Twins Extend Glen Perkins

The Twins have signed left-hander Glen Perkins to a three-year, $10.3MM extension, the team announced. The SFX client was already under contract for $1.55MM in 2012, so the deal covers the 2013-15 seasons. It includes a club option for 2016. 

“He has been a reliable reliever for us and has helped stabilize the back end of our bullpen in the set-up role," Twins GM Terry Ryan said.

Perkins, 29, posted a 2.48 ERA with 9.5 K/9 and 3.1 BB/9 in 61 2/3 innings last year. Pitching out of the bullpen, his average fastball velocity jumped to 93.8 mph. 

Perkins' deal buys out his final season of arbitration eligibility and at least two free agent seasons. It includes incentives for games finished, according to's Rhett Bollinger (on Twitter). Sean Marshall, a left-handed setup man with a stronger track record than Perkins, recently signed a three-year, $16.5MM extension with the Reds. MLBTR's Extension Tracker offers a complete look at recent extensions for lefty relievers.

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  1. He’s much more than a LOOGY.

    • Red_Line_9 3 years ago

      I’d like to have seen his numbers that he not been injured.  He got erratic for awhile.

  2. Bonesaw McGraw 3 years ago

    I don’t think the Celtics could’ve won the title without him.

  3. NordeastMPLSTwinsFan 3 years ago

    Didn’t see that one coming.  He was definitely erratic as a starter, but he seems to have really settled in nicely as a late inning guy.  Good move locking him up.  Seems like a bit of a price jump from $1.55MM to an average of $3+ MM, but if he has another season like last year, he’d probably get more than that.  

  4. Interesting. I mean an extension is not that surprising, but I thought that they would have pursued one after this season.

    I’m reading two things into this move. One, they feel 2011 was not a fluke, which is likely if he can keep his velocity up. Two, Perkins is probably going to take over the closer role next year.

  5. Dan Mazzaro 3 years ago

    Nick Blackburn 2.0

  6. A guy has one good year (60 innings)  and you hand him 10 million dollars.. I’ve picked the wrong profession. 

  7. CommissionerBart 3 years ago

    I know Terry Ryan did a fine job when he was previously GM but the full scope of his moves since he’s been back puzzles me somewhat. What is his vision for the Twins?

  8. Still think he can be a good starter for us.

  9. nick1538 3 years ago

    I think his days as a starter are over.  He has embraced his role as a late inning reliever and has the “stuff” to remain productive in that role.  He was finally healthy last season and “dialed up” his fastball (mid-90s vs 89-92 as a starter), making his off-speed pitches more effective (10 MPH difference between FB and SL/CU).  There is no reason to think last year was a flunk.  Of course, relievers numbers can really differ from one season to the next.  
    In the end, this is a smart move for the Twins because they have NO ONE ELSE in the bullpen.  This deal provides some stability at a reasonable value.  

  10. hgr900 3 years ago

    This guy any good? I have his RC numbered 1/50 and trying to sell it on EBAY haha

  11. 0vercast 3 years ago

    This could turn out to be a very shrewd move by Terry Ryan and the Twins, reminiscent of the low cost/moderate upside deals in the early 2000’s that helped the Twins become perennial contenders with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball.  

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if Perkins has good peripherals and 80-100 cheap saves under his belt by the end of this contract.  Funny, considering Perkins appeared to be buried UNDER the doghouse going into last season.

  12. Perhaps I should elaborate.

    Anyone who follows the Twins and how they give out contracts (which I am guessing you don’t since you are a Red Sox fan) has probably noticed that the Twins normally do not give out contract extensions based on one good year UNLESS that pitcher is entering free agency (see Carl Pavano and Dennys Reyes, 2006). Its a trend that probably resulted from how the Joe Mays deal backfired on them.

    For example, it took Nick Blackburn two consistent seasons to get his extension. Same with Baker, and its also a reason why the Twins haven’t locked up Liriano. So why the Twins decided to extend Perkins based on one good season, and not wait another season like I mentioned in my previous post, is what I do not get.

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