Orioles Have Inquired On Polanco, LaHair, Headley

The Orioles have been making calls to other teams in search help at their corner infield positions, and Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun reports that they've made calls specifically regarding Placido Polanco, Bryan LaHair and Chase Headley.

General manager Dan Duquette is in search of a high on-base percentage who can hit near the top of the Orioles' batting order. An industry source cautioned Connolly in telling him that the O's talks regarding the trio have been preliminary.

Orioles third basemen have combined to hit .233/.291/.383, and their first basemen haven't fared much better at .237/.316/.415. They've primarily used a combination of Wilson Betemit, Mark Reynolds, and Chris Davis at the positions this season, but all are defensive liabilities and Davis has been shifted to an outfield role.

Connolly speculates that Polanco may be the best fit, as he would cost the cheapest of the three to acquire. Headley figures to be one of the most coveted players that is potentially available this summer, and LaHair is controllable through the 2017 season. Polanco earns $6.25MM this season and has a $5.5MM mutual option with a $1MM  buyout for the 2013 season.

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  1. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    I’m really curious as to what we could get for Polanco. I’d hope we could get a bullpen piece or back end starter type.

    • ejr 3 years ago

      we’d need a few pieces, but the question I have is who plays 3rd. move Jimmy over and call up a SS? Wigginton can’t play there every day. it’s maddening!

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        Wiggington/Fontentot for the remainder of the year.

      • OrangeCards 3 years ago

        You’re not getting a few pieces for Polanco. A few spare parts, maybe.

      • Catztradamus 3 years ago

        Chase Headley plays third. Cause once RAJ dumps Polanco, he’s gonna trade for him.

        • Damon Bowman 3 years ago

          Phillies don’t have nearly enough pieces to land Headley. The Padres don’t want projects who are 2-3 years away. They’re expecting to land 2-3 guys who are ML ready within a year.

    • not_brooks 3 years ago

      For a 36-year-old with a .628 OPS? Good luck getting anything of value…

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        He’s also an elite defensive third baseman. I’d probably want at least what the Yankees gave up to get Ichiro, which isn’t much.

        • not_brooks 3 years ago

          He was an elite defensive third baseman last year. Not so much this year. What happened to his range?

        • OrangeCards 3 years ago

          He isn’t 6.25 million dollars elite …

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            You wouldn’t be paying $6.25 million.

          • not_brooks 3 years ago

            He isn’t even worth the $2MM or so that’s left on his contract.

            If Polanco gets moved, it’ll be for a non-prospect along with salary relief.

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            That’s what I thought about Jim Thome and we ended up getting Lino.

          • not_brooks 3 years ago

            A defensive-minded catcher who profiles as a backup IF he can hit his weight? Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of non-prospect I was talking about.

            Prior to 2012, John Sickels ranked Lino as a C prospect and called him the 20th best O’s prospect in a top-heavy farm system (only the Top 7 were ranked as better than C+ prospects).

            Lino responded to that ranking by putting up a .214/.284/.323 line through 250 at bats this season. Sure, he’s only 19, but it’s pretty optimistic to say he’s anything but a long shot.

            Honestly, if I were you, I’d be more excited about Kyle Simon.

  2. Eric 3 years ago

    Polanco would have to be it.
    We really dont need any HR’s and thats all LaHair is really good for.
    Also LaHair can not hit lefties one bit.
    Polanco will get you hits and play a good defensive 3B and not cost a lot.

    • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

      He also sucks at the plate.

    • ejr 3 years ago

      Polanco is a strong defender, but injury prone at this stage. he also is a streaky hitter. He’s not a top of the order guy anymore, sadly. I like him a ton, was psyched they signed him, but he’s aging pretty fast.

      • OrangeCards 3 years ago

        OPS+ of 70 this year and 86 last year … when’s the next hot streak coming?

    • danimal0630 3 years ago

      Unfortunately, LaHair has hit all of 2 homers since the end of May, so he’s not really good for anything at this time. Man I wish we could’ve traded him at the end of May when he was on fire still.

  3. ejr 3 years ago

    if Polanco leaves, who plays 3rd this year for the Phillies? and next year? There is no replacement for him in the minors. Seems like there’d have to be a MLB-ready 3B in the deal.

    • OrangeCards 3 years ago

      If someone had a legit MLB ready 3B, why would they trade for Polanco?

      • What about Wiggington/Fontenot until Galvis is healthy/off suspension? I can realistically see the Phillies giving him a shot at 3B since Rollins is locked up at SS for the next couple years and they want to get “younger”

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        Gotta agree with this.

        The only player on the roster capable of getting an elite 3B (potentially) is Cole Hamels. Cliff Lee might but we’d probably have to eat a ton of salary.

    • Damon Bowman 3 years ago

      The Phillies would undoubtedly go with Wigginton/Fontenot.

  4. not_brooks 3 years ago

    It’s got to be Headley or nothing for the Birds here.

    Polanco’s done. With his diminishing range, I doubt he’s any better than Betemit. The O’s have enough sub-.700 OPS’s on their roster anyway. They don’t need another.

    Same goes for LaHair. Dude is completely worthless vs. lefties and hasn’t hit much of anything of anyone since the middle of May (.224/.288/.327 since May 16).

    I hope the talks with the Phillies and Cubs were just due diligence on Duquette’s part.

