2014 MLB Draft Order

With the 2013 MLB regular season now over, here's the current order for the first round of the 2014 MLB Draft. First, some notes:

  • The draft order is determined in reverse order of record. If two or more teams have the same record, the tie-breaker is 2012 record, with the team with the worse 2012 record getting the higher pick. That's why, for example, the Cubs (61-101 in 2012) pick ahead of the Twins (66-96 in 2012), even though the two teams had the same record this season.
  • Notably, the Athletics and the Braves had identical 96-66 records in 2013 and 94-68 records in 2012. MLB.com's Jim Callis confirms in an email that the next tie-breaker is 2011 record, and the A's were worse that year, so they will pick before the Braves.
  • The winner of Monday's Wild Card tie-breaker between the Rangers and Rays (which counts as a regular-season game) will get the No. 23 overall pick, while the loser will take No. 22.
  • The Jays have pick No. 11 in addition to their usual first-round pick, since they did not sign 2013 No. 10 overall pick Phil Bickford. The No. 11 pick is a protected pick for the Jays.
  • Teams may have to forfeit first-round draft picks when they sign free agents who have been extended qualifying offers, so this list is subject to change later this season.The first eleven picks of this year's draft, however, are protected, so those teams would lose a second-round pick for signing a player who has received and rejected a qualifying offer.

Without further ado, here's the order.

1. Astros
2. Marlins
3. White Sox
4. Cubs
5. Twins
6. Mariners
7. Phillies
8. Rockies
9. Blue Jays
10. Mets
11. Blue Jays (for failing to sign 2013 No. 10 pick Phil Bickford)
12. Brewers
13. Padres
14. Giants
15. Angels
16. Diamondbacks
17. Orioles
18. Yankees
19. Royals
20. Nationals
21. Reds
22. Rangers or Rays
23. Rangers or Rays
24. Indians
25. Dodgers
26. Tigers
27. Pirates
28. Athletics
29. Braves
30. Red Sox
31. Cardinals

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