Mets Won’t Look To Trade Lucas Duda

The Mets aren't inclined to trade Lucas Duda, believing that his upside outweighs what they could net in a deal, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post.  A report earlier this month indicated that the Mets would be open to the right deal for either Duda or Ike Davis to address other needs.

Dealing Davis would open up the first base position for Duda, making him a natural fit for the 2013 club.  However, if the Mets do not find the right deal for Davis, the club seems willing to stick with Duda in the outfield and hope for the best.

Davis, 25, shouldn't be too hard to move as he has climbed back from a slow start to hit .224/.304/.454 with 31 homers in 566 plate appearances this season.  The Red Sox, Indians, Rays, and Marlins are among the teams that could have interest in him this winter.

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  1. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    Isn’t Ike Davis the sort of guy you WANT to keep? Unless there is an offer they can’t refuse, I keep Davis. Rebuild or no, you have to have someone that can play your games, unless you want to turn into the Astros.

    I am not impressed by Lucas Duda and don’t think he’s going to be an adequate replacement for Davis.

    • CitizenSnips 3 years ago

      Pretty much. Duda is nothing more than a bench player with some pop and dealing Davis to slide Duda to first is a complete step backwards. Probably the most obvious non-move the Mets have to make.

      • Scott Hairston I think is Duda’s ceiling to be honest. He’d be a very good DH bat to have for an AL team I think and a good 4th OF on a NL team.

  2. Let_My_Cameron_Go 3 years ago

    What? This is the guy you hope to sell high on this offseason. He has no position in the NL, and moving him to first hurts in more ways than one. He is not a good defensive first baseman, Ike has the potential to be a gold glover, and he is not as productive as Ike. Ike had a bad first half, but he really can be a premiere first baseman for years to come. Ike probably best sizes up with Adam LaRoche, but with a little more power. I would ship Duda this offseason, and perhaps Cleveland would be interested in him for their DH…

  3. David Steigbigel 3 years ago

    I’m a fan of Duda’s from his days in Brooklyn, and a Yankee fan. I would love to have Duda as a Yankee, as a DH. His defense in the outfield has been inconsistent and Ike is far better with the glove at first. I think Duda has a major league bat and part time fill in at first. The Mets already have three first basemen on the team as Murphy is really plays first. If the Mets are intent on moving Ike than move Murphy to first and give Reese Havens a chance at second.

    • tacko 3 years ago

      Daniel Murphy doesn’t have the bat for first base and while his doesn’t have gold-caliber defense at second (which he’s been playing full time this season), he’s been progressing well. He’s no Brandon Phillips, but he’s no Uggla on defense either. Havens isn’t really an option at this point since he can’t ever seen to stay healthy long enough to prove himself (Fernando Martinez 2.0?).

      I think Duda would be much better served playing LF for the Mets, which he’s been better than he did in RF.

      Besides, the Yankees aren’t really known to use the DH as an exclusive position, as you are suggesting. Rather, they tend to use it to cycle players, set platoons, and give players a rest from playing defense.

      • David Steigbigel 3 years ago

        I only mention moving Murphy if the Mets are intent on moving Davis. I don’t think Davis should go anywhere. I know the Yanks don’s use a traditional DH as they are older and Arod, is an anchor right now who they have to DH but it is a thought. Davis should stay put, Duda is inconsistent but maybe give him a full season in left and just dump Bay.

  4. Kenny St John 3 years ago

    Davis is most likely staying put. I just can’t see the Mets trading a bat with 30 home run power.

    • calamityfrancis 3 years ago

      you must not be familiar with the ineptitude that is the ny mets. that said, gotta believe sandy is a little too bright to deal ike without it being a big win of a trade.

  5. Guest 3 years ago

    he has one good at bat against Tim Hudson now they likely think he is the second coming of Justin Upton

    • tacko 3 years ago

      Or they place value in his raw power 10.1% career walk rate (11.2% this season) and raw power. He’s 26 years old and has had less than 2 full years of MLB experience. There’s still plenty value in him, especially in a power-deprived lineup like the Mets’.

      • MisterBill 3 years ago

        It will be especially power deprived if they get rid of Ike!

  6. dc21892 3 years ago

    Davis is cheap and wouldn’t be a bad short term solution for Boston but of course it comes down to whoever they have to give up.

  7. FamiliaTerritory 3 years ago


    Yes, let’s not trade the guy with no position and the only thing he can bring to the table is his “power”. “Upside”?!? Every time they say something like this, it comes back to haunt them. Meanwhile, they wanna deal away their only legit source of power in Ike Davis? What kind of Mickey Mouse organization are they running?

  8. Trading Davis to open up 1B to a top prospect? Sure. Trade Davis to open up 1B for Lucas Duda, who on his best day cant even lace Ike’s cleats? Atrocious

  9. Rob 3 years ago

    I keep reading stories the Mets want to trade their young players (Neise, Davis, Duda, Murphy). Since the team really isn’t going anywhere let them play everyday.and see what they can do. Anyone remember the names Melvin Mora, Fernando Vina, Ty Wiggington, Heath Bell, Marcus Scutoro to name a few. Mets never really gave these guys a shot to prove themselves and went on to be productive elsewhere .

  10. Slopeboy 3 years ago

    I would not move Duda as of yet. While he’s not a kid, he is still young enough to hold on to for another year, with the hope he can improve. He does have power and is inexpensive, will be so when he goes to arbitration, something that’s important to the Mets at the moment.

    Some players develop more slowly than others, platoon him in left with Bay, to start the season , and go from there. To trade Davis and give Duda the job is going to put more pressure on him to produce and could hurt his growth as a player.

    • Duda’s a 4th OF at best I think at this point I think he’s going to turn into a Scott Hairston type of player for his career which isn’t a bad thing but isn’t a starter either.

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