Quick Hits: Berkman, Myers, Mariners, Rays, Rockies

Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow says that he will be in contact with Lance Berkman this winter, writes Brian McTaggart of MLB.com.  “Lance can still produce at the Major League level,” said Luhnow. “He’s a guy a lot of clubs are going to be interested in. We’ll have a conversation with him and see where it goes.”  It seemed as though Berkman was leaning towards retirement but late last week the veteran said that he would keep his options open and listen to any offer that comes his way.  With the Astros shifting to the American League, the 36-year-old could be a solid fit as a DH.  Here's more from around baseball..

  • As he gets set to hit the open market, right-hander Brett Myers says that he would be open to either working as a starter or reliever, writes Dan Hayes of CSNChicago.com.  “I’ve got the mentality, I want to pitch,” Myers said. “Whichever way a team wants me to go I’ll do. I think I’ve proven I can start. I’ve proven I can do both. Hindsight is 20/20. Some teams might like me in the bullpen. Some might like me as a starter. It’s up to the team.”  The White Sox were evaluating Myers as a potential starter before they declined his $10MM option for 2013.
  • Mariners GM Jack Mariners GM Zduriencik says that he expects to have more money available than the $85MM the team opened 2012 with, Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times tweets.  The M's agreed to a two-year contract extension with right-hander Hisashi Iwakuma earlier tonight that includes an option for 2015.
  • Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports wonders if the Rays might look to trade Jeremy Hellickson rather than the more expensive James Shields.  While Hellickson is still quite affordable and won't be eligible for arbitration until 2014, he is a Scott Boras client and not likely to sign a club-friendly extension anytime soon.
  • The Rockies won't decide on their managerial situation this weekend and are set to interview Matt Williams on Monday, tweets Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports.

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  1. stroh 3 years ago

    As a long-time Astros fan, I would welcome Lance back. He can be a great mentor to the young guys, just as Bagwell and Biggio were mentors to Lance and Roy when they were coming up. Plus, Lance is from Houston, and will always be an Astro. Would be great to see him back in the orange and blue.

    • Leonard Washington 3 years ago

      If his legs are healthy I would love to have him in Boston, but your def right. It would be nice to see him back with the stros.

  2. $17867741 3 years ago

    I just read Ken Rosenthal’s article. He suggests that the Rays should trade Hellickson because he is the only pitcher that is currently represented by Boras, and thus is least likely to sign a friendly long term deal.

    Real good thing Rosenthal is not a GM.

    • rjc 3 years ago

      He’s right though. You won’t see Hellickson sign any Moore/Longoria type deals with Boras around. Hellickson for either Hosmer or Profar.

      • Mark 3 years ago

        I dont think you’d be able to get either for just Hellickson, especially Profar, a switch-hitting SS with power potential.

      • $17867741 3 years ago

        1) 3 arb years of Hellickson is way cheaper than 3 year of free agency of James Shields….

        2) Hellickson is going to enter his prime. Shields is exiting his prime.

        3) Right now, Shields is more valuable than Hellickson on the trade market.

        It makes ZERO sense to trade Hellickson before Shields.

  3. Howard 3 years ago

    This is a better idea for DH than going after Napoli as predicted.

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      Napoli is much better suited for that role than lance, lance has done it and failed, Nap has been a DH and been fine plus he offers the potential to allow the 1st basemen and catcher days off

  4. Astromariner 3 years ago

    As an Astro fan it would be awesome to get Berkman back. He should retire an Astro. How awesome would it be if we got him and Napoli. Berkman can switch between 1B and DH while Napoli could alternate between catching, 1B and DH. If we did that and got some avg or maybe above avg starter (whom would be our ace, lol) we could have a much improved team while not spending a ton. Probably won’t all happen but would be nice and help put more butts in the seats.

    • stroh 3 years ago

      My guess is that they won’t go after Napoli. I think they’ll sign Berkman who will rotate with Brett Wallace at 1B and DH, and sign another outfielder, maybe someone such as Jonny Gomes, Scott Hairston or Grady Sizemore. They want guys at 1 year contracts, who won’t block guys like Jonathan Singleton and George Springer who will be ready by 2014.

