlled years left.

        Jurrjens and Jones are roughly equivalent players. Both are good players who are greatly overvalued by their respective teams (and most fans too).

  3. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    Tommy Hanson?!?! That’s a negative Ghost Rider.

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      I guarantee you that Tommy Hanson’s name wasn’t uttered by anyone in the Baltimore organization to ATL. They’re not that dumb even to suggest it. Internally within BAL, of course Hanson’s name generates interest, but ATL isn’t SDG and we’re not trading an ace-in-the-making for anything less than Cal Ripken Jr’s best years. You can’t make talent like his…or else BAL would be doing it.

      • drumzalicious 4 years ago

        They could be. Just like the Nationals asked for Hanson when we tried to acquire Dunn at the deadline in 2010.

        • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

          huh?!?! When was that and who forgot to tell me?

  4. $1639604 4 years ago

    Hanson? Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. paulyicecubes 4 years ago

    The Braves never offered Prado and Jurrjens plus a prospect for Jeff Franceour, err, I mean Adam Jones.  That rumor was thoroughly debunked shortly after it surfaced.

  6. Unless they want to give up Machado and Bundy(PTBNL) I don’t think the Braves are going to trade their 25 year old ace.

    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      We might would want Josh Bell instead who is closer to ML ready to take over for Chipper after this next year . That’s if Terdoslavich doesn’t take that spot first .

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        I might have been thinking of Machado instead of throwing bell in there . But he is closer to being ML ready than Machado .

        • ugen64 4 years ago

          I can’t believe you’re mentioning Bell and Machado in the same sentence. Machado is a potential future all-star. I would be amazed if Bell is anything more than a bench player.

  7. Weird… Lefty hasn’t commented on this yet.

  8. inkstainedscribe 4 years ago

    Call me crazy, but I think a deal involving Jones and Hanson is workable. The O’s are taking a gamble that Hanson won’t break down; shoulder injuries are worrisome enough, and his delivery can’t be encouraging. And if Hanson is healthy, there’s no chance the Braves lock him up longterm anyway.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      you are crazy

    • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

      I see what you’re saying about his delivery and shoulder problems but that’s what pitching coaches are for. If it becomes a serious issue then Roger McDowell will help him find a new delivery. McDowell may be a walking controversy (I might not watch his return to SF) but he is a pretty good pitching coach.

      • inkstainedscribe 4 years ago

        I think McDowell is an excellent pitching coach. I wonder if he (or anyone) could modify Hanson’s delivery enough to reduce the strain on his shoulder AND leave him an effective major league pitcher.

        • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

          guys change their delivery and it usually works well. Look at Charlie Morton.

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            This is true , but it doesn’t always work out that way .

          • Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

            You also risk that they injure themselves in the process of making an adjustment depending on how drastic the adjustment is. It’s a really challenging thing to do. If anybody could help Hanson, it’d be McDowell though.

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        Messing with a pitchers delivery could be a bad idea . But he may to adjust to something different to get that hitch out of it .

      • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

        yeah new deliveries are easy for pitchers ,   wow, almost never does that work 

        • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

          ask John Smoltz and he’ll tell you if it works

          • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

            one in a million

          • drumzalicious 4 years ago

            could have sworn Halladay did the same thing when he went to the minors to re-invent himself

          • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

            obviously it has happened , but for everyone who has done it there is probably a million who have failed and just blew out an elbow , while saving their shoulder , the thing is you dont hear the stories about a pitcher who was good then injured and left baseball you only hear the feel good reinvent myself ones

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      That’s kind of funny because the Braves have a long history of locking up their home grown players that they want to keep.

  9. craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

    Uhhhhhh…..no. Intrigued as many are.

  10. Chris_RG 4 years ago

    Jones’s stats would have looked good “pre-Moneyball”, back when people only cared about average, HR, and RBI, but now we know that players like Jones are not that valuable. Heck, according to B-R he only had 1.7 WAR last year. 

    Jones for Hanson?? Now there’s a joke. 

    • elock 4 years ago

      That number was skewed by a ludicrous -1.7 dWAR.  Hanson’s WAR was only 1.8 last season.  WAR is a stupid statistic, but if you believe in it, Hanson’s WAR over the last 3 seasons is 7.6.  Jones is 7.4.  Hanson is coming off an injury.  Basically, there’s not as big a difference in value as you think, at least according to WAR, which you seem to put some value in.  Also, how many “Moneyball” teams that only worry about OBP and not about having players that drive in runs have won the world series?  

      • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

        most of the braves fans on this site have man crushes on the big red  so really anything short of baltimores whole minor league system and adam jones is still not enough 

        • rundmc1981 4 years ago

          I think it’s because he reminds me of the fearsome rotation and John Smoltz. His stuff is electric even when he’s not getting mid-90’s. We might have another young stud that surpasses him one of these days, but he’s the flagship of a heralded crop of pitching prospects. I think there are a lot of Braves fans scared of seeing one or a few of these untouchable pitching prospects not pan out…knowing we’ve probably said no to a few deals to keep ’em.

