Angels Notes: Pujols, Gonzalez, Aybar

The Angels will look to rebound from a 2-4 start to the season this weekend when they take on the Yankees in New York. Here are the latest Angels-related links…

  • Albert Pujols told reporters including Alden Gonzalez of that he isn't sure if the contracts given to him, Prince Fielder, and Joey Votto are indicative of future deals for first basemen.
  • Pujols told reporters that he doesn’t miss St. Louis these days, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News tweets. "I'm way past that,” Pujols said. “I have a new family, new teammates."
  • Angels GM Jerry Dipoto said he is "looking under every rock" for relief help, Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times reports. However, there aren’t many quality relievers available, according to the GM.
  • Dipoto said he is not pursuing any free agent relievers, so it doesn’t sound as though Mike Gonzalez is in the Angels’ plans.
  • The Angels are "making progress" toward an extension for shortstop Erick Aybar, Dipoto told Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. “I’m very confident that we’ll be able to get something done,” Dipoto said of Aybar, who's on track for free agency following the 2012 season.

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  1. Yanks48 3 years ago

    dam not even one bit Pujols? That’s kinda cold 

    • N1120A 3 years ago

      You ever hear the interview his wife gave on that extremist radio station?  They feel pretty hard done.

      • Yeah, 22.5 million a year for 10 years is such a slap in the face….

      • jpm899 3 years ago

        That extremist radio station is just a conservate, Christian radio station in STL that I listen to everyday.  Nothing extremist about it at all.

        • That is what made it bizarre.  To go on a christian station to rant about how the Cardinals offered too few millions of dollars.  Doesn’t sound very righteous.

          • jpm899 3 years ago

            I really can’t argue with that point as I basically feel the same way.  He hasn’t been very humble at all during this whole situation.  My reason for replying on this was in response to the one poster’s comment about the extremist radio station.  Just because his wife went on there and said what she said doesn’t mean the radio station is extremist now.

    • blh2010 3 years ago

      He does but he won’t admit it, he thinks if he’s says all this bitter crap it will hurt the fans and the team nope were all past that

  2. Reporters just try to stir the pot.  The Cardinals, Pujols, and Fans have moved on.  They will both be just fine without each other.

    • Havok9120 3 years ago

       Yeah, until he plays there.

      Trust me, as a Yankee fan who sees it with every free agent signing, the old team’s fans looooove to boo the player. A lot. Heck, doesn’t even need to be the old team. Teixera still gets booed in Baltimore every time he comes to town, and he hasn’t played baseball in Maryland since High School.

      • frontdeskmike 3 years ago

        When Albert returns, he will get a standing ovation during his first at bat.  He will get booed during his second at bat.

        • Wainwrights_Curveball 3 years ago

          Not sure what fantasy you are living in. The man is going to get booed relentlessly in his return to St. Louis as an Angel (and yes you can count on MLB scheduling an interleague match-up between the Cards and Angels in Stl next season).

      • CitizenSnips 3 years ago

        Every time I see or hear about that I can’t help but feel embarrassed for O’s fans. I can see ribbing a player who decides to sign with another team for maybe the first half year after they sign but it’s been over three years, they need to stop being bitter.

        • Richdanna 3 years ago

          If you were an Orioles’ fan, you’d be bitter, too…

  3. David McCutcheon 3 years ago

    With the way these Cardinals are playing–and with the way Pujols is playing–we don’t miss you too much, either.

    • leachim2 3 years ago

      Yeah because 8 games indicate what will happen the whole season.

  4. corey23 3 years ago

    how about blevins and fuentes for trout? kthxbyeeee

  5. KINGMOJO 3 years ago

    Abreu and izturis for k-rod I’ll gladly do that deal

  6. KINGMOJO 3 years ago

    I think st Louis fans are going to say we don’t need Albert, in reality your going to need him when it comes down to July-September, it’s still way to early in the season and as everyone knows he is a slow starter just give him a month. Trust!

    • I think we can do without him acting like a 10 year old.

      • Havok9120 3 years ago

        Which has nothing to do with the guy’s production.

        • Taskmaster75 3 years ago

          But has everything to do with his clubhouse presence.

    • Albert is good an all but no player over 30 should ever get a 10 year contract.  Wait till year five when he is 37 and making more than anyone else on the team.  The cardinals got 11 years of young Albert at a cheap price.  The Angels can have a declining Albert at an insane salary.

      • TimothyStone 3 years ago

        Plus we have Matt Adams to fill in for first who is young and already hitting 35+ home runs already and he is in early 20’s.  We don’t need Albert anymore, but it was nice to have him in his early years, we are free from paying him too much and suffering in other areas.  Now, we don’t have to do that and have younger talent come up and fill in the gap with less money involved.  

    • Ferrariman 3 years ago

      Albert was horrible the first 2 months of the season, detrimental to the team type bad.  He needed a good second half to compensate just his salary back in 2011.  We won’t miss him too much, sure it would be nice but lineup is still stacked. 

      • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

        it is so ridiculous to ever say that you won’t miss albert pujols

  7. northsfbay 3 years ago

    Card fans are the biggest homers in baseball. Before he signed, it was automatic that he would resign. After he signed with the Angels, they don’t need him.

    • I was at the home opener today. With the likes of Bob Gibson, Lou Bock, Red Schoendist, Bruce Sutter, Ozzie Smith, Stan “The Man” Musial… All Hall of Famer’s & all in attendance, it is safe to say Albert will not be missed. Plenty of greats coming out of the Cardinal organization. Call the fans homers if you like. But 11 championships can only be surpassed by the Yankees!

  8. So are the Angels looking for relief help why not Gonzalez is he to expensive, or this another gm move where he says we are not going to do something before they end up doing what they just said.

  9. The Angels now have to rebound from a 2-5 start!

  10. InvalidUserID 3 years ago

    Albert should just answer every future question with “St. Where? The Card-Whos?”.

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