Yoenis Cespedes Talks Free Agency

Yoenis Cespedes says the six teams with "more interest" in signing him are the Marlins, Cubs, White Sox, Orioles, Tigers and Indians, tweets Dionisio Soldevila of the Associated Press. The Cuban outfielder, who struck out in each of his three at bats in the Dominican Winter League last night, will likely become a free agent soon. Cespedes said he isn't worried that his performance in the Winter League will reduce his bargaining power, Soldevila tweets.

Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports hears from people in the know that the Yankees, Phillies, Blue Jays, Rangers and Nationals also have some level of interest in Cespedes. Marlins president David Samson recently acknowledged that his team intends to make an aggressive run at Cespedes, who is represented by Adam Katz of Wasserman Media Group. 

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  1. InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago

    I think he should be worried that a poor performance could lessen his bargaining power…how could it not?

    • Raymond Holguin 3 years ago

      because admitting it will cause self induced pressure

  2. I really would like to see him in an Indian uni.  Powerful, RH bat at a position of need. Brantley could split time with him or at 1st base.

    • redsx968 3 years ago

      When did anyone say Cespedes was going to play 1st?

    • +1.. Brantley would possibly see time as Grady’s back up in CF when he needs a day off, as LF when a RH is starting and or a day off is needed by someone at any one of three spots.  Pinch hitting & running are also in the works. He would be a good fit for the playing time the Indians can offer..

      • EXACTLY what I was thinking. Wouldnt exactly have the pressure of playing EVERY day. Would be a guy the Tribe HAS to depend on either.

  3. Sully65 3 years ago

    Not only did he K 3 times last night, I heard he was really lost and flailing away at curves and sliders. Good luck Marlins on spending $30 million on Willie Mo Pena II.

  4. BirdmanRob 3 years ago

    Orioles could have him in LF or DH, or even CF some games. There is always the AJ trade rumors as well. Id rather get Soler though for the future as we probably won’t be making any major noise this year.

    • Bleed_Orange 3 years ago

      I would love to have him in Baltimore but by the sound of it he is Miami’s to lose

  5. hockeycenter15 3 years ago

    I’d rather have Juan Pierre in all honesty.

  6. What are the White Sox doing? I thought they were rebuilding, but yet their after Cespedes>?

    • They have to make it look like they are trying for this year, no one will come if they “officially” throw the towel in before the season starts.

      • rockfordone 3 years ago

        Sox will be better than a lot of people think. If Peavy goes on DL, Dunn hits a buck 50, Rios hit .220 team is in trouble. History show that won’t happen but any team would be in trouble with those factors. Example – CC on DL, Tex hits .159 and ARod hits .220 Where are the Yankees???????????

        • Tigers94 3 years ago

          Well considering their two best players are Cano and Granderson, Id say probably around 86 wins. But CC>Peavy, Teixeira> Dunn, and Rodriguez> Rios. Dunn and Rios are probably going to have bad years this year as well

          • KEK 3 years ago

            One probably will, most likely Rios. But I wouldn’t be depending on it. Dunn is one of the most consistent producers of this generation.

            Kenny mentioned the Sox were “rebuilding” once and the media went wild with it. The Sox could catch quite a few by surprise. The Tigers losing V Mart for the entire year has just made the central quite a bit more interesting.

        • Subtract Edwin and Buehrle as well.  They haven’t improved themselves overall.   I question whether Dunn can even hit a fastball any more. 

          • disgustedcubfan 3 years ago

            Subtract Buehrle, Edwin as well as Santos (closer) and Quentin (2nd best run producer)

          • KEK 3 years ago

            The Sox have several closers, the pen isn’t the problem. The Sox locked up Danks which is huge. Danks, Floyd, Sale is not a bad 1-2-3. If Humber is anything close to what he is last year than the Sox will once again put up some of the best pitching numbers in the AL.

            Viciedo should be able to pick up where Q left off, part of the reason the Sox didn’t win last year is because of Ozzie and KWs spats and refusal to bring them up. Then when De Aze and Dayan do well they both try to take the credit.

            The Sox had arguably the best pen last year.

            Good luck on the Northside. Frankly, I don’t really care about all the Sox-Cubs crap. That rivalry is going to be pretty cold for the next couple of years.