      • Chris_RG 4 years ago

        The difference is that Jones put up that in a full season. Hanson did not pitch a full season last year and was still more valuable than Jones. 

      • DK8 4 years ago

        Jones has not been a really good defender in CF since 2008. -1.7 dWAR over the past 3 years looks about right going by UZR.

        The difference in future value between Jones and Hanson is likely 5 WAR on the low side and might be closer to 10-12. From the years of control to the fact that Hanson is a year younger and has been more productive, he is far more likely to provide surplus value to his team.

        • elock 4 years ago

          I watched at least 140 of the Orioles games last season, probably at least that the year before.  Adam Jones is an above-average defender at worst, and a great one at best.  I understand the thought that the Braves wouldn’t do a 1 for 1 for Jones, with Hanson having more years of control left, but it’s not a laugher like some Braves fans believe.  A solid, everyday player who’s made an all-star team, should’ve been one last season (Joyce and Cuddyer?  Seriously?), and has won a gold glove has some value.  Hanson may end up being great, but a guy coming off an injury, who only threw 130 innings last season, gave up more than 1 homer/9 innings and who’s ERA has gone up every year is not necessarily extremely more valuable like some people here would want you to believe.

          • TheHotCorner 4 years ago

            Using winning a gold glove or making the all star game as part of your argument ruined your whole post.  Neither means a whole lot. 

          • Chris_RG 4 years ago

            Sounds like a homer to me. 

          • djones83 4 years ago

            I’m also an O’s fan and have season tickets and watched as many games as you and I believe Jones’ UZR is just about right. He makes a lot of mistakes on routine plays and allows far too many balls over his head by playing too shallow. The Fielding Bible ratings back this up too. He’s not nearly as good as most of us O’s fans make him out to be. He’s a decent player, nothing more. Though I generally think All-star appearances and gold gloves don’t mean much, at the All-star break Jones was hitting .285/.328/.457, Joyce was at .290/.351/.513. Joyce deserved to be there.

          • elock, you’re debating with a bunch of people who have seen AJ play an average of 0 times. I wouldn’t waste my time arguing with these people. They’re nuts if they don’t think the Braves would move one of two guys coming off of injuries for a starting CF of AJs quality.

          • NL_East_Rivalry 4 years ago

            so injuries are the basis of a player’s worth and not actual skill or years or stats? hmm.

      • Fifty_Five 4 years ago

        WAR exaggerates how overrated he is a little bit. But still he’s below league average in weighted runs created. Combine that with his K rate and low OBP, and he’s really just non spectacular offensively. Defensively i doubt he’s as bad as the metrics say he is but still an average to below average hitter/average fielder shouldn’t net Jurrjens, Prado, and a prospect. Hanson should just be out of the question

    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      Definitely wouldn’t do it if the trade was 1-1 .

    • drumzalicious 4 years ago

      Sad thing is the Braves seem to still be in love with such stats

  11. Triple Hawpes Brewed 4 years ago

    The O’s homers on this thread need to layoff the crackpipe

    • danistheguy 4 years ago

      I don’t think I’ve read an Orioles homer post on this thread, to be honest. I should know, I am one.

      • Neither have I, I read more from braves homers and blue jays homers then anything else.

      • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

        many more delusional braves fans here than anything else 

        • Seems that way. You’d figure after the free fall they exhibited in Spetember, they’d come back to reality.

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            Not considering that Prado , Heyward , Uggla and McCann underachieved at some point during the season and 2 of our starters were injured . People stay healthy and play to their potential , reality would be that the Braves would have made the playoffs quite easily .

  12. Chris Inman 4 years ago

    As paulyicecubes said, the Braves did not offer Jurrjens, Prado, and a minor league player for Jones. The Orioles asked for those players AND more, and the Braves declined…..obviously. 

    • Actually the Orioles declined that offer FROM the Braves it wasn’t the other way around.

      If Jones is going to be traded it will be based around Hanson and Prado or some of the Braves young pitching in addition to Jurjjens.

      • MB923 4 years ago

        Like Chris said, that rumor was false.

        That’s a horrible trade for the Braves and there can’t be any way possible they proposed that

        • I’d call that a good trade for the Braves, they’ve clearly been trying to dump Jurrjens, they won’t even consider trading anyone who they really value(last year’s trading deadline proved that), and Prado’s value is at an all time low for him, and who knows who the no name was. Anyone trading with the Braves should be suspicious.

          • MB923 4 years ago

            I’d call it a good trade for the Braves ONLY if one of those players (most likely Prado) was in it and No prospect involved.

            You are acting as if Jones is a very valuable CFer. The point is, he is not. In the last 4 years, he is ranked 21st in WAR in CF out of 30. His WAR last season was only 1.7 and his WAR the last 4 full seasons has only been 10.2, just above 2.5 per season. His career OPS+ is just 101, which is less than Prado’s which is 108.

