Quick Hits: Angels, Marlins, Bell, Padres

A look around the league as the Rays look to extend their winning streak to seven games as they take on the A’s at home..

  • A 10-17 start isn’t what Angels owner Arte Moreno had in mind when he committed $317.5MM to Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson this winter, writes Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times.  As for Pujols’ slow start, DiGiovanna argues that one month and 26 games is more than a small sample size.
  • The Marlins were well aware of Heath Bell‘s declining numbers when they gave him a three-year, $27MM deal but have been caught off-guard by his command issues, writes Scott Miller of CBSSports.com
  • Matt Eddy of Baseball America weighs in on the trade the Padres’ acquisition infielder Alexi Amarista in the Ernesto Frieri trade with the Angels.  Amarista, Eddy writes, doesn’t have the tools to last as a regular on a good team but can carve out a career as a reserve and see time at multiple positions.

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3 years 3 months ago

Wish knew what was wrong with Bell myself this season. Granted have not watched every Marlins this season (for a change) but have caught several of his awful appearances and it has been terrible time of it for him and odd at the same time.. The stuff is there, the FB is still there (94-5), he just isn’t executing it seems to me.

Maybe he’s another case of a good player allergic to a toxic manager as was Adam Dunn? 😉

3 years 3 months ago

Last year Bell referred to himself as a “drama queen” for all the drama he created in the 9th inning for the Padres. He made me a nervous wreck, letting the tying run get into scoring position with ample opportunities to score that run what seemed like all the time. He’d almost always find a way to get out of it, but still it wasn’t quick and easy like the two years prior. It seems like this year he’s not having the same kind of fortune getting out of his self inflicted jams.

I would imagine he comes around, and when the Marlins season is over they will be glad he was this way in April/May versus September/October.

3 years 3 months ago

I never liked Heath Bell’s delivery.

317 Million, well part of the problem is Mr Moreno wanted Pujols instead of Fielder because he was trying to stick it to Boras. Now, Moreno has an inexperienced GM and now they have to dig themselves out of a bit of a hole.

CJ Wilson has done well. I am not sure if paying him over 75 million (for a 3 and 2 record) over the life of his contract would make me feel good about myself, but he’s not to blame for this start.

Oh and since I heard the Angel fans booing Pujols last night because of a .194 average and what 102 ab’s without a Home Run. Maybe the PA Announcing could say and “Now batting #5 Albert Boooooooojols”. I know “Lefty” keep your day job. 

3 years 3 months ago

Angels should be utterly embarrassed for this disgraceful start