NL West Notes: Diamondbacks, Towers, Padres

Earlier tonight, we looked at the latest news on the Dodgers after General Manager Ned Colletti addressed the media.  Here's a glance at other items out of the NL West..

  • Earlier this week, Diamondbacks General Manager Kevin Towers told Barry M. Bloom of that he will target a shortstop, a veteran starter, and a third baseman this offseason.  When talking to the press today, Towers added that he will also look to pickup a lefty specialist, tweets Nick Piecoro of The Arizona Republic.
  • Towers conceded that the club might have to deal a young pitcher in order to take care of their vacancies on the left side of the infield, Piecoro tweets.  In his Q&A with Bloom, Towers said that he doesn't see Willie Bloomquist or John McDonald as full-time answers at shortstop.
  • Padres GM Josh Byrnes says that starting pitching will be the club's focus this offseason, writes Corey Brock of  Injuries decimated the Padres' rotation in 2012, forcing the club to turn to 15 different starters throughout the year.

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  1. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    Well, Mr. Towers, good luck with that. There’s a real shortage of shortstops, and if you really want one, the good ones are all taken. Me, I would try to get Andrus away from the Rangers. It’s going to cost you though. A lot.

    • Andy Forrester 3 years ago

      Yunel Escobar would be looking for a job, not impossible to get him from Toronto.

  2. lakersdodgersyankees4life 3 years ago

    is that young pitcher Bauer? They dont seemed enthused with him based on recent comments

  3. Dylan 3 years ago

    Rangers and DBacks fit together perfectly for this deal. Maybe a deal involving a pitcher (one of Skaggz or Bradley) & Upton with the DBacks being interested in Andrus, Olt, Perez, etc. I’m not sure what both teams would think would be a fair deal, but I’m thinking the Rangers would want Bauer & Upton and I’m not sure the DBacks are willing to do that.

    • Andy Forrester 3 years ago

      The Dbacks can just give Texas their blue chip pitching prospects, their MVP candidate RF Justin Upton, for not much in return, that’d be cool.

    • Gator4444 3 years ago

      Asdrubal Cabrera will be the target for Arizona. Being a FA in two years and playing on a good team should erase some of his laziness.

  4. Here come the Justin Upton for Chase Headley proposals Ad nauseum.

  5. withpower 3 years ago

    I thought they had Chris Johnson over at 3B?

  6. Andy Repinski 3 years ago

    Sign Alex Gonzalez. He was looking great before he got hurt and now the Brewers don’t need him.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      Not a bigger supporter of Alex Gonzalez on this site (probably) than me, but his injury history makes it imperative that whoever signs him have a respectable backup either on hand, or a SS prospect almost ready to take over the position nearly ready to make the big league club.

      I really wouldn’t count on Gonzalez to be healthy for more than 100G tops and it’s hard to say from a big fan of his.

      • Andy Repinski 3 years ago

        It’s a perfect situation for him in Arizona then. Bloomquist and McDonald can play those other 62 games and they’ll be fine.

  7. Baseball Fanatic 3 years ago

    I know it might not be a bright idea because they are in the same division as the dodgers but they could try to trade for Dee.

  8. marinest21 3 years ago

    I think you can never have enough pitching, but I think the Padres should also place an equal (if not higher priority) on getting another bat in the lineup to protect Headley; ideally a corner outfielder or MINF. Cabby has speed but I’d prefer to see him more in an ultra-utility role. If just a OF, let Gyorko demonstrate in ST that he deserves the 2B job.

  9. Fangaffes 3 years ago

    The Red Sox would gladly trade Mike Aviles (solid, some power average fielder) or Jose Iglesias (Mark Belanger type) for pitching.

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