MLBTR Free Agent Prediction Contest

It’s not too late to sign up for MLBTR’s free agent prediction contest. If you can correctly predict destinations for our top 50 free agents, you’ll have the chance to win prizes, including cash and content from Baseball America. Last year’s winner correctly predicted the destinations for 15 of the top 50 players, which gives you an idea of how challenging this is.

Here's how to play: click here and select a destination for each free agent after signing in with your Facebook account. You don't have to complete all of the picks right away, but they're due by midnight central time this Wednesday, November 7th. Bookmark the leaderboard to see how you’re doing in relation to other readers and MLBTR’s writing team. Good luck!

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  1. Devern Hansack 3 years ago

    Ben, I seem to have trouble logging in with Facebook to view my picks. Is there a workaround?

    • What browser are you using Devern?

      • Devern Hansack 3 years ago

        Google Chrome. I’m using AdBlock, though turning it off didn’t seem to rectify the issue. I’m just getting a blank pop up whenever I try to log in.

        Edit: It’s working on Firefox, but still nothing on Chrome.

        • I will have to look into whether AdBlock could cause an issue. But at least if it works for you on Firefox you can get in.

          • Tommets 3 years ago

            would i be able to join the contest without a facebook account?

      • $5427573 3 years ago

        The same thing is happening for me. I’m using the Safari browser.

  2. gdr 3 years ago

    is there anyway to join the contest if you don’t have a facebook account?

  3. lawrence267 3 years ago

    What about signings that happen before November 7 (e.g. Joel Peralta)?

    • Those are freebies, but you still have to go in and make the correct picks prior to the deadline. It’s kind of like getting points for putting your name on the test.

  4. How old do you need to be to enter?

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