Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Melky, Wright, Ellsbury

On this date in 2008, knuckleballer R.A. Dickey tied a Major League record with four wild pitches in one inning while with the Mariners. Catcher Kenji Johjima was also charged with a passed ball in the frame. Dickey is now enjoying a Cy Young-caliber campaign and has only uncorked two wild pitches in 168 1/3 innings for the Mets this season. Here's the latest from around the web…

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3 Comments on "Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Melky, Wright, Ellsbury"

Robb Logan
3 years 14 days ago

The baseball reality blog for the 08 trade deadline is a good read unless your a Braves or yankee fan. Well written piece and honest in the grades it gives.

3 years 14 days ago

I thought that he was extremely questionable on some of the grades. For example, the Indians get an A for trading CC and Blake and getting not much more than Santana. That’s a C or D. Not an A.

3 years 13 days ago

Blake for Santana is an A++++ trade, the fact they got anything worthwhile (Brantley) out of Sabathia is more than enough for an A.