Quick Hits: Rockies, Mets, Profar

The Braves defeated the Rockies 1-0 this afternoon behind one unearned run and another strong start from Tim Hudson. Atlanta now has a 78-60 record and their chances of making the playoffs exceed 90%, according to Baseball Prospectus. Here are today‚Äôs links, starting in Colorado…

  • There are still no winners in the trade that sent Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland for Alex White and Drew Pomeranz, Troy Renck of the Denver Post writes. White and Pomeranz have been disappointments in the year-plus since the 2011 trade and both must improve the command of their secondary pitches to start seeing better results, Renck writes.
  • The Mets are expected reduce their losses from the $70MM range to $23MM this year, Josh Kosman of the New York Post reports. The Mets cut their payroll considerably last offseason and it currently sits in the $94.5MM range, according to Cot's Baseball Contracts. Their payroll is expected to stay in the same range for 2013.
  • Jurickson Profar belongs at the MLB level even if he isn't as physically imposing as some of the sport's other young stars, Yahoo's Jeff Passan writes. Profar, the 19-year-old shortstop prospect who was recently called up by the Rangers, has impressive makeup at a young age, Passan writes.

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  1. Blue387 3 years ago

    Time to sell the team.

  2. Marc_from_Brooklyn 3 years ago

    I’ll believe that the WIlpons are losing money on the Mets and the associated businesses like SNY, merchandise, and concessions when they open their book to public scrutiny. Until then, I am very suspicious of any claims of losses.

  3. crashcameron 3 years ago

    “sell the Mets”
    how about the Guggenheim Museum hires Tom Seaver as front man and gets a deal done ?! Artists for Miracles

  4. Tko11 3 years ago

    Whats wrong with Jerry Jones? He actually spends money to make the team better and hes there watching every game his team plays. Seems like a committed owner to me.

  5. jwsox 3 years ago

    Cant compare Jones, Johnson, and Dolan to Wilpon, Wilpon does not put money into his team and is known to have been involved with Maddof where as Jones is one of the best owners in the NFL who wants nothing but to put a winner on the field, he is crazy and makes weird decisions some times but his end goal is to make the Cowboys winners. Johnson has turned the jets into a winning franchise after being a joke for a long time. Dolan is looked at as a bad owner becuase he wouldnt match lins offer, but REAL basketball fans not Knick meat heads know that mathcing Lins offer would have been a horrible basketball move and crippled the team that is already close to the edge in money….dont take overs of other sports and compare them to baseball. Baseball owners 99% of the time are faceless money guys who’s signature is on the check and usualy have nothing to do with the team. Basketball and football owners tend to be more involved, I truly dont know why that is maybe it has to do with the salary cap or the shorter seasons but footballs ownes espically tend to be more involved with their teams….I’m a bears, whitesox, and bulls fan. I would love Jerry Jones to own the bears, and I would love for Dolan to own the bulls because those guys are not afraid to spend money

  6. bigpat 3 years ago

    Jerry Jones brought in too many good players over the years to be considered an idiot. I’m so tired of the whole Jerry Jones is horrible drivel. It’s not like their team was bad the past few years when they didn’t make playoffs. they were competitive but not good enough.

  7. Tko11 3 years ago

    They also had problems at corner which they addressed in the draft and also by signing Carr to a big deal. The Wilpons for example, just keep cutting payroll, they Mets were actually decent for half the year but this offseason the WIlpons will cut more payroll and that team wont even compete for half a year next year. The only thing fans can really hope for is that they extend Wright, otherwise that lineup will look uglier that it currently does.

  8. Jason_F 3 years ago

    Please tell me you’re joking…

  9. jwsox 3 years ago

    I’m not even a cowboys fan, I actually hate them. but Jerry isnt the problem there. Yes he should pull the reins back a bit and let a true GM in there to run the team but he is crazy rich and pours his money into the team. The biggest problem in the D is Romo, who may have good numbers but he is one of the most over rated quarterbacks in the game right there with Sanchez and Tebow. They have not drafted very well over the past few years but they are still a good team

  10. Tko11 3 years ago

    I do think Romo is over rated but that said he is no where near Tebow territory. I actually think Tebow is so over rated that since the Jets got him, Sanchez’s value fell so far that he is now under rated. Im a Giants fan and I have never really understood the hate for Jerry Jones, they make a good rivalry with the Giants each year.

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