    • whitesoxfan424 3 years ago

      Why would signing a 26 yr old (who apparently has many tools) not a good idea for a team who is “retooling”?  Granted they would be spending a lot of money, but on a younger guy with a lot of potential coming into his “prime” years.

    • Rebuilding and Getting Younger are two very different things.  Sox will spend money on young promising talent, that is a proven fact.  Cespedes is a rare free agent due to his age and upside.  What the White Sox will NOT do is waste funds on FA’s in their 30’s that are on the tail end of their prime. 

      • rockfordone 3 years ago

        Brian – you are right on. Sox have a ton of revenue – a huge factor will be Ram and Vido. both Cubans. Got both of them when Jose C was on team. I see the Sox all over this. You don’t sign 34 year old pitchers to 50M 5 yr contracts 

        • disgustedcubfan 3 years ago

          The Sox are the only team with Cubans on the roster?
          You think these are scared little kids who need fellow Cubans on the team to hold their hands?
          Cespedes and Soler will sign with whoever makes the best offer, not with who has the most Cubans.

          • whitesoxfan424 3 years ago

            I very much agree that Cespedes definitely will want to sign for the best offer.  However, I think rockfordone was more likely suggesting that players from a certain area (in this case Cubans) do like to sign where they have fellow countrymen to help with the adjustment to life in the US / MLB, as well as to have someone to get along with on the bench more easily.  I don’t think I would necessarily call it an advantage for teams with Cubans to sign Cespedes or Soler, but it definitely would not hurt.

      • disgustedcubfan 3 years ago

        $52,000,000 for 4  years of Adam Dunn begs to differ.

  7. Wow 3 teams from the American League Central and 2 teams from Chicago.  The orioles are pretty much in on anyone these days (desperate times) but the Miami Marlins could be the aggressor in this. Does that make Miami the favorites? Who knows but historically both Chicago teams and Detroit have been known to throw crazy amounts of money at players they view highly.

  8. danumd87 3 years ago

    DD is apparently all about the foreign talent as evidenced by the wada and Chen signings. Wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Os heavily in on him

    • not_brooks 3 years ago

      Of course, the O’s signed Wada for $8MM and Chen for $12MM.

      It would be extremely out of character for that organization to spend more than $30MM on a free agent.

      And, frankly, if a team like the Orioles is going to invest that heavily in a free agent, said free agent should be an MLB-proven commodity.

    • Dave Dombrowski has dibs on the “DD” moniker!   :)

  9. redsx968 3 years ago

    I think Soler is more intriguing than Cespedes. Less polished maybe, but I think the better prospect of the 2. Cespedes’ Ks worry me.

  10. Disgustedfan 3 years ago

    Why would anybody give Cespedes 50 million dollars or whatever it cost to sign him. I heard the cuban league is the pretty much the same as A ball and last I checked A ball was a long ways from the bigs. He hasnt been exposed to anything close to major league pitching. Same thing with Darvish he might get a 75 million dollar contract and he is a prosect A PROSPECT for crying out loud. These foreign players are overhyped and grossly overpayed when you can get players with equal talent and for less money in the mlb draft.

  11. Hellobrooklyn 3 years ago

    Mets prospect Juerys Familia struck Cespedes out on 3 pitches yesterday. 3 95 mph fastballs in the DWL. Might not be the Mets yr in 2011 but our future looks alot brighter Go ahead and sign him Miami

    • redsx968 3 years ago

      A prospect struck out a K-prone unproven Cuban prospect? Get the floats ready… World Series parade is coming to Flushing!

  12. Marlins are a lock.

  13. ok lets get this straight ok. the marlins will not get him. not a chance. the two teams that have the best chance in signing him are the yankees and white sox. why i say that? Yankees have the money..and the white sox are so cuban friendly its crazy. marlins dont need him anyways. jesus they have a team. they dont need anyone else.

    • so the team that has been spending like crazy that has fifty times the cuban population of the white sox home city has no chance? Interesting. Not to even mention the marlins stadium is built in what is considered little havanna?

    • ChiCitySox 3 years ago

      As much as I think the Sox should sign Cespedes, I’d put my money on the Marlins all the way. It seems the only thing that would keep Miami from signing this kid is if they wind up signing Prince Fielder instead. Dave Samson, Marlins president, says their pursuit of Cespedes will be aggressive to the point of stupidity. Considering Miami’s recent spending spree, and the buzz surrounding this kid, they seem the most logical team to land him. Even though the Sox have the superior connection to Cuban players, that probably won’t be enough without the dollars to back it up.

