Latest On The Brewers’ First Base Search

The Brewers are waiting for word from Corey Hart's camp, and's Adam McCalvy offers an in-depth update on their search for a first baseman.

The Brewers have a one-year offer plus some incentives on the table to Hart, but he's weighing an offer from another team that is said to contain more incentives than the Brewers' offer. Brewers officials were up past 1am ET last night waiting on a response from Hart before hearing that he needs more time to make his decision.

GM Doug Melvin heard from James Loney's agent this morning, but McCalvy indicates that Loney's three-year asking price is too high. Trades for Ike Davis and Logan Morrison present alternatives, but the Mets have asked Milwaukee for Tyler Thornburg in return for Davis — a surprisingly lofty price considering the two seasons each had. Davis batted .205/.326/.334 for the Mets, while Thornburg posted a 2.03 ERA with 6.5 K/9 and 3.5 BB/9 in 66 2/3 innings and finished the season strongly as a member of Milwaukee's rotation.

The Brewers would like resolution on the situation before tomorrow's Rule 5 Draft, McCalvy reports.

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  1. N.K.T. 2 years ago

    I bet Pittsburgh is the other team

  2. Evan 2 years ago

    How does an incentive-laden contract affect the luxury tax?

    • Christopher Soto 2 years ago

      Luxury Tax is calculated at the end of the season. So whatever incentives the player reaches during each season counts in addition to his salary.

  3. RazorShines 2 years ago

    Ike hit 32 hrs and drove in 90 in 2012, if the Mets don’t get back a player like Thornburg, he’s not worth trading

    • Guest 2 years ago

      In addition….While Thornburg is an excellent prospect he has a larger risk of ending up as a late inning reliever due to his control problems and power pitching style.

      • toddcoffeytime 2 years ago

        Scouts hate how short he is, one of the many reasons he always gets the “headed for bullpen tag.” He really does not have that much issue with his control,

      • Chris Koch 2 years ago

        And pitching in NY/Atl/Mia/Phi will help Thornburg avoid that RP role. If he can pitch well at Miller Park he can pitch well in Citi Park. He’s better than Shaun Marcum someone I recall the Mets fan base enjoying his signing last season.

    • Funny how there is no mention of the fact that Davis had to be sent to AAA because he couldn’t hit his weight in avg, let alone match it with his OBP…

      • Christopher Soto 2 years ago

        Davis is a classic change of scenery guy. He hasn’t been the same since Dave Hudgens became the hitting coach and began attempting to tweak his swing in 2012

        • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

          A change of scenery? How many times to people say that and it never works out well? Almost every time

      • Paul Garvin Kuhns 2 years ago

        I know another Davis whom had plenty of power potential, changed scenery, and hit 40+ HRs last year…

      • rct 2 years ago

        And then he came back to the majors and slashed .286/.449/.505 the rest of the way. In fact, his career second half slash line is .267/.374/.495. He’s got a lot of potential.

        He had a tremendous rookie year and was tearing it up in 2011 before he got injured. Since then, it’s been two years of terrible first half, great second half. He’s basically only had two bad halves (though, I’ll admit, they were historically bad). Unless they can get a huge return, I’d prefer they keep him.

  4. Devern Hansack 2 years ago

    I hear that Yuniesky Betancourt is still available.

  5. Mil8Ball 2 years ago

    Haha Mets can keep Davis…not worth giving up Thornburg for a one year wonder. PASS

    Can’t see Hart leaving Milwaukee over incentitives anyway.

    • LongTimeFan1 2 years ago

      Actually, I wouldn’t say your characterization of Ike Davis is accurate.

      First round draft pick in 2008, had fine rookie season in 2010, 19/71, .791 OPS,

      Had great 2011 until injured in May, done for the season – .925 OPS,

      2012 – After missing 4.5 months in 2011, was diagnosed in spring training with Valley Fever, had very disappointing first half but rebounded for a monster second, and finished with 32 homers and 90 RBI.

      2013 – nothing good happened there.

      If your team trades for him, you’ll be taking on a risk/reward proposition – He could hit 40 homers annually or be a bust, or perform somewhere within that range. One thing for sure, Ike Davis has prodigious power. If he fixes his mechanical problems – a hitch – there’s no stopping him and you guys would most likely get the better end of the trade.

      He’s worn out his welcome in NY, hence is on the blocks, but you’d be getting a highly motivated competitor – even before the down times – who would now be on mission to prove to himself as well as the naysayers, he’s big, big league bat. There was a reason he was a first round draft pick as well as ranked #62 prospect by Baseball America – the reason – he can rake. To say one year wonder, tells me you don’t know enough about the player’s past and potential, 6’4″, 230, still only 26, with Prince Fielder power.

      • Chris Koch 2 years ago

        The only problem with Boom or Bust is that Thornburg is strictly boom. Especially in Citi Park? Davis even at Boom will only equal Thornburg down the line. That’s the issue. No risk in the trade at all for Mets. Brewers giving up a serious team contributor for a potential AAA send down. Not a good deal.

  6. DCTribeFan 2 years ago

    I hope its the Indians. Hart needs to be in the AL so he can rest those knees occasionally. Hart as an Indian means he can split 1b/DH duties with Santana and Swish, and keep all 3 of those bats in the lineup. Hitting 5th to protect Santana in the 4 hole.

  7. camerondatzker 2 years ago

    The SF Giants would make a nice destination for Corey Hart. Hart is a nice guy to have in their line-up.

  8. John Hurd 2 years ago

    Please, let the Brewers give us just a warm body for Davis. Anybody at all. It’d be too demoralizing to have Ike on the team in 2014. Enough is enough. First base is a position where you need power. Not a guy who goes 0 for 100 and goes deep every once in a long while.

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