Kurt Suzuki Has Interest from Twins, Mariners

The Twins and Mariners are possibilities for veteran catcher Kurt Suzuki, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (on Twitter).  The Cubs are also among the clubs with interest, as noted by Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle last week.

While Minnesota likes the 30-year-old, Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press (Twitter link) hears from a person with direct knowledge that nothing is going on yet between the club and the catcher.  Suzuki hit .232/.290/.337 with five homers in his second straight season split between the A's and Nationals.  Though he's typically been solid in terms of catching base stealers, Suzuki caught just eight of 65 potential thieves in 2013 (12 percent) and graded out as one of the league's worst in terms of pitch-framing. He was highly adept at blocking pitches in the dirt, per Fangraphs, trailing only Yadier Molina in that regard.

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  1. N.K.T. 2 years ago

    Suzuki can be great if given regular playing time

    • David 2 years ago

      The opposite is true, actually. As a regular for the Nats in 2013, he was pretty bad. He was better when he got frequent days off.

    • Seamaholic 2 years ago

      Other than the fact that he never has, and in fact is now about replacement level, you’re dead on.

    • $3513744 2 years ago

      we must have severely different definitions of great.

  2. brian310 2 years ago

    8 of 65…what happened to him?

    • OUTFOXEM 2 years ago

      I was just wondering the same thing. I thought he used to be a pretty good catcher a couple years back. Maybe he was just good against the M’s, I don’t know.

      • The_Unnatural 2 years ago

        No kidding. It seemed like every time we played the A’s he’d have some clutch hit.

        • drwheelock 2 years ago

          No kidding. I’m shocked A’s got rid of him. He’s been shuffled so much from team to team. Would love him with Zunino!!

  3. bobbie922 2 years ago

    As a Cardinals fan who keeps up pretty well with the Cubs, I feel like Suzuki would be a great fit for them. His skill set would probably fit that team pretty well.

    • Revery 2 years ago

      Cubs have a pretty sweet RH/LH, cheap and underrated duo with Castillo and Kottaras. Cubs probably should not be on this list. Weirder things have happened though.

      • JSapp11 2 years ago

        Totally agree… Kottaras takes his walks and provides good defense. Kurt Suzuki, thanks but no thanks

      • jb226 2 years ago

        Agreed, I’d rather give the backup job to Kottaras.

    • calabio 2 years ago

      I agree. Suzuki is a great club house player to I’ve read

  4. James F 2 years ago

    Sounds like the perfect move for the Mariners.

  5. Patrick the Pragmatist 2 years ago

    Adding him would be a sweet move for Seattle. A Suzuki/Zunino combination all year would be huge improvement over what this team has had since 2008.

    • Mike Blowers 2 years ago

      Agreed, would give Zunino a little more time to ease into the position instead of being forced like last year. Then when he seems ready he can go all out on the AL West.

      • BK 2 years ago

        Angels will give you Conger and Aybar for Montero.

        • trenigro 2 years ago

          Jesus Montero? Done deal. Call Jerry Dipoto and let him know.

          • Marinersforever71 2 years ago

            Would be interesting if Montero returns back to the Yankees playing first baseman as part of the Brett Gardner’s trade.

          • Anthony Turreto 2 years ago

            What trade would that be?

          • Marinersforever71 2 years ago

            Mariners-Yankees if Cashman is interested bring Montero back to the Bronx.

        • Mike Blowers 2 years ago

          Where do I sign? I would gladly do that deal and I don’t think I would need confirmation from any M’s fans or brass.

    • Marinersforever71 2 years ago

      Agreed likewise. Suzuki can mentor Zunino till he’s ready to catch full time. Plus, Kurt is from Hawaii that’s geographically makes more sense in Seattle.

  6. dc21892 2 years ago

    Might not offer much with the bat, but he would help the Twins pitching staff.

  7. Slappy McGee 2 years ago

    If the Twins are wanting defense first, Buck would be a better sign.

    • letsgogiants 2 years ago

      Suzuki though does a great job with working with his staff. He may not be the best at framing pitches, but he does a great job calling a game which would really go a long ways towards fixing the pitching staff.

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