  14. windycitywarrior 3 years ago

    What people do not realize is the rich Cuban history of the White Sox going all the way back to Minnie Minoso. Heck just Latin America in general… I think the fact that they have Viciedo and Ramirez will make a huge impact. Not only are they fellow countrymen but I believe they all played on the Cuban National team as well. You fact checkers may want to make sure of that for me though. haha

  15. your bumping lomo and gaby for an unproven?  

  16. Assuming all of the hype surrounding him is true, that is a scary lineup!

  17. start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    At this point I’d be a little more surprised if the Marlins don’t make one of the most competitive offers. If they are actually trying to build a sustainable team then he offers more bang for your buck than anyone else they have signed so far. If the Marlins are doing what I think they’re doing, trying to buy a World Series team and then sell it off, then he still has the potential to be a bigger trade chip than anyone they signed.

  18. BlueCatuli 3 years ago

    You sure he’ll even start at the big league club with any organization?

  19. Sully65 3 years ago

    Maybe its just me but I don’t love what the Marlins have done so far this off-season. I think Bell is a good reliever but he is getting older and he seemed hittable last season. Everything I have read it sounds like new stadium may be ‘hitter freindly’ and he gives up fly balls more than he K’s  guys now.. Buhrle’s differential between his FB and change are getting closer and closer. If he loses that change he is a very hittable pitcher. Reyes is a good sign, hopefully he stays on the field. Hanley is going to struggle a little bit learning 3B hopefully it doesn’t effect his batting abilities during transition. I don’t think Marlins caught the Phils or the Braves and if Prince ends up in Washington, I am thinking the Marlins are behind them as well. Marlins did spend money I am just not sure if it was smart money spent.

  20. Hanley is going to hit in front of Stanton, otherwise solid.

  21. Disgustedfan 3 years ago

    The marlins are going to finish 4th in the East there team is overated.  Reyes has a hard time staying healthy so does JJ. Stanton is still young and raw. Hanley Ramirez plays like he doesnt care. Cespedes will probably not pan out. Carlos Zambrano is a headcase whose best years were 5 years ago. There offseason was also overated as they gave 60 million dollars to a finese number 3 starter. They signed a closer who is in his mid 30’s. Reyes is always hurt. This team is way overhyped.

  22. Natsfan89 3 years ago

    Paying #3 pitchers 10 million plus a year and hoping dudes don’t make regular trips to the DL?

  23. Guest 3 years ago

    be ready for that bandwagon to crash because it will very quickly…….if you think the marlins are better than the phils,atlanta,nats????……they are actually moving backwards with some of these moves……..

  24. vonhayesdays 3 years ago

    they will sell everything before the ship sinks in true loria fashion 

  25. vonhayesdays 3 years ago

    dont forget selfish shortstops who sit out the last day to win a batting crown 

  26. vonhayesdays 3 years ago

    what a nice rainbow 

  27. MaineSox 3 years ago

     Despite all the hype he’s essentially a prospect coming up for the first time, so I don’t think they put him that high in the lineup to begin with.  I think you put him down further and let him earn his way up to a higher spot, not the other way around.

  28. MaineSox 3 years ago

     If I had to guess, I’d say that the Cubs would be more interested in Soler than Cespedes.

  29. danumd87 3 years ago

    While we as fans don’t like it and think it’s cheap that’s a pretty standard move in the sport. Pulling himself was a bit weird, but being removed from a game or sitting out a game to lock up a batting title is not at all unusual

  30. kingoriole 3 years ago

    If I was a mets fan Id rather him have the batting title. If I was there Id be stoked I got to see a bunt single. I love bunt singles. Id also be stoked to be able to cheer him when he came out – he did a lot of great things as a met and winning the batting title was one of them. It’s easy to point and hate though.

  31. yeah, i was thinking the same.  I would love to sign him and see him light it up.  He has to do it the proper way though.  

  32. you keep trying to say the marlins are going to sell the team off.  that was different ownership.  i’m not buying it. 