            His career WAR per 162 games is 2.54 and Prado’s is 2.31. It’s not That big of a difference. This is on B-R. On FanGrahps, Prado actually has a higher WAR

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            Anything for Adam Jones beyond only one of JJ or Prado would be ridiculous for the Braves to do .

          • Well now it looks like where there is smoke, theres fire. The O’s have re opened negotiations with ATL concerning Jones with Jurjjens, Prado, and a high level pitching prospect not named Teheran.

            It also might be exclusively pitching instead of taking on Prado.

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            I wouldn’t believe everything you read . It might get you in trouble .

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        There is NO way we offered that much for Jones . If that was the offer , I guarantee the Orioles FO would have accepted .

  13. Ryan The Braves Fan For Life 4 years ago

    Hansons a beast

    • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

      on the trainers table 

      • Shoulder inflammation, no structural damage. Some scrub named Halladay was on the DL for it twice in 2004. Wonder where he is now…


      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        Yep, one injury in his professional career makes him injury prone.

  14. craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

    All these rumors tell me that the Braves definitely like Jones. Though considering the O’s askin price and Wren’s continued interest there is some serious overvaluing going on. By both Wren and Duquette.

    • not_brooks 4 years ago

      All of the overvaluing is most likely coming from the media. 

      Orioles media will tell you that Duquette turned down a package for Jones that included Jurrjens, Prado and prospects. Braves media will tell you that package was never offered.

      And, if you click through to read Connolly’s article, you’ll see that he’s probably just bringing up Hanson’s name to generate some blog hits:

      “A name that intrigues the Orioles – heck, that intrigues everyone in baseball – is the Braves’ 25-year-old right-hander Tommy Hanson.

      He dealt with some shoulder/back problems last year but is one of the best young pitchers in the game. That’s also the reason the Braves likely wouldn’t move him, for Jones or likely anyone else.”

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        Actually , I think they would move him for the right player or package . It’s not like we are depleted in our farm system to where we can’t have someone take his spot in the rotation .

        • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

          thats the first time a braves fan has not just been a down right homer on this thread 

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            Well we have starting pitchers who are being blocked as we speak . Why not trade Hanson if it will improve the team . I don’t know about trading him to the O’s cause they don’t really have anything we would want other than maybe Jones and Hardy . But I would like to think that any player would be trade bait for the betterment of the team . But every team should have those untouchables .

          • Chris Inman 4 years ago

            I agree with bravesdude. ATL would move Hanson if the right deal comes along, especially since Hanson is a Boras client. 

          • You’ve been trolling this whole thread. You want to hatefuck a braves fan?

          • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

            as long as i can do it while tomahawk chopping , then ill figure out what the bleep is hatefucking. seacrest out

  15. NiceGamePrettyBoy 4 years ago

    Wait, the Orioles like Hanson more than Jurrjens? Haha that’s quite surprising.

    • MB923 4 years ago

      We are talking about the Orioles, the team that has the worst ownership probably in all of sports. IMHO, that wouldn’t surprise me if they liked Jurrjens more.

      • Jeff 4 years ago

        JJ will have a better career then Hanson.  I’d bet money on it at even odds.

        • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

          plus jj can pitch past the sixth inning something hanson high pitch count doesnt often afford him

          • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

            It is common for young strikeout pitchers to have high pitch counts.  Some guy named Halladay had the same problem as a young pitcher.

          • JJ pitched past the sixth in 13 of his 23 starts…


          • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

            which is better than hanson like i said , so ?

        • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

          I would take that bet.  JJ is an average pitcher.  Hanson has ace potential.

  16. joeybw 4 years ago

    I get why they would prefer Hanson to JJ. Hanson actually strikes people out, JJ needs an awesome defense behind him.

  17. Guest 4 years ago

    haven’t made contact w/luke scott?

  18. craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

    Connolly gets no credibility, as far as I’m concerned, after his bunk reports last time on the Braves’ ‘offer’ for Jones anyway.

  19. JoshWeaver 4 years ago

    Dan Connolly must have taken a hit of acid before he wrote that article for the Baltimore Sun. Every sports writer and blogger from Atlanta has pretty much had the same reaction as everyone on here. This is complete bologna….I’m sorry O’s fans, but Adam Jones isn’t that great….Maybe a Matt Diaz, Todd Redmond for Adam Jones trade might go through for you Baltimore fans, haha, but there is no way they would give up Prado or Jurrjens for Adam Jones, and they certainly wouldn’t give them away in a package deal for him. As far as the Tommy Hanson speculations go, that makes me think Dan Connolly might have taken 2 hits of acid and drank a fifth of whiskey on top of that before he wrote that….what a dummy.

