Quick Hits: Yankees, Span, Giants, Cardinals, Mets

Some links from around the league as Saturday turns into Sunday…

  • With Brett Gardner out for the year, Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com says the Yankees have called the Phillies about Shane Victorino, the Diamondbacks about Justin Upton, and the Twins about Denard Span. "The Twins are asking for a ton (for Span)," he hears.
  • The Giants are in the market for bullpen help according to Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com (Twitter link). He says Jonathan Broxton of the Royals could be a possible fit.
  • Cardinals GM John Mozeliak said his team has both short and long-term payroll flexibility and will likely seek bullpen help at the deadline according to the AP (via ESPN). He indicated that he is open to trading within the division as long as a top prospect isn't involved.
  • Mets GM Sandy Alderson told reporters (including Conor Orr of The Star-Ledger) that the presumption is his team will be buyer before the deadline (Twitter link). The next 7-10 days will dictate their moves, however.

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  1. I wonder what it would take for the Reds to acquire Span if the Twins are asking a ton?

    • Good, young pitching, and a lot of it. The closer to MLB, the better.

      • TophersReds 3 years ago

        Span is worth is considerable amount, but his career stats don’t call for a huge package (referring to “and a lot of it”). He is probably worth 1 top 5-7 prospect and a couple of B prospects in my opinion.

        • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

          He is worth considerably more than that considering his elite defense

          • StanleyPujols 3 years ago

            that’s what teams would offer, no team would go above that. If the Twins are asking for more than that, he’s going to be a twin for a long time

          • VDrules 3 years ago

            And that is fine…. I think i would talk for all twins fans when i say we would want him around for along time, but if we get a really good deal for him that would be fine too.

          • LazerTown 3 years ago

            But he is only an average offensive player. I don’t think that teams will put together a huge package for a simply average offensive player. They may get an ok package, but dont expect any prospects in a teams top 3-4.

          • StanleyPujols 3 years ago


          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            Average offensive players and elite defenders at premium positions fetch a lot.

        • $1529282 3 years ago

          Span’s averaged 4.4 wins per 162 games this season. Why shouldn’t the Twins ask for a lot? He’s a strong defender at a premium position who gets on base, rarely strikes out, walks at an above-average rate, and is on an incredibly team-friendly contract.

  2. ian 3 years ago

    Span’s on pace for about a 4.5-5 WAR season, after putting up 2.5 WAR in 70 games last season. He’s got an incredibly team friendly contract. The Twins should ask for a ton.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      I am really not a span fan. I think he has gotten overrated as of late. He is not particularly good of a baserunner, nor is he that great of a hitter. He is nowhere near the top 10 best offensive cfers. He is good on defense, but there is only so far that will take you, and teams are less likely to pay for it. The yankees surely wouldn’t pay that price, because they would only be using him in lf. He is a solid player no doubt, but I don’t think that he is going to bring that big of a haul.

      • Dean Lambrecht 3 years ago

        Have you looked at his actual numbers? They completely contradict your premise.

        • LazerTown 3 years ago

          Have You? He is 15th in ops, and 10th in obp. His first 2 years he was pretty good offensively, but 2010 his obp hit .331, and 2011 it was .328. This year it’s back up to .342. That would be fine, but he really has never shown much power. Then his stolen base % is only around 75% and he doesn’t even run very often.. Sorry but for the yankees, he would be nothing more than a #8 hitter.

    • frozeninbemidji 3 years ago

      It’s going to be a seller’s market and Terry Ryan (unlike Bill Smith) knows exactly how to play the game.

  3. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    The Oakland A’s are such an impressive organization. Year in and year out, Billy Beane knows how to bring young pitching in that knows how to pitch. It’s unbelievable really. They are out performing the Yankees in every conceivable aspect. This west coast road trip has been a night mare so far and it’s all because of their young pitching. The A’s are a real big threat moving forward. Great mixture of veterans and youngsters. They are not a team to take lightly and I feel like people are not paying enough attention to them. Recognize.

    • RepOak 3 years ago

      Coming from a Yankee fan, much respect!

    • Bye Bye Baby Bonanza 3 years ago

      “…people are not paying enough attention to them.”

      You are correct. But so it goes for all West coast teams.

      • MB923 3 years ago

        Not all West coast teams. I’d have to say the Angels and Trout get a lot of attention.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      While he lost, i really liked what hughes showed in the game. He only allowed 2 runs in 7.2 innings. It really is a benefit for the yankees to see that their #5 has been solid as of late, so they have less to worry about.

    • OaklandFan22 3 years ago

      Ya, much respect man! Your right about Billy, he knows how to find good young pitching.

