Rockies Restructure Front Office

12:27pm: The Rockies announced the changes, naming Geivett the senior VP of Major League operations (Twitter links). O'Dowd retains the title of executive VP/general manager and will still be the team's chief baseball executive.

12:00pm: The Rockies are expected to announce a restructuring of the front office today, reports Troy Renck of The Denver Post. Dan O'Dowd will remain the GM but will focus on the minor leagues and player development while assistant GM Bill Geivett receives expanded day-to-day duties with the big league roster.

O'Dowd willl receive assistance from Geivett on the MLB side, according to Renck. Geivett, the Rockies' assistant GM since 2000, will work closely with manager Jim Tracy and continue answering to O’Dowd. For more on Geivett, check out Tim Dierkes’ piece from MLBTR’s 2011 series on potential GM Candidates around MLB.

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11 Comments on "Rockies Restructure Front Office"

3 years 28 days ago

Nothing a trip to Ikea can’t fix.

Bob George
3 years 28 days ago

So the guy running the big league team will be called the Asst Gm who will report to the GM, who has no control over the big league team and is instead running the minor leagues. Makes perfect sense.

3 years 28 days ago

Yeah, this is pretty dumb. If they want to be loyal to O’Dowd for some reason I guess that is their decision to make, but this structure is completely illogical.

3 years 28 days ago

So the assistant manager will be running the big league as the actual GM will be running the minor leagues? The hell…

3 years 28 days ago

Shuffling of the deck chairs complete! Sheesh.

3 years 28 days ago

It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic….

3 years 28 days ago

Like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic… I guess this was as close as the Monforts could bring themselves to firing O’Dowd.

3 years 28 days ago

Seems like the Rox are too “nice” to fire people they like, even when they’re obviously not doing their jobs well. Looks like the nice-guy Rockies are indeed finishing last this year.

Kevin Ringgenberg
3 years 28 days ago

Yet another bizarre non-move for the Rox in this the “YEAR OF THE FAN.” Seriously, the front office is so out-of-touch with how to construct a competitive MLB team that it is beyond sad. Maybe this “new” GM can find a way to extend Helton & Giambi’s deals for another 3-4 years, re-up JTracy for another 5 years and give the Star-Made-of-Glass TuLo another 14 years onto his current deal. Maybe they can sign some more “clubhouse” guys who can help sooth the lockeroom what with so much losing going on. Maybe they can go out and acquire 10 more SPs who specialize in giving up fly balls. Maybe…ok, that’s enough.

John Donovan
3 years 28 days ago

So the big restructuring is that the guy that has been there for 12 years is now the GM. That is the type of move you make when a successful GM retires. This is obviously not one of those situations. It is getting harder and harder to be a Rockies fan.

David Ellinwood
3 years 28 days ago

Need to restructure the starting rotation.