    • OrangeCards 3 years ago

      and by due diligence, you mean “I’ll give you Kevin Gregg for him. No? Okay, thanks for your time anyway.”

      • elock 3 years ago

        I wouldn’t give up Gregg for them. Gregg has actually been quite good for quite a while this season.

    • Andrew Cartwright 3 years ago

      LaHair has been struggling lately…but he is still a very solid LHB with very good power and a .361 OBP and a .855 OPS. Also, he is under control for 6 more seasons and not even arb-eligible until 2015. He might not be able to hit lefties very well, but that could be worked on. And in the mean time, considering that 70-75% of MLB pitchers are RHP, he can be very valuable to a team in a platoon where he gets the majority of AB’s and you use a RHB who mashes lefties to replace him for those AB’s. I am not even sure if it is worth it to trade him now for the Cubs. It might be better to just see if he can adjust and start hitting again.

      How about this: Bryan LaHair + Reed Johnson for Parker Bridwell.

      • Lookouts400 3 years ago

        That’s intriguing but not going to happen.

  5. What about Matt Carpenter from Cards? Plays a decent 3rd base and averaged .408 obp in minors and has a .353 obp this year his rookie year in majors along with + .800 ops. If Cards include pitching prospect would O’s trade Matusz or Arrieta?

  6. Rashomon 3 years ago


  7. A Few things.
    1st of all I don’t think Wilson Betemit has heard of the rotation play, I am willing to bet that Headley and Polanco have. Out of the two, I would rather have Polanco, because he’s done after this year and I am hoping the O’s can start fresh with someone in their system in 2013. Plus, I can’t see the Padres trading Headley to us because we are not apart of that former “Red Sox Type” clique.
    The other thing is I remember reading that the O’s were given the “Green Light” to spend. I wouldn’t call acquiring LaHair being a part of that Mantra.
    I would call acquiring Justin Morneau being a part of that, but not LaHair.
    Now, will “The Duke” do it? I don’t know. Also, since the Phillies won last night miraculously, maybe they think they are on the road to victory again and won’t trade anyone. So who knows. There’s always the Ramirez Boys (Aramis and Hanley). Hahaha!

  8. The_Porcupine 3 years ago

    Hate the idea of LaHair- we already have a version of this kind of hitter in Chris Davis. Polanco at least fits the on-base skills DD is looking for but he’s essentially washed up a this time. I think Headley is a great fit, maybe not as a top of the line up hitter, but as a solid starting MLB caliber 3b. His run production would get a boost from getting out of San Deigo and in a better line up. The problem is the Padres are asking for the moon for him and Headley isn’t worth that kind of investment. If we were going to give up a load of prospects, we should just go get Upton. Personally I think the Orioles should continue to be patient and develop they better prospects (not what other O’s fans want to hear) and pick up some spare but useful parts like they did with Thome. Superstar players are not going to come to Baltimore any time soon, we need to focus on developing them.

  9. Damon Bowman 3 years ago

    Why would LaHair even be on the O’s radar? He’s never played 3B and we have Davis, Reynolds, Betemit, and a handful of others who can play 1B if need be. I’m not even sure he’d jump to the top of the depth chart if he arrived in exchange for nothing. Polanco is the consummate short-term player and doesn’t help the O’s beyond the stretch run in 2012. Unless the Padres are asking for more than 3 potential starters, Duquette has to consider making a deal. The Padres probably want a starting OF (we can send Hoes or Avery) and a couple of pitchers (Matusz, Arrieta, or Hunter — pick 2). How could the Pads ask for more? Headley is not a masher and they’ve already extended Quentin to be the power in the middle along with Alonzo.

  10. I don’t get why headley is such a hot commodity. I’d rather the o’s ride it out with Reynolds. His ability to make tough plays is well overlooked and I’ll take his power potential any day. Headley is an average ball player.

    • Not to mention Reynolds has a good eye. Sure he strikes out, but his .806 career ops makes up for it.

  11. switchhitingjesus 3 years ago

    The player I care about is Headley.

  12. The_Porcupine 3 years ago

    I like the idea of Carpenter coming to the O’s. Young, will be around for awhile. And realistically attainable since the Cards have another big time 3b prospect ahead of Carpenter (I think his name is Cox). So the Cards would probably be willing to trade Carpenter. As an Astros and Orioles fan, I’d be sorry to lose Patton (who started in the Astros system), but a decent 3bman would be worth a lefty reliever and some minor leaguer. As an aside, why have the O’s never given Patton a chance to start in the majors? He was a fairly good prospect at the time of the trade.

  13. Jim C 3 years ago

    It doesn’t even matter what Lino does since we have Valle, most likely he’ll be a trade chip. But you act like getting a top 20 prospect for Thome is nothing special, he was a cheap one year deal that Amaro flipped for some value

  14. Damon Bowman 3 years ago

    Patton has found his niche– don’t mess with it. Aside from Johnson, he’s been the most consistent piece in the O’s bullpen all season long. I would be extremely disappointed if Duquette isn’t talking with the Cards about Carpenter because he can definitely be had — probably at a reasonable price as well. The organization seems to like the upside of Cox more and that makes Carpenter expendable. Jay is pre-arbitration, Holiday is signed thru ’16, Beltran is signed thru ’13, and they’ve got Schumaker and Craig who can play anywhere in the OF. Carpenter is nearly useless to the Cards and I’m sure they’d love to bolster the pen for the stretch run.

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