Quick Hits: Cabrera, Marlins, Dodgers

The deadline for NHL teams to make trades in preparation for their playoff runs passed this afternoon. Baseball's deadline is five long months away, but we've got these links to keep you going in the meantime…

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  1. Cabrera is hard to project salary wise.  Teams would line up to throw crazy money at him in the open market

    • RocknRollFan77 3 years ago

      He needs to have another healthy and productive season this year before he can get stubborn with his salary demands

  2. sportsnut969 3 years ago

    If the Indians get the vibe that Cabrera is not going to sign a long term deal would it not be smart with not having a long term starting CF or 1st baseman in place and none coming anytime soon to contact the Angels and maybe Dipoto would be interested in Cabrera.

    The Angels have Trout & Bourjos both CF both young and long Term controlable and they have Trumbo another young controllable 1st base guy Maybe a deal like this.

    Bourjos or Trout 
    Aybar or Izturis ( we would need a guy to cover SS this year )
    a good prospect

    Asbrubal Cabrera

    I do not want to deal Asdrubal don’t get me wrong but if it looks like this guy is wanting to break the bank would it not be in the best interest of the team to deal him while his value is high and before he reaches Arbitration next year and doubles up again.

    Just a thought 

    • We’ve all posted drunk before, it’s good fun.

    • NickinIthaca 3 years ago

      The only person in the history of baseball I can see pulling the trigger on that trade is Harry Frazee, and he’s been dead since 1929

    • lefty177 3 years ago

      I think Dipoto would hang up the phone before he knows who’s on the other end, if it were Trout straight up for Cabrera, that even would be iffy for the Angels, 1 because they’re trying to work out an extension for Aybar & they just gave 1 to Kendrick, where’s Cabrera gonna play? 3B? & 2-Trout is the Angels #1 prospect, the only way I can ever see him being moved is in a trade for King Felix or someone like that

      • NickinIthaca 3 years ago

        Not only is Trout the Angels #1 prospect he’s been one of the top 3 prospects in baseball this year and last according to pretty much every prospect list…

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      lol lol lol lol

      for 2 years of cabrera?  :/

    • srpwrd 3 years ago


    • gson 3 years ago

      In typical fashion, fans of other teams over value their prospects. Neither Trout nor Bourjos have accomplished much at the ML level at this point, but the potential exists. These fans have been “SOLD” on this potential and won’t change their minds readily. Without a doubt, this bias exists to the point of self deprecation. Smart baseball people & teams know the value of a young and, at least, marginally proven ML’ers and readily make deals that overcome this bias. The best example of this during this hot stove season was the acquisition of Michael Pineda & Jose Campos for the “uber” prospect & position-less Jesus Montero along with marginal SP Hector Noesi. Montero may become a slugger extraordinaire for the M’s. Pineda IS a bona fide ML SP. 

      The deal you are suggesting is more complex that it should be. It would be a “no go” unless Jerry DiPoto were to fall down and hit his head on a rock and made the deal an Asdrubal for Trout, one for one. The truth of the matter, the Angels aren’t really a good fit as a trade partner for the Indians. The Angels need two pieces that are more important to their team going into 2012. A # 4 / # 5 SP and a closer who won’t blow another 10 saves. While Jordan Walden may become a good closer in the future, the Angels and their front office would be MUCH happier with a bona fide proven ML closer like Francisco Cordero. The Indians may have had the answer to both of these needs, however with the advent of Chris Perez’s oblique strain, that’s no longer the case. In short, this proposed deal doesn’t solve the Angels needs heading into the 2012 season. 

      Teams that are in need of a SS include the SF Giants, Atlanta Braves and, perhaps, the Arizona Diamondbacks. If the Indians were to contemplate a trade of Asdrubal, looking at a match with these three teams would make more sense.. 

      •  The only thing the Angels need is to rid themselves of Abreu and Wells.  Both are leftover albatrosses from when Reagins was GM and do nothing but hinder the Angels moving forward.

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          Abreu is not an albatross. He’s more like an overpay but at least he has a positive WAR despite his lack of a position value.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      I lived in NE Ohio for several years. I would almost swear that they posted advisories about not drinking from Lake Erie. 

      Not sure what was funnier…..the idea that Cabrera could net Trout in a deal w/ “others” needed or that you equated Trout with Bourjous as if they had similar value. 

  3. drjayphd 3 years ago

    Unfortunately, Vincent Kennedy McMahon threw out the Kroenke bid on the grounds that HIS NAME IS EEEEEEEEEEENOS.

    (Don’t worry if you don’t remember that promo. It was so embarrassing, we’re ALL trying to forget it happened.)

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