Central Links: Castellanos, Cardinals, Miller, Crowe

Between baseball's two Central divisions, at least six teams figure to be buyers, and more could emerge depending on how the coming weeks play out. The White Sox, Tigers, Indians, Reds, Pirates, and Cardinals could all add pieces prior to July 31, and here are some links pertaining to those clubs…

  • The Tigers are telling teams that top prospect Nick Castellanos is unavailable in any trade "at least right now," according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today (on Twitter).
  • Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports echoes that sentiment, tweeting that he'd be "very surprised" if the Tigers move Castellanos for a rental (Twitter link).
  • The Cardinals were one of the teams in on Ben Sheets prior to his signing with the Braves, tweets Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who adds that the Cards continue to look for upgrades to their rotation.
  • Cardinals top prospect Shelby Miller has struggled in 2012, but B.J. Rains of FOX Sports Midwest quotes GM John Mozeliak as saying, "Clearly we're still very high on him" (Twitter link).
  • The Indians announced that Trevor Crowe has been released from Triple-A Columbus (on Twitter). The former No. 14 overall pick is now 28 years old and has managed just a .736 OPS in parts of five Triple-A seasons. He batted .245/.295/.329 in three Major League stints.

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  1. EightMileCats 3 years ago

    I really don’t understand why everyone thinks their average players are worth Castellanos. Hamels is, but he’s a rental. Garza isn’t, he’s a mid rotation starter who’s inconsistent.

    • It’s what the market has set as the price.  Two seasons ago, the Rangers traded a top 12 prospect, Justin Smoak, plus more for half a season of Cliff Lee.  Last season, the Giants traded a top 10 prospect, Zach Wheeler, for half a season of Carlos Beltran.  The past 18 months have seen pretty good players with 1.5-2.5 years of control like Ubaldo Jimenez, Gio Gonzalez, Mat Latos, Matt Garza and Hunter Pence all traded for multiple top 100 prospects plus others.  I know Tiger fans don’t want to hear it, but your system is currently thin and Castellanos is one of your only trade chips.  If you want to add more than a utility type of player at the deadline, it will most likely cost you Nick C. 

      • snapcase8p 3 years ago

        Thin? We just had 3 players in the Futures game. The Tigers system has more than you think.

        • Yes, thin.  After Castellanos and Turner, you don’t have many trade chips.  A package centered around Castellanos could get you a cost controlled, above average player or very good rental.  A package around Turner could get you an above average rental.  The rest of your system would only bring back utility players or middle relievers.

          • snapcase8p 3 years ago

            Really, so what would you call the Fister deal of last year then. We traded 4 mid prospects for him and Pauley. The teams you mentioned, Giants and Indians, were both desperate teams. The Tigers are not desperate and could easily make an WS run with what they have. DD is a smart GM and will bring in a Drew/Quentin/Dempster player while giving up a package centered or combining around Brantley/Rondon/Crosby/Garcia. Turner may be traded but it’ll be for more than an “above average rental”. The only way Castellanos is traded is if it’s for a controlled star ie Upton/Castro. In all honesty I could see a Upton/Drew/Roberts trade for Castellanos/Turner/Boesch package.

          • I’m not saying you should trade him.  I’m a prospect hound and probably wouldn’t want my team to make that trade.  However, if you want to get a player like Hamels or Greinke back in return, then you will need to include a player like Castellanos.  If you want to get a pitcher with cost controlled seasons left like Garza or Shields you will need to include Castellanos or Turner and your next 3 or 4 best prospects.  This is what the market has shown to be the cost for these type of players.  If you want a player like Upton, it will cost you Castellanos, Turner and probably 2-3 more of your top 7 prospects.  You may not like it or agree with it, but look back at the last 24 months of trades and you will clearly see what it will take. 

          • snapcase8p 3 years ago

            Players are not worth as much now with the new CBA. The only reason players netted so much before was because teams could recover draft picks.

          • snapcase8p 3 years ago

            Bwahaha. Prepare to be disappointed.

          • gamaize 3 years ago

             Tiger system is thin, have followed them and their minor league teams for a while.  Bottom third of baseball as far as Milb talent level.

            Castellanos will not be moved for a rental.  If it is a higher end player signed for longer than this season, any thing is possible.

  2. $1529282 3 years ago

    They didn’t. Nightengale said Castellanos is unavailable “at least for now,” which could be in regard to any trade. Upton, Garza, etc. If you think Morosi’s note isn’t worth including, ask Giants fans if they’d like Zack Wheeler back.

    What a ridiculous reaction. Are you that bored?

  3. Lol Beltran and Holiday aging. Do YOU know it’s 2012?

  4. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    If the Cubs have all these good players that everyone should want, how in the heck are they 15 games out of a playoff spot?

  5. Dude… Your trippin’.

  6. $1529282 3 years ago

    Uhhh… I think you’re going to be VERY disappointed in three weeks…

  7. THREE top prospects for Garza? Lee, Sabathia, Oswalt didn’t even net three top prospects.

  8. Guest 3 years ago

    Haha, I laughed. Who’s going to give up 2 prospects for PAUL MAHOLM! 

    Better yet, who’s going to give up 2 prospects for a closer that has more walks than innings pitched and makes 9.5m next year. Let’s be serious. Your over-rating your team and you know it. 

    And 2 mid-levels for a catcher hitting under .200? This isn’t 5 years ago where he won rookie of the year. This is 2012.

  9. MaCmAnSuX 3 years ago

    The A’s are 3 games over .500, why would they be selling?

  10. YODA777 3 years ago

    That looks like a Congressman’s bribe list to corrupt business men. 

