Thuuz: A Better Way To Track Your Fantasy Baseball Teams On Mobile

Looking for the best way to track your fantasy baseball team on your android and mobile devices? Check out a free app called Thuuz. Thuuz helps sports fans track all of their favorite sports so that they never miss an exciting game. With as many as 15 MLB games occurring simultaneously, Thuuz alerts you of all the most exciting games and performances. Thuuz is awesome for any MLB and sports fan – but it's even sweeter if you're in an MLB fantasy league.

Here's how it works:

Sign up for Thuuz Fantasy Baseball 2013 beta and import your fantasy baseball teams into the app from any of the major fantasy platforms. Along with tracking your favorite teams and exciting games, Thuuz will track games involving your fantasy players and let you know when your players are going off. Thuuz will also tell you if the game is on TV or available online.

What you can expect from Thuuz:

  • See your fantasy rosters, player status and league status on the Thuuz Fantasy tab
  • Scan timely fantasy updates in your Thuuz feed
  • Receive Thuuz fantasy alerts
  • Hot players – when your players reach statistical milestones
  • Scoring position – when pitchers enter the game or batters have RBI opportunities
  • Competition updates – end of the week updates if your match is close
  • Injury alerts – when your players get put on the DL
  • Talk smack in Thuuz to your league competitors
  • Screenshots from the app:

Photo 1 Photo 2

You may already have an app (or two) that you use to track fantasy news – here's how Thuuz complements those apps:

  • Easier to track live sports for BOTH your favorite teams (as a fan) AND your fantasy players
  • Easier for fantasy owners with teams on multiple platforms to track players – Thuuz tracks across multiple sites, which is huge
  • Best in class alerts, including when your fantasy players are on TV

One last thing to that should get you to download Thuuz – Thuuz is running a $5000 Sweeten the Pot Promotion. If you and all the guys in your fantasy league download the app and integrate your fantasy teams, you'll be entered to win $5000 to sweeten the pot of your fantasy league winnings.

Go give Thuuz a download now.


This is a sponsored post from Thuuz.

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