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      They would give up Jurrjens for Jones, but they wouldn’t give up much more than that.  Baltimore is nuts if they think the Braves would give up JJ, Prado, prospects or Hanson for a left fielder with a career .320 OBP.

      • rundmc1981 4 years ago

        Hanson has 4 years left and ace stuff, not to mention an AS first-half (he should have been rather than Vogelsong). Latos has 4 years and ace stuff, not nearly the MLB resume of Hanson and CIN traded 3 future starters (Grandal, Boxberger, Alonso) and the guy TEX traded one-for-one for Josh Hamilton (Edinson Volquez) for Mat Latos.

        Now…knowing that, what should BAL give up. Answer: they don’t have enough.

        • bravesdude 4 years ago

          If Hanson were available , the O’s really couldn’t match up with us .

        • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

          If Baltimore were willing to give up Jones, Manny machado and another prospect or two then they would have enough.

          • I just want to point out how ludicrous this is.

            That is all.

  20. bravesdude 4 years ago

    While Jurrjens has some history with injuries , Jones’ OBP has been low for most of his short career . Both have the same amount of team control left . I wouldn’t give the Orioles too much more . Zeke Spruill at most .

    • MB923 4 years ago

      In all honesty, I would have to say Prado for Jones straight up is almost a fair trade. 

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        I would if Jones could play 3rd , 2nd , and 1st to go along with being able to play the OF like Prado can .

        • cacavolante 4 years ago

          oh so jones’ defense doesnt play in center but prado’s offense plays at first?

      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        Disagree.  Prado is a better overall hitter and more versatile.  JJ for Jones is the most equal offer.

        • MB923 4 years ago

          Well I’d say JJ is more valuable as a pitcher than Prado is as an OFer. And Jones’ value is slightly more than Prado but Way less than Jones’.

          Perhaps Prado and maybe a very low level prospect but nothing higher.

  21. I’m all for the JJ & Prado trade.  I love the guys and both are studs if they can stay healthy.  But the Braves are loaded at pitching and cant “build on the staff” forever.  I think we need to add some power to the middle of our lineup and adding Jones will also give us an incredible defensive outfield to cover the large space in Turner.

    • Well said. The popular adage is “you can never have too much pitching”, but if there were ever a team to disprove such logic, it’s the 2012 Braves.

      If they’re unwilling to break the bank for a big bopper via FA, they HAVE to unload some of that pitching talent for an offensive piece.

    • Chris_RG 4 years ago

      Jones had a negative UZR last year. He’s overrated defensively. 

      • MB923 4 years ago

        And he’s overrated Offensively. 

        • Chris_RG 4 years ago

          This too. I think announcer-types (and casual fans) hype him up because he puts up deceptively good-looking “triple crown” stats. 

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Prado has about as much power as Adam Jones plus a MUCH better career BA and OBP.  He also is more versatile.  Power is more than just home runs. 

      I would give up Jurrjens plus a B prospect and nothing more for Jones.  There is no way I would include a guy as valuable and versatile as Prado in the trade.

    • smt1 4 years ago

      The problem is that Prado is better than Jones in terms of OBP. Braves were 4th in the NL and 8th in the league in home runs, and almost last in the league in OBP last year. The Braves offense needs more people getting on base rather than more power.

      I’d rather have Prado play LF than Jones.

  22. ChipsHips 4 years ago

    In the rare case that Hanson does get moved, it is going to be for someone better than Adam Jones.

    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      Totally agree .

    • Leonard Washington 4 years ago

      If it were possible for Prado to play an effective right field I think the Sox would be on the phone trying to pull a Hanson/Prado trade out of their butts. 

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        Have you not seen Prado’s commercial on SportsSouth ? The guy can do it all .

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Very true.  Hanson is worth a LOT more than Jones alone.

  23. Tommy Hanson…seriously? I know he’s from the west coast and his agent is Boras but anybody who has seen tommy pitch would tell you that he’s worth two adam jones! I agree his delivery is awkward but after watching all the “top 9″ players this wknd on MLB network I noticed his delivery is similar to Jack Morris’….not that I recorded and paused frame to frame but..well I honestly just don’t understand why Adam Jones’ name continues to show up with Braves rumors??? Why not Jurrjens(plus low level pitcher)for Yankees Nick Swisher?

    • geauxbraves2000 4 years ago

      Why not Jurrjens(plus low level pitcher)for Yankees Nick Swisher?


    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      I’d much rather have Swish . Good clubhouse guy . Switchitter with power . And he knows what being on a WS team feels like .

      • rundmc1981 4 years ago

        Swisher would only be worth a trade if it was a sign and trade – like Dan Uggla. Swisher is a FA in 2013 and I doubt he’d give ATL a fair shot at a deal knowing this might be a good time for him to get the dollars.

      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        I agree.  Swisher would be a much better player to target.  He actually knows how to walk.  However, I don’t think the yanks will trade him.

