Astros Acquire Jesus Guzman

The Padres have traded outfielder/first baseman Jesus Guzman to the Astros for infielder Ryan Jackson, according to Corey Brock of (on Twitter).  

San Diego got interest in Guzman in late July, but he wound up staying put for the rest of the season.  The 29-year-old took a step back from his previous two seasons with the Padres in 2013, hitting just .226/.297/.378 in 318 plate appearances.  Prior to that, Guzman had a .277/.342/.446 slash line through 592 PAs in 2011 and 2012.

Jackson, 25, saw time in 20 big league games for the Cardinals from 2012-13 before being waived in the fall and picked up by Houston.  Jackson spent the bulk of 2013 with the Cardinals' Triple-A affiliate in Memphis.  Over the last two years in Memphis, Jackson has a .275/.343/.371 slash line with the better results coming in 2012.  The Padres put a claim in on Jackson when he was up for grabs, but the Astros were able to get him instead, Brock tweets.

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  1. Zak A 2 years ago

    I like it

  2. MFH 2 years ago

    I can only assume that is the wrong Ryan Jackson, unless the Padres really have a desire for 42 year old players who have been out of the league for 11 years (always a possibility).

  3. rizdak 2 years ago

    Not sure why the Padres needed to acquire another IF with no speed, pop or on-base skills.

    • Petcopadre 2 years ago

      He’s an infielder.

    • MikeTroutForMayor 2 years ago

      Article is linked to the wrong Ryan Jackson

    • WatermelonMtnScout 2 years ago

      He is 25, 4 years younger than Guzman.
      He fields pretty well at both middle infield spots. Guzman was a 1B/DH on a team that already has Alonso and Medica slated for 1B.
      There is another trade or roster move coming. Padres still need to clear a spot on their 40 man roster. I dont see them waiving any of the players they tendered, so a 2 for 1 trade makes the most sense.

      I got to see quite a bit of Jackson in Memphis and in PCL and he has some pop (double digit hrs in 2011 and 2012) and plays well at SS. He is organizational filler that can come up and fill in reliably with the glove in the case of an injury. Will he start the season at the Padres? Probably not. But he is still more useful to the Padres than Guzman at this point.

  4. Beersy 2 years ago

    The Padres needed to clear a 40 man roster spot and it was either Guzman or Blanks. I guess with the one hot month Blanks had last season, they decided to go with the player who still has some upside rather than the “you know what you’re going to get” player.

    • Petcopadre 2 years ago

      Or Guzman was the player who garnered more interest. I hate to see Guz go but Jackson may be okay. I’m not sure which infield position he plays but maybe this clears the way for Forsyth to be traded as well.

      • Dylan Ramirez 2 years ago

        He plays Shortstop, Third, and Second and he’s a plus defender at all three positions.

    • WatermelonMtnScout 2 years ago

      Jackson has to be placed on the 40 man roster as well. There will have to be another move coming in the next day or so before Benoit is officially added to the roster.

  5. bighiggy 2 years ago

    Would have liked to see the cards trade Jackson to the pads for Guzman, instead of giving him away.would have made a nice bench piece.

  6. N.K.T. 2 years ago

    I’m proud of Houston, they’ve had a good offseason. They may not be that bad for to long

    • Seamaholic 2 years ago

      Nah. Been watching Guzman for a while. The Stros probably have several guys in AAA who are just as good.

      • Matt Mccarron 2 years ago

        Doubt it. If they were as good as Guzman they would be in the MLB. Have you seen the Astros MLB team? Solid pickup for the Stros’. They have been picking up solid players all offseason

      • dvmin98 2 years ago

        Guzman is perfect for the AL. He will be the prototypical DH. I like this move for the ‘stros. Wish the Pads could have gotten a minor leaguer that didn’t need to be on the 40 man though.

  7. Matt 2 years ago

    Guzman stinks, and there was no room for him. Finally a Padres move that makes sense.

    • coldgoldenfalstaff 2 years ago

      Don’t get this move for the Astros. They already have poor bats for 1B/LF/DH with Carter and Wallace, and Jackson looked to be a decent utility guy at worst.

      Good offseason for Luhnow, not gonna knock him for one dud move. At least we didn’t trade a real prospect.

      • Brandon 2 years ago

        It’s not really a “dud” move when you give up nothing. They picked up a guy someone else waived and then flipped him for a guy that’ll get a look in spring training that may or may not stick. ZERO risk. Can’t really be called a “dud.”

