Managerial Notes: Scioscia, Tigers, Indians

The Marlins and White Sox plan to re-structure their respective front offices, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported today. Nightengale also has some updates on the job security of a few MLB managers. Here are the details…

  • Mike Scioscia is in the middle of a heated internal debate in Anaheim, Nightengale reports. Though Scioscia’s contract runs through 2018, he will “likely” be a scapegoat if the Angels miss the playoffs. The Angels are four games behind the Athletics and Orioles in the Wild Card race.
  • Jim Leyland could take the fall if the Tigers don’t reach the postseason. Leyland's contract expires after the 2012 season.
  • The Indians have gone 15-41 since the All-Star break and Manny Acta is in danger of losing his job, Nightengale writes.

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  1. the_show 3 years ago

    I bet Terry Francona will get one of these jobs

    • BobOfArslan 3 years ago

      Francona will work for any team with an owner and a GM commited to winning, meaning the Angels.

  2. Murderers' Row Boat 3 years ago

    Right….It’s Mike Scioscia’s fault the Angels stockpiled over 30 guys with huge AAV contracts.

    • ryafea 3 years ago

      No, it’s Scioscia’s fault for horribly mismanaging the lineups and bullpen every night

      • Guest 3 years ago

        Right – his mismanagement caused Albert to got hitless for a month and a bullpen of Walden, Downs, Hawkins to fail miserably. Sure, let’s do the same thing Boston did and make a change for change sake. I’m sure Bobby Valentine will be available and the results would be comparable.

        • He has pitched Latroy Hawkins, Jason Isringhausen, and Hisonori Takahshi way too much while having 4 better options than all of those 3 all season. His bullpen management has been beyond terrible, also he has not started Bourjas enough especially since Trumbo’s huge slump.

          • Who on earth were the 4 better options? None of those guy have been anywhere consistent all season!

          • Frieri, Jepsen, Walden, and Downs

          • Wow, agree to disagree. Those 4 have been anything but consistent. Ernesto lost the game just the other night.

          • Guest 3 years ago

            Wow, agree to dis agree. Those 4 have been anything but consistent. Ernesto Lost the game just the other night.

      • Classic12 3 years ago

        Garbage. The bullpen’s paltry performance is it’s own fault. Did Scioscia cause Albert to fail to hit a baseball for 6 weeks? Arguably, that’s what sunk the Angels (along with having Trout in the minors for the same period of time). Sure, let’s follow Boston’s example and change out the manager for change sake. I’m sure Bobby Valentine will be available and the results would be comparable.

    • That’s exactly right!! The fault should go to the new GM who should have had the foresight to see the relief pitching needed a serious upgrade instead of a bunch of castoffs. How many games were blown because of the bullpen? This should go squarely on the back of Dipoto!

  3. jondogg2010 3 years ago

    My thoughts: the Angels were never a competing team before 2002. He is a big reason they have been over the past 10 years so one year of missing playoffs shouldn’t cost him his job. But if he is fired he will be unemployed for probably a month. Blame should be put more on Dipoto for signing aging players to horrible contracts (ahem Pujols and Wilson). Leyland is old, and I’d hang ’em up if I were him Anyways. Indians are in opposite positions as the Angels are in. They stink, and aren’t expected to win. So letting Acta fall on the sword is silly.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      Expenditures at Pujols’ level aren’t GM level decisions.

    • jondogg2010 3 years ago

      Before hitting ‘dislike’ on my post, remember that I’m making MY opinion heard. If you have a better one, make you OWN post, don’t just thumbs down mine or reply to it.

    • EXACTLY Brother!!

    • Greg David 3 years ago

      Acta was the fall guy from day one, they canned Wedge, hired Acta and did NOTHING to significantly improve the team. I think Acta could be a decent manager with a good team but that’s never going to happen with Antonetti as GM

  4. I’d love to see either Leyland or Scioscia in Boston next season.

  5. OnlyInCleveland 3 years ago

    If the Tribe makes any managerial move, it has to be Sandy Alomar Jr.
    If they don’t, he will get a job somewhere. He has legend status here and would be an incredible positive moral booster the city needs toward them.

    There is a reason catchers make great managers. And Sandy Alomar Jr. was one of the best. I will be thoroughly disappointed if they hire Tito and he pulls a salary higher than the majority of the roster. Give Sandy his shot, cut ties with Grady and Hafner, and spend that money wisely.

  6. Scioscia has screwed up so many times this season its sad. Its time for him to go. Hes obsessed with veterans and his buddies.

    • That’s just absurd! This club’s problems lie squarely on the back of the new GM and his lack of foresight in taking care of the bullpen. That has been their bane for the past 3 seasons—since k-rod left.

  7. BK 3 years ago

    Huge mistake. There is plenty of proof across many sports that taking on a group of large/new stars take about a year to integrate and find rhythm. The Angels have shows stretches of insane dominance twice this year and are likely be in a much better place (without that atrocious april) come 2013. Firing Scioscia would be terribly short sighted.

    • Except it wouldn’t be short sited when he has made the same mistakes for 3-5 years. His bullpen management and handling of overly crowded and talented positions as well as the Conger/Mathis fiasco has been beyond terrible. It is time for him to go

  8. Greg David 3 years ago

    As long as this embarrassment of a front office is in place any manager is nothing but a scapegoat. Better to see Sandy go someplace where he can be successful rather thanbe the fall guy. As for spending money wisely, show me any evidence that Antoneti is even remotely capable of that.

  9. BK 3 years ago

    This is why you get down-voted. Contract like that often stem from an active owner asking for it. Cashman has mentioned on several occasions that this happens to GMs

  10. BobOfArslan 3 years ago

    Dodgers: Make an offer. Ahhhhh, for Big Mike to have Mickey Hatcher wiping the marinara sauce off of his chin again….

  11. ryafea 3 years ago

    You Scioscia apologists are hilarious. You must not be watching him play Vernon Wells over Peter Bourjos every day and pinch hitting Macier Izturis (0-20 or so pinch hitting) in clutch situations or Scioscia pitching Isringhausen in close games or only letting Scott Downs pitch to one batter.

  12. disqus_G0pR2Ke76d 3 years ago

    Please let Mark Cuban buy the Tribe,he cares or have the Jacobs buy it back, they cared about putting quality on the field.

    • Greg David 3 years ago

      Nobody in their right mind is going to buy the Indians with as big a mess as the organization is now. The only hope is that Dolan wakes up and fires Antonetti and hires a top notch GM who can make trades and sign free agents ,two things Antonetti has shown NO ability for.

  13. JoeSeadog 3 years ago

    If the Red Sox ask permission to talk to Mike, the Angels will let them and likely get a player in return. His contract through 2018 is just crazy for a guy who’s won One World Series. He tends to over-manage in tight spots.I think he ends up in Boston or Detroit.

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