    • biffsniff 4 years ago

      The Yankees would be foolish to trade with Atlanta, as they got totally boned last time (save for Boone Logan, who has been pretty decent). Obviously I would welcome that trade, but you gotta think the Yankees would stay away from a trade involving a pitcher from Atlanta.

      • rundmc1981 4 years ago

        The same people that agreed to the Vazquez deal also agreed to give AJ Burnett 5 years/$82.5 million. Don’t think trading for Vazquez was the first time they over-evaluated a pitcher. And that wasn’t the first time they acquired Vazquez (2004), so it wasn’t like they didn’t know anything about him.

  24. geauxbraves2000 4 years ago

    Being a Braves fan I would move Hanson as soon as I could, before his value completely bottoms out.  Not for Jones straight up, but I would definitely include him in some type of package.

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      I wouldn’t be opposed to trading Hanson but I would want a TON in return for him.  Something like Jones, Machado and a couple of lesser prospects.

      • Meh Sheep 4 years ago

        Now who is being a homer braves fan?  No way does anyone sensible make that 4 for 1 deal.  Machado for Hanson straight up would maybe make sense.

        • bravesdude 4 years ago

          Not nearly enough . Try again .

        • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

          Um…..you may want to revisit the Latos trade.  They are very similar pitchers with similar contract situations.  Hanson has the injury concern but Latos has the history of being an immature brat.  The Reds gave up a boatload of talent to get Latos and a team would need to give up a similar amount to get Hanson.

  25. Mikey Roederer 4 years ago

    If Coco Crisp signs with Baltimore and Jones does get traded, I think he would goto the Nats over the Braves…just my thoughts, we know how much the Nats want a CF for a couple of years, and they could match up well

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      They could match up well with BAL knowing their farm system just took a serious hit? If they sign Fielder then Adam Laroche could be available and the trade for Gio has said that John Lannan could be available, so I can’t really see a package involving them being able to get Adam Jones, knowing WSH can’t really part with much more on the farm to get the deal done — and let’s not talk about Bryce Harper.

    • Rangersfan32 4 years ago

      Why don’t the Nats just sign Crisp. Makes more sense for them.

  26. Guest 4 years ago

    does anyone remember reggie sanders…this is who jones reminds me of…semi-star…never a super-star

    • Chris_RG 4 years ago

      At least Sanders knew how to take a walk. Jones is only considered a “semi-star” because his decent “triple crown” stats hide his pedestrian OBP/OPS and defensive metrics. 

  27. bigdawg1980 4 years ago

    adam jones reminds me of reggie sanders….semi-star..not super-star

    • smt1 4 years ago

      He’s basically a slightly younger Jeff Francoeur. Jones=.275/.319/.437/.756. Francoeur = .270/.313/.433/.746. Same terrible OBP. Having gone through that once already, no thanks!

  28. coco crisp going to the Yankees as a 5th out fielder

  29. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    MLBTR really is losing credibility with each link to a Dan Connelly article. The man unplugs his phones and lowers his voice talking to himself when thinking up another quote from a Braves source that would give any of his ideas any relevance or worth the characters they take up on a screen. 

    • Rabbitov 4 years ago

      Connelly is one of the good guys in sports. He reports what he hears and never claims it to be truth.  Also he is right a LOT.  

  30. Richard pushed me into it, Ha!
    Anyway, why would the Orioles do any deal with the Braves including Adam Jones?
    We have no center fielder if we trade Jones. Nothing!
    With the Coco Crisp rumor being dashed, this trade rumor is over!
    D Carter
    Isn’t this a bit harsh
    MLBTR really is losing credibility with each link to a Dan Connelly article
    First, if you’re going to insult the guy at least spell his name correctly, it’s Dan Connolly
    Second, I think Dan’s credibility is fine, the problem is he’s poured cold water on a lot of good ideas. Oswalt and Kuroda among other things.
    However, his credibility is fine!

    PS Connolly if you read this stuff. It’s clear to me Angelos didn’t meet with Fielder and Boras. However, did he meet with Showalter and Duquette?

    • cacavolante 4 years ago

      how about who gives a crap about who our centerfielder is? we suck. let angle run around out there for a year if we get good value for jones.

  31. Andrew Brotherton 4 years ago

    I think Hanson for Jones, Jonathan Schoop, and Esposito or Delmonico, and Klein

    • Why would the Braves need Klein?

      Second, you can’t trade Esposito or Delmonico until 2013.

      You have to hold onto draft choices for one full year.

      PS For the Love of the Orioles who’s our Center Fielder if we trade Jones?

    • Rabbitov 4 years ago

      O’s wouldn’t do that, but I think you could pry some good prospects from the O’s.  While the Os don’t have a highly ranked farm system, I will say that there are a lot of underrated names.  

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      The Braves wouldn’t do that.  Any trade involving Hanson MUST include Machado.

    • cacavolante 4 years ago

      what an awful awful trade that would be for the orioles. and i thought we overvalue jones. you braves fans take it to a whole new level.