      • Astromariner 3 years ago

        I have to agree with you, especially after Bogusevic and Shuck just elected FA. Neither one of them were really starting material but just creates a bigger hole in the OF. Taking a chance on Sizemore wouldn’t be a bad idea if we can get him relatively cheap. He may be a small risk but could still have some decent upside left in him. I can see Hairston or Gomes fitting our needs as well.

  5. jwsox 3 years ago

    why dont the Rays trade both? And I’m being serious here, they are stacked at pitching. Trade Shields and get a ton of salary relief (use it to extend longo) and get a solid prospect back in return(not great, the true advantage is salary relief) and Trade heckilson for a beast of a prospect….Rangers for Profar maybe?

    • DerangedAngry Hilbilly 3 years ago

      I don’t think you can get THAT big of a prospect for Hellickson with his k rate around 6.3 and a BB rate around 3 and a 1+ WAR for each of the last 2 years.(plus he struggled a bit to stay in games) sure he’s young and under control. But he’s not really a dynamic pitcher. He might net a team a top ten prospect, but I doubt he nets you a teams number 1

      • jwsox 3 years ago

        Top ten is still a great grab

      • GrayhawkAZ 3 years ago

        in 2 years, ROY and Gold Glove before reaching his prime (which for a pitcher is generally around 27 years old).. Before he reaches arbitration.. He has done it already.. Any prospect, including Profar, hasn’t done it on the MLB level

        • DerangedAngry Hilbilly 3 years ago

          sorry, a 1 WAR pitcher just isn’t worth a teams number one prospect. MAYBE hellickson develops into a 4 WAR guy, but aside from his short stint in 2010, he hasn’t been that guy yet.

    • Casey McMahon 3 years ago

      Extend Longo? He is already in middle of a 10 year contract!

      Salary relief only for Shields? We should get at least 3-4 prospects he has another option on his contract.and he is a bargain number 1 at only 10.25 million with a 12.5 million option for 2014. Hellickson should fetch 4-5 near MLB ready prospects alone. He is cheap and who cares if he is a Boras client he is still under team control for another 4 years.

  6. withpower 3 years ago

    I realize Tampa has a limited payroll and attendance issues and they need to maximize returns on players they aren’t likely to re-sign [especially now that they aren’t picking so high in the draft these days] but I would think it makes the most sense to keep both of them and go after some hitters.

    They have the pitching to win a title right now and I don’t think you could draw up a better set of circumstances regarding the respective situations of their division opponents.

    • sherrilltradedooverexperience 3 years ago

      I agree with you but would add that Shields may be up for trade based on how many innings they’ve rode that arm the past two seasons 477 innings with 14 cg’s. He may be cut short next season and lost due to injury after so much work.

      With Price rebounding from a mediocre year this is going to be one heck of a lot younger and cheaper pitching staff of Hellickson, Price, Moore, Cobb, and Archer

  7. Frank 3 years ago

    Trade Hellikson to Cubs fr Soriano (cubs eat most salary) and Brett Jackson. Trade James Shields for young pitching…trade for 2B Justin Turner…sign C AJ and DH Berkman 1B Loney..sign SP Haren
    Lineup- Jackson Jennings Zobrist Longoria AJ Soriano Berkman Loney Turner/Roberts..rotation: Price Moore Cobb Haren Niemen/Archer/Davis (bring in someone on minor league deal 2 to compete)

    • Kevin Swords 3 years ago

      Cubs make that trade in a heartbeat. That said, the Rays will want more than Soriano for Hellickson (Brett Jackson isn’t a premium prospect).

  8. GasLampGuru 3 years ago

    I think the best and most logical fit for Dan Haren is San Diego. He would benefit from pitching in a pitchers park (it will still play that way with the fences coming in), facing NL lineups, and working with arguably one of the best two or three pitching coaches in baseball (Darren Ballsley). He should come cheap after last season, and will probably wind up on a one year deal to rebuild value. I’d throw him a one year, $9M deal and see where it goes.

    • PlaidArmour 3 years ago

      Again, Haren has slightly worse numbers in the NL. Even with the Angels in interleague play against the NL his numbers were worse than in regular league play. San Diego would only be an advantage because of Petco.

      • Amish_willy 3 years ago

        Haren’s two best years came with the Dbacks in ’08 & ’09. Regardless where he’s playing next year he’s a serious rebound candidate. Going back to the NL West, with three great pitching parks and a excellent history at one of the other parks seems ideal for both player and team.

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