    • AndrĂ©s Celis 2 years ago

      look guzman statistics in venezuela

  8. TheRealRyan 2 years ago

    Not a bad move the Pads, getting a util IF for a AAAA CIF.

  9. formerdraftpick 2 years ago

    I like Jesus!

  10. Jack Miller 2 years ago

    Nice work by San Diego getting some MI help

  11. VivaJackMurphy 2 years ago

    True story: Jesus Guzman was the starting cleanup hitter for the Padres 65 times over the past three years.

    Related true story: The Padres were not very good the past three years.

    • Matt Mccarron 2 years ago

      True fact: No one is expecting the Astros to be good.
      Also True fact: They are getting B and C+ players to build around for the future, this move is just starting to build around Fowler, Altuve, Feldman and Carter.

  12. Ballsdeep! 2 years ago

    Good move for both sides. I hope Guzman gets an everyday opportunity in HOU, which he didn’t have in SD. Padres gain a roster spot and a future utility guy, always useful!

  13. Tigers72 2 years ago

    I think the Astros won this but it is a good del for both teams.

  14. dvmin98 2 years ago

    I bet Amarista is the next player to be moved. Jackson seems like the same player, but a better defender.

    • Ryan Stall 2 years ago

      You’re forgetting that Jackson has a lifetime .083 batting average. I thought they were trying to bolster our offense this season. At least Amarista bats above the Mendoza line. I’ll take that with average defense over a batting average below .100 with above average defense any day.

      • Ivan Verastica 2 years ago

        Super smal sample size dude.

        I’m pretty sure Amarista hit below .100 across 20 games at one point.

        • WatermelonMtnScout 2 years ago

          Logic, logic logic. Do you really think they want to hear logic? If they start listening to logic they wouldnt have anything to complain about and after all that is what they really want.

      • asovermann 2 years ago

        Do you realize he’s only had 24 at-bats in his career?

      • dvmin98 2 years ago

        Maybe so after 20 ABs, but the Padres are not going to pick up Jackson and then DFA him. Someone has to go and it will be most likely someone like Jackson…ie Amarista

  15. Tko11 2 years ago

    Guzman’s career minor league stat line (8 seasons): .305/.373/.480/.853
    Not sure how he can be so bad in the majors.

    • dvmin98 2 years ago

      There’s a reason why its harder to play in the majors than the minors….talent

      • Tko11 2 years ago

        You don’t put up those type of minor league numbers without talent.

        • dvmin98 2 years ago

          There have been plenty of AAAA players. Look up George Arias. He was supposed to be the savior in SD at 3B years ago. Awesome in the minors. Not in the majors

          • Tko11 2 years ago

            That doesn’t mean he didn’t have talent…there are talented singers/athletes out there that will never play or sing on the big stage but that doesn’t mean they lack talent.

          • dvmin98 2 years ago

            You are taking this way to literally. He’s not AS TALENTED as other players, so he was a good minor league player. Im bald, but I have hair that grows. Guess what, Im still bald

          • Tko11 2 years ago

            His minor league numbers are better than some players who made it in the majors so I don’t see how it can literally be a lack of talent. Can he use rogaine to increase his talent? Apples to oranges.

            His career slash line in the majors vs lefties .286/.358/.460/.818
            He can be a viable platoon option in the majors if anything.

  16. dominooh 2 years ago

    byrnes needs to make a move for a power bat,cant count on quentin

  17. kevinfoley46 2 years ago

    You should mention Guzman’s numbers in the minors. He’s had some really good years.

  18. Rickyball 2 years ago

    Either Guzman or Blanks had to go. W Smith in the OF there’s no more room on the 25 man roster and Guzman is out of options. Jackson will be a backup and end up in AAA. Best guess is Amarista will be the backup MI over Forsythe on the 25 man cause he can swing lefty and run. It’s a solid move that won’t have any bearing on the season other than to staff El Paso. it will be a dogfight in ST between Blanks and Medica for the RH PH/1B job…

  19. bmac438 2 years ago

    Instead of telling me his slash line, how about sharing with us how many HRs he hit … given the guy is suppose to be a power hitter? News we could’ve used.

  20. riley58 2 years ago

    I’ll miss you, Jesus. Good luck in spring training!

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