Tigers Designate Matt Young For Assignment

The Tigers announced that they designated utility player Matt Young for assignment (Twitter link). The move creates 40-man roster space for Darin Downs.

Young, 29, appeared in five games for the Tigers last month after signing with Detroit as a free agent in November of 2011. He has spent most of the season at Triple-A Toledo, where he has played second base, center field and right field and posted a .251/.410/.342 batting line in 258 plate appearances.

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  1. MB923 3 years ago

    .410 OBP?

    • caseyo4 3 years ago

       He walks a ton, which is why the Tigers brought him up last month.  Didn’t work out so well…

      • MB923 3 years ago

         Isn’t 5 games a small sample size? I mean at first when I saw .410 OBP I thought perhaps it was a typo and they meant .310 OBP. An OBP that is nearly .70 points higher than a slugging percentage has to be extremely rare.

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Every time saw/heard his name, always reminded me of *THE* Matt Young, or the pitcher who turned a supposed good arm (but always managed to lose) into a nice contract with Boston.

    THAT Matt Young always would pitch well enough to barely lose.. His team score 3 runs? he would allow 4. His score 1? He’d allow 2 and made a career out of it.. Good stuff, no head and his career stats show it. Ollie Perez had nothing on Matt Young.

  3. pmc765 3 years ago

    THIS Matt Young couldn’t make contact as a Tiger….seems he struck out more than 75% of his AB’s.

    • MB923 3 years ago

      While 9 K’s in 11 PA’s is a lot, don’t you consider that still a small sample size?

      While with Atlanta last year, he only struck out 6 times in 52 PA, though he also only drew 4 BB’s

      • pmc765 3 years ago

        You’re right, 11 AB’s is a small sample. He didn’t strike out during his longer stay at Atlanta. His minor league record gave no warning the man could not make contact.

        But he looked lost. If he had batted a 12th time, he was highly likely to whiff again. This DFA was an easy call.

      • YODA777 3 years ago

        The wonders of Legendary Lloyd McClendon’s coaching brought out the best in Matt Young as a Tiger, lol. 

  4. Dan Lewis 3 years ago

    They DFA’d the wrong Young.

  5. tigersfan27 3 years ago

    saw this on top stories, and i was really hopin it was delmon. 

    •  when did you turn a tiger fan ?? was it 2006 the fluke world series run?

      • tigersfan27 3 years ago

        been a tigers fan since before 2003. still doesnt change the fact that they need to dfa delmon young, along with finding a second baseman.    hopefully we grab somebody like jed lowrie. 

  6. D.j. Wilson 3 years ago

    Hahahaha when I first saw the side bar, I thought for sure this was Delmon

  7. Nick Daniels 3 years ago

    Hey did anybody else think it was Delmon?!?!?!?!!!11

  8. i forgot he was even on the team…but to be honest i am forgetting about the tigers…untill they fire leyland..mclendon..lamont ect…ehh maybe i didn’t spell there names right but who cares….btw who in the world is matt young?

  9. frede1 3 years ago

    wow this is the tigers big move , too save the team…

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