    • Andy_B 3 years ago

      I’m sorry I don’t think the A’s or Billy Beane is anything impressive. He’s was an innovator ten years ago, but now everyone has caught up to him. He’s made some good trades like Mulder for Haren, but he’s made some real duds too like Cargo for Holliday, and Holliday for Wallace

      • OaklandFan22 3 years ago

        I agree with you on that, hes made some pretty dum moves that have hurt the organization as well

      • NickinIthaca 3 years ago

        Yet the man still holds a job. He works with much less than most GM’s, and has at least continually been able to turn out top quality arms from the system. I would never say that Billy Beane is the answer anywhere (just as much as I don’t think Theo and Co. will turn everything around in Chicago immediately), but the A’s still have a well run organization that will hopefully pay off sooner than later.

      • Brad Rollin 3 years ago

        Give the guy a bit of slack. He basically can’t give a veteran a long-term contract, given their horrendous revenue. He has to trade his best players for inexpensive prospects who are, of course, a major gamble and can take several years to pan out (if at all). My biggest disappointment recently has been the A’s drafts (or perhaps their development efforts), as they’re not moving their top draft picks through the system. But the budget severely impacts their draft strategy, too, as they can’t go much over slot to pay the huge bonuses that other teams can.

        • Andy_B 3 years ago

          I’m not saying he’s a bad GM, he’s done well with what he has but I don’t think he’s the smartest guy in the room either. The As have been mediocre for quite a while now. And while you can use their lack of revenue as an excuse the reason Beane was supposed to be so smart was that he can win with less. I think that title goes to Andrew Friedman now.

    • therealprof 3 years ago

      I was shocked to see Beane go all in on Cepedes, but he looks like the smart guy with him batting over .300 and on track for 25-30 home runs. I am not ready to tell anyone that they will be a contender anytime soon, but if the move to San Jose actually happens they might be in a good position with an invigorated fan base….

      • NickinIthaca 3 years ago

        It was a very strange move, but at least it will provide the hometown fans with someone interesting to watch, especially since there is no direct need to trade him away until the end of his contract. It didn’t break the bank, but at least gave the Oak-town crowd something to root for…

    • NYPOTENCE 3 years ago

      Yeah they’ve been owning the Yankees this weekend…even if all the games have been 1-run games it shows that the Athletics have high enough capabilities to take down some of the elite.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      much respect for ya, sir. :)

  4. LowcountryJoe 3 years ago

    I’m surprised the Yankees aren’t checking-in on Crisp.

  5. 55saveslives 3 years ago

    KC’s GM will never take Sabean’s call :(

  6. Span for Z. Lee, Eovaldi and one high upside infielder? Dodgers need a leadoff hitter.

    • Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

      Im sorry, if the dodgers are not giving lee up for Span.

      • Sky14 3 years ago

        Lee seems to be a bit overrated as a prospect. Even if he is young for his level, his numbers this year are very bad.

        • Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

          Stats mean nothing in the low minors. Even if he is overrated, he is so amongst the league and would net a bigger “fish” than Span.

          • sf55forlife 3 years ago

            i wouldnt say nothing. but there are certainly other factors like age relative to league, scouting reports, environment, etc.

        • sf55forlife 3 years ago

          age relative to league is ridiculously important. his stats were fine in high A, a hitters like btw. scouts all like him, seems like a B prospect at least, a B+ in my book fwiw.

          • Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

            +1, this is what people need to realize, if anything his age is the advantage with his struggles. He already succeeded in a hitters league and will transition nicely into AA next year once he settles down.

          • Sky14 3 years ago

            His stats were mediocre (except K/BB) in high A and he has been getting destroyed in AA.
            I said he was overrated as a prospect not terrible. He is not an untouchable type prospect like some make him out to be.

        • mistgl 3 years ago

          Calling it now, Lee is going to pull a Weeden. Toil in the minors till he’s 22-23, and then go back to college to play football.

      • i dont know why i said lee, but something around eovaldi, he can be what the twins lack and that a power pitcher, i see him as a 2 or 3, better than bills. i probably meant eovaldi, reed and a high upside infielder.

        • Dodgersarelife 3 years ago

          Eovaldi is worth it for span. He will be good with maturation of his secondary stuff.

  7. BK 3 years ago

    Buorjos for Banuelos and Sanchez

    • put Trout in there and we have a deal 😉

      • captainjeter 3 years ago

        It would be hard to part with Sanchez for anyone. He is Romine and Montero combined.We really need him. But, if we could get Trout or Trumbo for this deal, the Yanks would have to pull the trigger,

        • MB923 3 years ago

          No way they would be getting Trout

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            The name missing is Emilio Bonifacio.. not a defensive player, as is Gardner, but every bit the base stealer and better slap hitter than Gardner.

            If the Fish are going to go into sell mode? Bonifacio still has 2 full seasons of control left and is only making 2.2m this year.. A paltry sum indeed. Was leading all of MLB in SB before his trip to the DL a cpl months back and has taken right off his SB run since returning.. 25-2 rate.