  32. Nicknamed_Tanner 4 years ago

    Hanson is an injury waiting to happen. He’s got great stuff. Flat out nasty, but that delivery…. As for Jurrjens can you Tommy Johns. Jones has a high upside but needs a better OBP. Not sure I’m confident either pitcher is going to stay healthy. That being said we seriously need pitchers. We gotta take a chance sometime.

    • Alex Nix 4 years ago

      Huh?  Jurrjens has knee problems, not elbow problems…

      • Nicknamed_Tanner 4 years ago

        I know about the knee, but didn’t also have elbow soreness in the past or was the Shoulder??

  33. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    Carlos Quentin gets traded to SDG for 2 mid-level prospects, one of which has a high ceiling? Anyone think CHW GM Kenny Williams is holding a grudge against ATL for the Vazquez deal working out so well for ATL? Though, Lillbridge and Flowers are still producing, though neither are stars. ATL could have given more to than SDG for even a rental of Quentin.

  34. Pat Burrell isn’t a free agent.  He’s retired.

  35. Ryan Cothran 4 years ago

    Braves fan here…
    Check out Adam Jones’ splits before thinking he solves any of the Braves’ RH hitting woes.  He has been downright horrible against LHP (.673 OPS).  Pass.  I’d rather have Cody Ross at 2/10 million.

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Well said….I mentioned the same thing in another post.

  36. biffsniff 4 years ago

    How come Nolan Reimold isn’t mentioned more often as a trade target for the Braves? Considering all the Braves-Orioles rumors. He seems to fit a little better than Jones. He is RH, cheap, hits decent against lefties, has shown the ability to draw walks, and has some pop. With Jones, you do get the benefit of sliding him to CF in 2013 if Bourn leaves, but it also sounds like the Braves are going to have to pay a premium to get him. Jones could potentially upgrade the team if acquired, but not at the price of JJ, Prado, and two top prospects. I say aim for Reimold and maybe 1-2 top prospects from Baltimore for JJ.

    • biffsniff 4 years ago

      Couple that with a trade of Prado to Colorado involving Blackmon/Wheeler and definitely not Smith, and the Braves outfield will look solid if not awesome for years to come. 

    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      I think most Braves fans would rather have Reimold .

  37. esasc4 4 years ago

    Just sign cody ross or luke scott and jack wilson and be done with it till the all star break. Then trade prado to an american league team thats in the hunt. 2013 will be the year for outfielders and we will have more money.

  38. Rodney 4 years ago

    Good luck with that Baltimore. :)

  39. drumzalicious 4 years ago

    If Frank Wren trades Hanson for Jones I’m going to start an Occupy movement for the Braves Front Office

  40. bryanben85 4 years ago

    Would someone please explain this WAR stuff to me I’ve been following baseball for a long time and still have yet to figure it out

  41. Justin Bobko 4 years ago

    everyone here is talking about the fans overvaluing their respective pieces, and to be sure, this is true.  i am a braves fan and i think jones is a pretty good player: guys who hit 25 homers, play an average/above average centerfield, and have a potentially higher upside do NOT grow on trees. but his OBP has never eclipsed .330, nor his OPS .800: these are benchmark areas that separate the good from great players.  in contrast, jurrjens has had two seasons in which his ERA was below 3.00, including one at 2.60 over 215 innings: those numbers are benchmarks of being great for pitchers.  we can look at other things, such as the likelihood of either player regressing or improving in the future, but the fact remains that, to this point, jones has never had a season a great season, and jurrjens has.

    • ugen64 4 years ago

      The thing is, people are using metrics like OBP and UZR/150 to comment on Jones, but they’re just using ERA for Jurrjens. If you look at Jurrjens’ FIP, it was only 3.99 last season (around his career mark of 3.88). His xFIP last season was 4.23 (career 4.22) as well.

      Another thing to remember is that the O’s and Braves aren’t trading in a vacuum. There are 28 other teams the O’s could potentially trade Jones to, and even if you discount the ones with better / younger CFs, there are probably 5-10 realistic trade contenders out there. All it takes is 1 GM that believes Jones is a Gold Glove caliber outfielder… I mean the guy won a Gold Glove, so there’s at least a plurality of managers out there who think he’s a great defender and voted for him. He was worth 2.9 WAR with well below average defense in CF, according to the advanced metrics. If you believe he’s an above average defender… suddenly he’s a 5 win player and worth a hell of a lot in trade returns.

      Finally, the main reason why Jurrjens isn’t appealing to the O’s is because he only has 2 years of team control, same as Jones. The reason we want to trade him is because we won’t be a contending team over the next 2 years. Jones for Jurrjens would be a completely pointless trade for them.

      • Justin Bobko 4 years ago

        this is by far the most insightful thing anyone has said about this trade. good job.

