Chris Young Leaning Towards Re-Signing With Mets

Chris Young is closer to rejoining the Mets, with a source telling Andy Martino of the New York Daily News that an agreement between the two sides "will happen."  Young has narrowed his choices down to the Mets and Padres (another of his former teams) but apparently favors a return to New York due to his good relationship with Mets GM Sandy Alderson.  Martino adds in a follow-up tweet that there is "nothing imminent" between Young and the Mets.

Young, 32, signed a one-year, $1.1MM contract with the Mets last offseason and was on pace to be a nice bargain (a 1.88 ERA in four starts) before undergoing season-ending surgery for a torn anterior capsule in his throwing shoulder.  It was the latest in a series of arm injuries for Young, who has made just 40 starts over the last four seasons.  A return to the Padres could be complicated by the fact that the Friars don't offer incentive-laden contracts, which Young would obviously be interested in case he returns to form.

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  1. Chris 3 years ago

    the mets are definately going to the woeld series with this move

  2. rockfordone 3 years ago

    I assume he’s playing for min. after last season’s payday

  3. Mike1L 3 years ago

    I’m not a Mets fan, but it’s sad to see any team do nothing but shop in the dollar stores.  At some point, you have a responsibility to put a competitive team on the field or at least articulate a longer term vision on development.  The Mets are doing neither.

    • MetsMagic 3 years ago

      How are they not “articulating a longer term vision on development”? And you can’t just pull a competitive team out of your rear because it is your “responsibility”, which it isn’t. I appreciate the concern, but I have no real interest in your newspaper sympathy. Worry about your own team. 

      • Mike1L 3 years ago

         You are absolutely correct-I’m not a Met’s fan and really shouldn’t be commenting on whether a fan should be satisfied with the Met’s current state of affairs-that’s up to them.  I was really making another point (I’ve mentioned it elsewhere)-that when a team takes a huge subsidy (infrastructure, low interest bonds, tax breaks, etc)  from the taxpayer (as the Mets and Yankees  and many other MLB teams did)-they have an obligation to either put a competitive team on the field-or at least work towards that end by investing in development.  That’s not sympathy, that’s a pretty cold evaluation from a taxpayer who is watching the budget at his child’s school cut because there just isn’t enough money to go around.

  4. Joel Clark 3 years ago

    Why would the padres want him back?

  5. bigpat 3 years ago

    He’s actually a very good pitcher whenever he’s on the mound, it’s just that he’s fallen apart. It’s a shame so many pitchers can’t ever seem to shake off the injury bug. 

  6. LUWahooNatFan 3 years ago

    Over/under 12 starts?

  7. YouCannnnnPutItOnTheBoard 3 years ago

    He’s already hurt.

  8. Jason Natelli 3 years ago

    he’s got a leader like Santana to guide him…he’ll be fine…GO METS!!!

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