        • Your joking about Trout , right? The only way the Yanks would get Trout would be if they agreed to give LA all their TV revenue for the next five years. Trout is the best player in Baseball now and I’m not an Angel fan.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Delusional thoughts. A few NYY fans (not many) always think they can get anything by divine right, only because they are fans of the NYY and it is a form of entitlement.

    • captainjeter 3 years ago

      forget that. No deal unless it is for Trumbo or Trout.

      • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

        The yankees would have to trade their whole farm system if they want Trout. And for Trumbo way more than Banuelos or Battences

  8. Rbraz 3 years ago

    Corcino, Cozart and Stephenson for Span

  9. ROR1997 3 years ago

    Melky Mesa, David Phelps, and Corban Joseph for span. I think that is a fair deal

  10. Victorino, Span, Upton(??)

    One of these names is not like the others.

    • NickinIthaca 3 years ago

      Ageism is against the law…. there is no reason to single out Victorino like that.

  11. Dylan 3 years ago

    I’m hoping Phillies would ask for Ramon Flores for Victorino. He’s kind of under the radar, but has great numbers in A Ball as a 20 year old. I could see him in AA by the end of the year and up in the majors in September of next year or def. in 2014.

  12. D-Backs are said to want help this year for Upton. How would D-Backs fans feel about a trade with the Braves centered around Hanson, Uggla for Upton, Bloomquist? D-Backs could move Hill to 3b, Uggla steps in at 2b and has a field day in your home park. Hanson grew up on the West Coast, and could replace Bauer in your rotation.

  13. Marcy 3 years ago

    How is Span’s arm? Why is no one interested in Gerardo Parra who is very unhappy in AZ, has a gold glove, gets on base, steals bases, great arm, and is a rental meaning not giving up too much. Having said that – Cashman – like he did w/Granderson could do 1 of those multi-team deals to make everyone happy but that seems more off-season than TD. He needs to know if Granderson is staying I guess before he makes the BIG move.

  14. People expect too much for their players nowadays. Top prospects are only dealt for top hitters/pitchers.

  15. ian 3 years ago

    Guess it might depend on your view of top prospects. This was taken from a different blog but: Here’s a list of
    prospects traded since after the 2009 season (BA ranking in
    parenthesis). Zach Wheeler
    (35) for 3 months of Carlos Beltran. Brad Peacock (36), Derek Norris
    (72), AJ Cole (57) + Tommy Milone for Gio Gonzalez. Yonder Alonso (33),
    Yasmani Grandal (53) + 2 more including Edison Valquez for Mat Latos.
    Wilson Ramos (96) for Matt Capps. Jarred Cosart (50), Jonathan
    Singleton (34) + Josh Zeid for Hunter Pence. Brett Lawrie (40) for
    Shaun Marcum. Jake Ordorizzi (68), Alcides Escobar (12), + two more
    (including BA #100 the year before) for Zach
    Greinke. Casey Kelly (31), Anthony Rizzo (75) + two more for Adrian
    Gonzalez. Jesus Montere (6) for Michael Pineda. Kyle Drabek (25),
    Travis D’Arnaud (81) and Michael Taylor (29) for Roy Halladay. (Taylor
    was immediately traded for Brett Wallace (27)). Drew Pomeranz (30),
    Alex White (47) + two more for Ubaldo Jiminez. And that’s also not
    counting some of the other deals for guys like Rasmus or the big
    Granderson trade that included Kennedy, Jackson, Schertzer (sp) or the Dan Haren/Skraggs deal etc.

  16. bigpat 3 years ago

    I don’t get it either. Neither of those two are difference makers in my opinion. They are good players but shouldn’t demand top prospects. Minnesota doesn’t have to trade Span but Philly has every reason to trade Victorino.

  17. Dylan 3 years ago

    It all depends on what your definition of top prospects are. If you mean a top 50 prospect or a top 100 prospects, or if you mean a top 5 prospect in the organization. They are completely different. For instance, the Phillies only have 1 (maybe 2) top 100 prospects. So to deal their number 3 prospect, wouldn’t be that great of a return. While, the Mariners to deal their number 3 prospect would be.
    I think the prospects that are hardest to deal away are the ones in AA ready for the Bigs (Castallenos, Olt, Myers, Gose, Hamilton, etc.) The ones in A are usually still projections and are easier dealt away.

  18. Sky14 3 years ago

    Obviously better players will get better prospects.
    I think the real reason you even wrote this comment was to mention Matt Holliday and star power in the same sentence.

  19. Sky14 3 years ago

    I agree most of the trade proposals are ridiculous, but it goes both ways in either overvaluing the prospects or the player. My guess is most fans dont know other teams prospects outside the highly regarded ones so that is every proposal on this site will include them.

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