  42. Matt Talbert 4 years ago

    Jurrjens for Jones makes a lot of sense for both sides, but that would leave Prado w/o a home but will give us an insane bench.  We cannot afford to deal Prado, what other 3b do we have?  Come on!  Prado is passable at 3b.

  43. xthetouristx 4 years ago

    I think you’re getting your classic rock singers mixed up.  Queen did not do Dream On.  That would be Aerosmith and Steven Tyler.

  44. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    Unless there is a Queen song that I am unaware of that song is by Steven Tyler.

  45. not_brooks 4 years ago

    That would be Steven Tyler.

  46. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    well, didn’t Freddie Mercury do a song that said “Dream on you little dreamers”?

  47. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    First thing I thought of was Depeche Mode

  48. bravesdude 4 years ago

    Agreed . JJ would automatically be their #1 if traded to them .

  49. sonofsnake 4 years ago

    Not really.  It’s pretty even.

  50. Jeff 4 years ago

    The Braves could get a premium return for Hanson in a trade.  Adam Jones by himself is not a premium return.

    I’d guess that Hanson would get Smith+Fowler from the Rockies.

  51. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    Please MLBTR, put up a dislike button for comments such as this. Yeah, let’s trade Hanson’s guaranteed 4 years for 1 year of Bourn and 2 years of Adam Jones in the OF. I think you’re thinking of Adam Pacman Jones…now he’d be a decent fielder. This Adam Jones is nothing special in the OF and definitely not the CF of the future for the Bravos.

  52. Rangersfan32 4 years ago

    I’ve never seen the Braves ask for an all star pitcher, OF a year removed from an all star campaign, and top pitching prospects for Jurrjens… Have you?

  53. Jeff 4 years ago

    Teheran won’t be that good for at least 2 more years.  He’ll get there though barring injuries.

  54. biffsniff 4 years ago

    Jones had a great season last year? What part of a .319 OBP is good? Or a career walk rate of 4.8%? I reserve judgement on his defense because I don’t watch the orioles, but don’t be fooled just because he won a Gold Glove, because McLouth won one of those too. 1 year of Hanson would be better than 2 years of Jones, so there is no way Baltimore gets 4 years of hanson for 2 of Jones. A Jurrjens-Jones 1-1 swap makes sense, but apparently Baltimore wants Jurrjens, Prado, and two more players for Jones. Never gonna happen.

  55. bravesdude 4 years ago

    The thing is , do you trade someone who has ACE stuff for a guy like Adam Jones ? No , you don’t .

  56. biffsniff 4 years ago

    Teheran is ready now. Pitched all of last season at AAA, and dominated. He really doesn’t have much to prove in the minors. He may start the year there, but he will most likely spend most of the year in the bigs.

  57. bravesdude 4 years ago

    Teheran will start the year in bigs . That would be half the reason that Jurrjens wil be traded .

  58. biffsniff 4 years ago

    You know, its 2012 now, we have more stats available now than just batting average. A .280 BA means nothing if his OBP is .319. On some teams, yes, Jones would be an upgrade. But for a team like the Braves who have a serious problem taking walks and getting on base (at least in 2011), and a LF in Prado who can put up a better OPS than Jones, there is just no room for Jones. And you think we should not only bring in Jones to replace Prado, the better player, but also give up 4 years of Hanson for him?

  59. bravesdude 4 years ago

    You do know that his dWAR last year was -1.7 ? What was so stellar about it ?

  60. biffsniff 4 years ago

    There is no proof that the Braves are interested in Jones, this is all just speculation on the media’s part. Personally, I want no part of Jones, as I think we could do much better in a trade for JJ. But if Baltimore became our only suitor, and for some reason the Braves felt like they had to trade him, then I would be on board for a JJ-Jones swap, as they have the same amount of years left, and similar projected salaries. This only because that would probably mean a trade of Prado as well. Jones isn’t an upgrade over Prado, but he is an upgrade over whoever would have started in place of Prado assuming a trade.

  61. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    Your post really makes no sense.  A Braves fan can like Jones without wanting to overpay for him.  Hanson would be a HUGE overpay.

    As a Braves fan I am not really interested in Adam Jones at all.  He has a terrible OBP, is poor defensively and has a reverse split (hits RHP better than LHP).  None of that fits what the Braves need.

    As someone else said, there are better statistics to look at than HRs, RBIs, etc.  Prado is a better overall hitter than Jones.  He has a better OBP and they have equivalent power (using SLG%).  Prado has a 4.4 WAR under his belt already, Jones has never even touched that number.

    Adam Jones is a good player but he is not a “great” player by any stretch of the imagination.

    If the Braves want him (and I sincerely hope they don’t) I would offer nothing more than Jurrjens and a B prospect.  That would give the Braves four good outfielders with one of them being a top infield backup as well. 

  62. bravesdude 4 years ago

    I would think that they could do better than that . If it were with the Rockies , I would think of Smith + Arenado for Hanson .

