Dodgers Seeking Lefty Reliever; No Interest In Fuentes

The Dodgers are looking to add a left-handed reliever but have no interest in Brian Fuentes, reports Dylan Hernandez of The Los Angeles Times (on Twitter). The Athletics released Fuentes earlier today.

Scott Elbert has been the lone southpaw in the Los Angeles bullpen this year, but lefties have tagged him for a .286/.349/.429 batting line in 63 plate appearances. Any team that signs Fuentes will only owe him the pro-rated portion of the league minimum for the remainder of the season.

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  1. BlueSkyLA
    BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

    Will Ohman is available.

  2. Bring back Hong Chi Kuo.

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

      Only if they could bring back the old Hong Chi Kuo. The current Hong Chi Kuo can’t pitch.

  3. Wick Terrell 3 years ago

    they can have Bill Bray.

  4. doyers 3 years ago

    i would give fuentes a chance or we can bring back hong chi kuo

  5. Will Ohman and Hong Chi Kuo are both washed up and Bill Bray has a worse ERA than Fuentes. 

  6. OldStyle_NewCubs 3 years ago

    Ryan Dempster + James Russell?

  7. Gumby65 3 years ago

    Onelki Garcia should already be close…
    Next year anyway.

    • dodgers33dodgers 3 years ago

      not jus Garcia, but Steven Rodriguez too, those two being almost major League ready is gonna make the offseason easier for them for the bullpen next year.

  8. I thought the Dodgers loved ex-Angel players.

  9. Jack Hillyard 3 years ago

    Wonder what the Dodgers would offer to Tim Collins.

    • Colin Christopher 3 years ago

      I was wondering the same thing. Or Jose Mijares.

  10. wrestlingcritic 3 years ago

    Wonder if the Tigers would part with Duane Below…

  11. doyers 3 years ago

    maybe we can c rodriguez this yr as a september callup for our championship run

  12. snowles 3 years ago

    Darren Oliver will be a very attractive and sought-after piece if the Jays fall out of the race.  ERA+ of 302 in 36 games, 32 innings, 9.7K/9. Team holds a 3 million option on him for next year.

    .218/.275/.345 vs. LHP, .179/.246/.214 vs. RHP. The .214 slugging is not a typo…

  13. Joey E 3 years ago

    Paco Rodriguez who they just drafted has the potential to be up this year. just wait ned

  14. leachim2 3 years ago

    I wonder if Thatcher is available.

  15. NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

    Venters for Kershaw straight up. Deal?

    • Gumby65 3 years ago

      You might get Doug Kershaw or Sammy Kershaw for Venters, provided Venters can sing, play fiddle, or both.

  16. halofan 3 years ago

    The Dodgers should look at JC Romero as a left handed option out of the pen. Perhaps the Dodgers can take Vernon Wells off the Angels hands.  Im sure the Angels would even pay 1/2 his salary. Dont you think Vernon would look good in Dodger Blue?

    • thegrayrace 3 years ago

      Vernon Wells is a left-handed reliever now?

      We already have plenty of Angels leftovers for LF with Rivera and Abreu. Unless you want to pay 100% of Wells contract, no thanks.

  17. A nifty pickup ought to be Wesley Wright of the Astros. On the surface, 0-2, 4.13 ERA doesn’t sound that good but, against lefties, he has a .175 OBA, .558 OPS against, and a 3.5 K/BB ratio meaning that he’s dealing as a designated lefty specialist and is getting abused when he has to face righties.

    A former Rule V pick from the Dodgers organization, he’s matured since he was claimed back in 2008, is a Super 2 arb eligible at the end of the year but will be under club control until 2015. The Astros have several lefties in the system and would probably not ask for much to deal him since they’d like to look at some other arms (Abad, Cedeno, Chapman, Olberholzer).

    If used right, he could have huge upside and cost very little either in salary or what it would cost to get him. 

  18. Mike C. 3 years ago

    Why would Colletti sign a mediocre veteran lefty reliever for free when he can move a good prospect and pay a high salary for a similar lefty for the pen? 

  19. Dodgerbluez 3 years ago

    What happened to the guy we traded J-Mac for?? Old man Ocatvio.. Good move Ned.

  20. doyers 3 years ago

    dodgers should sign JC romero to be a left handed specialist with elbert

  21. Can they give a tryout for Mike Antonini, already on the 40 man roster?

  22. Dodgerbluez 3 years ago

    I also like Soriano to play LF.. his BA isnt to great .260-.270 but in a line up with a healthy Kemp and Either should get better and would love an extra 20-30 Hrs. Much better option then V Wells.

  23. Dodgerbluez 3 years ago

    Maybe so but bottom line giving up young talent who is 11 years younger for a guy who wasnt having such a great year him self at the time is stupid. So the trend is annoying. Making moves for Below Average “washed up guys” like, Luis gonzales, Jeremy Burnitz, Dotel, Andruw Jones, Juan Encarnacion, Garett Anderson, Juan Uribe, Adam Kennedy, Mark Sweeney, Mike Liberthal.. And the list goes on and on and on.. Granted some worked out for a year maybe 2 but they were all in their decline and were nothing to be excited about the future for. Ala Kent, Nomar, Manny.. Thats why I am So gald we locked Kemp up and Either and will be even happier when we lock Claw up to at leat 5 years. Now thats when you can add some old “role players” 

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