Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Pirates, Wright, Yankees

Jose Reyes stole his 50th base of the season on this date in 2008, becoming the first New York area player to steal 50+ bags in four consecutive seasons. That includes the Mets and Yankees as well as the Dodgers and Giants of yesteryear. Here is the latest from the baseball blogosphere…

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2 years 11 months ago

Don’t think it’s that Aceves does not care for Valentine, but that he didn’t like getting demoted from closer back to what he has always been.. Long to setup guy. it’s not like he gave them a choice anyway. Blew 7 saves, was awful and Bailey has a terrific track record as a closer.

Aceves could have gotten more opportunities if/when bailey went down, but he just couldn’t get it thru his head that being one of the worst closers in the league, he was going to get demoted not long after Bailey returned.

So he pouted, stomped around and made a complete jerk of himself several times. No team should tolerate this, he should have been DFA’d and also? A way to not pay his remaining salary for conduct detrimental to the team, just like an employer could an employee if they acted as such. Much less when he tore off his jersey in his 1st baby like act.

This guy needs to go and find something else to do if he is not able to grow up and act like a man.