  33. If the Marlins are doing what I think they’re doing, trying to buy a World Series team and then sell it off, then he still has the potential to be a bigger trade chip than anyone they signed.
    You bring up an interesting point purple, because they have done that in the past. However, in the past they have done it with home grown players and not by hiring mercenaries to get the job done.
    Heath Bell is too old to be flipped and so is Mark Buerhle. Jose Reyes is not going to be traded because who would want him because of the doubt about his hamstrings. I can see Hanley Ramirez being traded before spring training starts and the Atlanta Braves have enough prospects to get it done.  I wish the Orioles would trade for him, but I am unsure what the Marlins would want from us.
    The bottom line, the Marlin players are too old and expensive to be flipped even if it is after one year.
    PS As for Cespedes, he’s a total gamble. I am not sure what you do with him if he shows nothing in 2012 other than eat the contract.

  34. rockfordone 3 years ago

    Saw him all of last year – no wheels anymore and very poor defense.
    Got old fast trust me.

  35. baseball52 3 years ago

    And what do you base this on?

  36. sdsny 3 years ago

    I disagree.  Cuban baseball is on par with what we have in the Majors.  The success to fail ratio is about the same as any other country.  We’ve seen plenty of Cuban defectors have great success.  Livan Hernandez and El Duque, Alexei Ramirez.  Even Yunieski Bentancourt has been able to stick around Major League squads, although he’s certainly no superstar. 

  37. whitesoxfan424 3 years ago

    I really do not think it is on par with the MLB level, but I have no reference to support this.  I think you have picked the cream of the Cuban defectors crop, personally, and am sure there definitely are a bunch more “flops” than success stories.  It will be interesting to see these two players get a chance to play, and especially for White Sox fans with Viciedo about to get a significant bump in playing time.

  38. Natsfan89 3 years ago

    I’m talking about Buherle. I’m on my phone and didn’t feel like looking up the exact number but buherle is making way to much for his numbers. He’s a good pitcher but one year he makes something like 15 or 16 million.

    I was referring to Josh Johnson and Jose Reyes when I said regular trips to the DL.

  39. sdsny 3 years ago

    I based it somewhat on their performance in the 2 WBC tournaments.  I agree it’s not the best sample, but it’s the only one we have to go on.  I think they’re at least as good as what we find in the Dominican Republic.  I bet we’d see a hell of a lot more Cuban players in the Majors if they didn’t have to go through the process of defection.

  40. I think they’re at least as good as what we find in the Dominican Republic. No way . If they wanted to , RD would have won easily the WBC. There you had players just beginning the spring training against  two team in full form , Cuba and Japan.
    Venezuelan Dominicans and Puerto Rican ,the latter punshed by the draft, are far betters than cuban players thanks to academies and their time in the minors. Cuban only play among them and in amateurs tournaments against the left over of other countries.
    For sure they were at MLB baseball level… in 1960

  41. I would love to see Chicago bring Juan Pierre back! 

  42. vonhayesdays 3 years ago

    not the kinda player i want on my team, basically a me first ,team second ,thats why the mets despite being loaded on paper , never got a sniff a worlds series

  43. vonhayesdays 3 years ago

    thats why even with all that talent the mets continually fell short of expectations they had of too many me first players, and have fun with your 2011 batting champ hat or jersey or what ever you bought to commemorate that epic year

  44. vonhayesdays 3 years ago

    thats why even with all that talent the mets continually fell short of expectations they had of too many me first players, and have fun with your 2011 batting champ hat or jersey or what ever you bought to commemorate that epic year

  45. KEK 3 years ago

    He is one of the most durable pitchers of this decade. Consistently eats up innings and is one of the leaders in quality starts. He might be slightly overpaid, but that is also a reflection of the market this year. I think you are off base here. You also know that he will be dealing with a manager he gets along with very well and who also knows what he is capable of, which is a plus (a small one but still helps).

    Its “Buehrle” by the way.

  46. KEK 3 years ago

    oh please god no

  47. KEK 3 years ago

    Not to mention very  slow starter. Plus, he was making errors on routine plays that he never did before. He is done. He was getting picked off and caught stealing left and right. A guy who hits singles, takes a half season to get started, has no arm and cannot steal isn’t really worth much at all.

    By the way, hello fellow Rockfordian.

  48. KEK 3 years ago

    Not to mention very  slow starter. Plus, he was making errors on routine plays that he never did before. He is done. He was getting picked off and caught stealing left and right. A guy who hits singles, takes a half season to get started, has no arm and cannot steal isn’t really worth much at all.

    By the way, hello fellow Rockfordian.

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