Gammons On Hamels, Dodgers, Headley

Peter Gammons of MLB Network weighed in with some notes on Twitter today. Let’s round them up…

  • Three teams say they've backed off on Cole Hamels because they believe the Phillies will get him signed. The Phillies are willing to offer Hamels a six-year extension in the $130MM range.
  • The Dodgers don't expect to acquire Padres third baseman Chase Headley. Buster Olney reported this week that the Padres' asking price on Headley is remarkably high. The third baseman will be under team control as an arbitration eligible player through 2014.
  • One general manager doesn't expect a Zack Wheeler-caliber prospect to be traded this summer. To weigh in on the possibility of trading prospects for established stars, check out today’s MLBTR’s poll.

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  1. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    Well, gee, if I were the Padres and I was trading one of my players to a division rival I’d ask for a lot. The moon and stars too!

    Teams get to control Chase Headley next year too. He’s also a very good third baseman-you may have noticed that a lot of teams need one of those-who hits much better away from Petco, where hitters go to die. The Padres should be able to get quite a lot for Headley. If they don’t like the packages they’re offered, they could just trade him in the off season. They’d have plenty of takers.

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

      Nothing new here. I think the point is, the price is higher than expected, given what we know already about Headley.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      It is in the padre’s best interest to trade for best package, inter-division or not. They are a couple years away from competing, large chance headly is out of it by then. He also isn’t the type of player that I would be scared of facing, that i wouldnt trade in the division.

  2. briankoke 3 years ago

    As the Dodgers slip down the standings…

  3. Cody 3 years ago

    Come on Dodgers, go grab Hanley Ramirez and then extend him for 5 years. Take Garza over Dempster (younger, and not yet in his prime). Then swap out Loney for a free bag of turf seed, and let Uribe play average at 1B.

    • cookmeister 3 years ago

      and where did all of these prospects come from to get Hanley and Garza?

      • Cody 3 years ago

        Prospects + CASH. Pretty simple concept really.

        • Tim Valencia 3 years ago

          yeah brain surgery is a simple concept too, but a simplistic equation of “prospects + cash = HanRam +Garza” isnt gonna wow the Cubs and marlins GM’s to trade them to you

        • cookmeister 3 years ago

          what prospects? there no way the Doyers can pull of a trade for both

    • thegrayrace 3 years ago

      Loney is awful, but Uribe is worse.

    • Uribe at 1B? That is a joke you made?

    • uribe sux at first base! r u kidding me??? loney makes defensive plays that uribe can only DREAM of making!!!

      • Cody 3 years ago

        Agreed. But giving up power at 1B for defense for the last 6 years has gotten them….?

  4. Cody 3 years ago

    Hanley is available…

  5. LazerTown 3 years ago

    I really don’t think so. The marlins spent alot on the new park, and got a lot of grief about not spending money. I don’t think they pack up yet, they probably gonna be competing next year too.

  6. dodgers don’t exactly have good luck with players with that ‘ramirez’ last name….

  7. Cody 3 years ago


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