  11. California_RedBirds 3 years ago

    LOL this post is something else. Cubs fans are so delusional. I got a good chuckle from the Garza demands. Sure maybe 1 top prospect, but 3?? HAHA on what planet?

  12. jeffbricco 3 years ago

    1) You’re missing 5 teams (Phillies, D-backs, Royals, Astros, Mariners) which might all be sellers at the deadline. 

    2) “No doubt the Cubs have the most and best players to help any playoff team.” HA, there’s only one player I’d want from the Cubs and he’s not going to be traded (Castro).

  13. TophersReds 3 years ago

    I think he is serious. Let’s have a collective chuckle?

  14. Ptk123 3 years ago

    LoL so Campana is worth nothing but Soto is worth a C level prospect? Campana has 5 less SB than the MLB leader, in half the AB’s. To me that is more valuable than Soto hitting .200 and not very good on defense.

  15. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    Supply and demand helps any team with something to trade.

  16. Might??? LOL…

  17. snapcase8p 3 years ago

    He’s as Trout and Harper close to untouchable as you’ll get. If it wasn’t for Cabrera I think he’d have 3B AllStar on lock down for the next 10 years. He may be young but if you’ve seen him hit you’d know he’s legit. I would actually say Cabrera is a good comparison of the type of player he’ll be, a pure hitter first that is so big that it’ll translate to power. Once he gets going I think he’ll be a consistent .300 hitter with 25-35HR and 50Dbl a year guy.

  18. Those are some pretty monstrous projections. I’m a big Nick C fan, but I’d tone down my expectations if I were you.

  19. YODA777 3 years ago

    I agree snap!  Nick is going to be one heck of a hitter going forward.  Castellanos will be a starting outfielder for the Tigers as soon as next year.

  20. $1529282 3 years ago

    I love that every fan now likens their favorite team’s top prospects to Harper and Trout. You realize those two are arguably the two top outfield prospects in the past decade?

    There’s no reason to compare Castellanos’ availability to those two, because he’s not on their level. No prospect is. Those two and Stephen Strasburg were in another stratosphere in terms of prospect status.

    Castellanos is a very good prospect, but he’s not the top prospect in baseball. You could argue he’s not even the top prospect in the Tigers’ system (Turner). And, he’s blocked for the next six years because of Cabrera and Fielder. He SHOULD be a trade chip. For a rental? No, probably not… but for someone the Tigers will control for a few seasons, definitely.

  21. rainyperez 3 years ago

    Don’t worry he’s a scout he’s seen him play in person otherwise he wouldn’t be making such loft projections.

  22. snapcase8p 3 years ago

    I dont expect him to but those aren’t that lofty of expectations for his skill set. He’s a pure hitter that abuses right-center all day long. And at 6’4 he’s going to develop power. And being a 3rd baseman doesn’t give him much competition for AllStar votes. Cabrera and Beltre are far and away the best 3B and Beltre is aging and Cabrera is out of position (sort of). Castellanos has an above average shot at being an annual .300 hitter with 25HR (more if he plays away from CoPa) with 40-50 dbls and 100 RBI at a premium position. Will he do it? Maybe, maybe not. But those aren’t that lofty of projections for the type of prospect he is. Saying he’s going to steal 50 bases would be lofty.

  23. xcal1br 3 years ago

    As a Cubs fan, I NEVER count the blasted Cardinals out.  They always seem to find a way.  That’s the culture of winning that we need to cultivate in Chicago.

  24. Colin Wynn 3 years ago

    Not sure where you got your, “blocked for 6 years” info from considering they moved Castellanos to RF this week but you’re point is still valid. If they can get good value/ a decent contract then they can move him for a #2-3 starter or a middle of the lineup bat.

  25. snapcase8p 3 years ago

    I said his availability is as close to theirs as its going to get. Read what I wrote and not what you want to hear. DD and the Tigers realize they have someone special. BA just ranked him as the #12 prospect after only 1-1/2 of proball. The main thing that is holding him down is the speed and running ability of Trout and Harper. But as far as being a hitter, he’s right up there with those two. Turner is not even close to Castellanos potential and that’s why the Tigers and most fans are no longer opposed to him being traded. And he’s not blocked. He’s been so good that the Tigers have moved him to OF for now because he’s forcing the Tigers hand.

  26. Don’t forget… Cardinals have prospects & cash. I have learned to not discard Mo. He might have something up his sleeve. He likes winning!!!

  27. Dylan 3 years ago

    I actually think if any team sells, Phillies would have to most to offer: Hamels, Victorino, Polanco, Rollins, Blanton, Pierre, Wiggington and if they really go in sell mode Pence, Halladay, and Ruiz.

  28. The person two spots ahead of Castellanos on the BA list at number 10 is Zack Wheeler.  He was just traded last year for two months of Carlos Beltran.  If the Tigers are serious about getting someone better than just an aging rental, Castellanos is most likely going to be included.  Especially considering how thin the Tigers system is right now. 

  29. snapcase8p 3 years ago

    You’re right, I completely overlooked the young guys at that position. Not afraid to admit when I shanked one.

  30. snapcase8p 3 years ago

    You could say that Albert or Cabrera are far superior hitters than Beltran/Ortiz/AGon etc. the reality is that there isn’t really that much difference in production. I stated that he doesn’t have the speed that those two do, but they aren’t the only players that are going to hit .300 with 20+ HR and 100Rbi (depending on where they bat) going forward. Speed hasn’t made Braun or Kemp a more elite player than Cabrera or any other elite hitter.

  31. gamaize 3 years ago


  32. gamaize 3 years ago

     Slight change in the cba since that trade, you may want to brush up on the changes.

  33. asovermann 3 years ago

    Beltran is 35 and Holliday is 32, they aren’t exactly spring chickens anymore, Berkman is 36 as well.

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