  63. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    Haha! Seth Smith…here we go again. Now we’re bumping up from Jurrjens to Hanson and throwing in Dexter Fowler. I’d give the same reaction to them for Hanson that they gave us for Arenado.

  64. bravesdude 4 years ago

    The statement was that I would rather have Swish over Adam Jones .

  65. Jeff 4 years ago

    They don’t value OBP though.

  66. rundmc1981 4 years ago

    Why would they trade (a lot) for Adam Jones – who BAL likes him a whole lot more than Bourn was liked by HOU – to get in the same situation we’re in now with Bourn, though we’re getting only 1 more season of Jones before he hits FA? I could understand considering that if we can’t re-sign Bourn, but we’ll have $40M+ in 2013 to spend. 

    Why would we overpay for Jones now rather than waiting out this season and trying to re-sign Bourn? If he bolts, we get draft pick compensation and then make a play for Jones, who at that time would have only 1 year before FA, so BAL’s asking price would have to be lower, knowing they’re risking him bolting and not getting much for him.

    That’s not mentioning the fact that Adam Jones isn’t great defensively and would be a decent corner OF, but not a great defensive CF, like Bourn is now. We can’t afford both Jones and Bourn, and I’d rather have Prado and Bourn anyway. Good OBP (which Jones doesn’t have), some power, and a lot of speed with great defense (Bourn).

  67. DK8 4 years ago

    Because Adam Jones is a LF currently disguised as a CF.

  68. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

     Hahaha…a “franchise” centerfielder needs to at least adequately play centerfield.  Jones is poor defensively in CF and really isn’t that good of a hitter.

  69. Jeff 4 years ago

    Because he isn’t a franchise CF.  Bourn is borderline-franchise CF.

  70. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    Actually its really funny.  In his gold glove year Jones played kind of poor defense, but last year he defensively looked amazing.

    Its funny how sabermetric junkies try to come on these boards and tell me he had a negative Dwar or some other defensive metric didn’t look good.  I say, did you watch him play almost every game last season? 

    No they say, but I looked up his WAR.  Those stats aren’t perfect, and Jones was a stud in center last season.  His arm has improved immensely and his range was great.  In fact he was overcompensating for weaknesses in left field and was a HUGE reason Markakis won the gold glove in right field. 

  71. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    Stats are only worth anything if you watch the player play in addition to them.  

  72. biffsniff 4 years ago

    In all fairness, Jones would be playing LF for the braves in 2012, not CF, which is where he accumulated his -1.7 dWAR. No guarantee, but I gotta think that the defensive metrics will be a little kinder to him if he is playing LF and not CF, not to say that he will then become “stellar”. Though this is all moot if he were to shift to CF in 2013 in the event that Bourn leaves.

    Oh, and “But he won a gold glove!!1!1!??” lol

  73. biffsniff 4 years ago

    I agree, I don’t put too much stock in those defensive metrics.  Even those only rate him at just below average. Also consider that he would be playing LF for the Braves, so logically, that should make his defense seem at least a little better. Even an average defender should be welcomed by the Braves, considering how bad the defense is going to be at other positions. Though his 4.8% walk rate doesn’t fit at all with the Braves. Or rather it does at the moment, but we would like to improve on that.

  74. bravesdude 4 years ago

    I was just using the same arguement that other non-Braves fans use aginst Jurrjens . Seemed fair .

  75. bravesdude 4 years ago

    And that will get you no where . We have been using that line for JJ and Prado . And everyone says the same thing , “but stats are what we base that players performance on” . So try again .

  76. bravesdude 4 years ago

    I think that he would be fine in LF .

  77. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    “but stats are what we base that players performance on”
    Stats, in plural.  For every negative you say there is a positive.  For my money, defensive sabermetrics are helpful but not the end all, period.  I am sick of watching Braves fans bash the player based on pick and choose stats.  Jones has his issues, and there is hope for improvement in certain areas, but he is a good player and you’d be a fool not to want him.

  78. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    Exactly, and he doesn’t hit well enough to be a long term LF.

  79. Jeff 4 years ago

    He’s ready, but he won’t be as good as Hanson for another 1-2 years.  And I value Hanson less then most Braves fans.

  80. Agreed. Just do not want for any of the packages proposed thus far.


  81. bravesdude 4 years ago

    Just defensive sabermetrics ? Ok . His OBP has sucked his whole career at .319 . His HR’s won’t help much considering the Braves ranked fairly highly towards the top in rankings last year in that department . His defense won’t be any better than what we would have out there in Prado . His speed would be better . But then he would still have to be able to get on base without using the bat to be able to take advantage of his speed . Something that he has not proven that he is good at yet .

  82. cacavolante 4 years ago

    while i dont think adam jones deserved his gold glove a few years ago he is not at all “poor defensively”- regardless of what the defensive metrics say. and i know more about bad baseball than anyone here- i watch every single orioles game.

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