NL East Notes: Mets, Marlins, Phillies, Blevins

It sounds as if Ike Davis will remain a member of the Mets beyond the Winter Meetings, but will likely be dealt this month, tweets Adam Rubin of Rubin hears that the Mets are being reasonable in their demands for the first baseman, and with the Rays and Brewers both in on James Loney, the loser may wind up with Davis. Speaking of Loney, Rubin adds that Loney is still asking for three years, but is unlikely to get more than two (Twitter links).

As the Mets continue to seek out the best possible return for Davis, let's check in on a few more items from around the NL East….

  • The Marlins are still weighing trade options for a third baseman, president of baseball operations Michael Hill confirmed on Wednesday, according to's Joe Frisaro. The team hopes to add a player who is ready to contribute in 2014 and has the flexibility to switch positions when 2013 draftee Colin Moran is ready for the bigs.
  • Ruben Amaro Jr. suggests the Phillies have "left no stone unturned" in their search for starting pitching. However, while the team has laid plenty of groundwork, Amaro and the Phils may leave Orlando without having added a starter, as Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes.
  • The Nationals sorted through as many as four trade options before deciding to acquire Jerry Blevins, according to GM Mike Rizzo (link via James Wagner of the Washington Post). Washington liked Blevins because he represents a "younger, controllable type of guy" at an affordable rate, says Rizzo.

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  1. Jesse Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Why get Davis when Jack Cust can put up similar numbers.

    • rct 2 years ago

      It’s funny, Cust put up better number than Ike and more consistently, but he didn’t even start until he was 28. Ike’s only 26.

  2. Zak A 2 years ago

    Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, MAG, Kendrick, Pett/Martin. Pretty Simple RAJ. SPs weren’t the issue the last few years. No RHBs and old position players were. Could have let Utley walk and signed Omar Infante to fill a RH option at the top of the line-up batting 2nd behind Revere and then went after someone else w/the savings from the Utley contract (7 MM?)

    • Jordan Zutski 2 years ago

      i kind of agree Zak if your saying whats the point in adding a starter i agree. I mean im all for them grabing Garza or Arroyo but then they have no money to spend. The Phillies should grab a reliever already and they should trade for a power bat. idk its frustrating if Amaro is gonna resign Ruiz and sign Byrd you would think he would be agressive in trying to make this team a contender one last time. Instead it seems like hes making everyone available and looking for nothing. his concept stinks

      • Zak A 2 years ago

        Yea, like whats the point in going for any of the better SPs left if the best they’ll do is lose 1-0?

    • paqza 2 years ago

      Nah bro. Utley’s still a useful player on a decent contract. A trade would have been one thing but letting him walk would have been a bad idea.

      • Zak A 2 years ago

        Two position players were FAs this offseason or would have been. Utley and Ruiz. They could have signed a RH 2B like Infante and then not been restricted to pretty much just RH RFs this offseason.

  3. LetsGoBucs92122 2 years ago

    The Mets are reasonable with their demands? They wanted Neil Walker for him! Hoping NH just laughed at them!

    • bucsws2014 2 years ago

      That was Toronto for Adam Lind, not Ike. Mets want pitching.

      • LetsGoBucs92122 2 years ago

        Ah my mistake then! Thanks for the fix there

    • paqza 2 years ago

      Only takes one other GM to agree, brah. Ask Anthopolous or Sabean.

  4. burnboll 2 years ago

    I wonder if Adam Rubin is related to Neil Diamond.

  5. bucsws2014 2 years ago

    So by not mentioning the Pirates are still in on Loney should we assume they’re no longer in?

  6. What is the Mets sign Loney? Then they can offer Ike Davis and/or Lucas Duda in trade packages for SS, pitching or additional outfield help.

    • paqza 2 years ago

      Why would the Mets sign Loney, a guy who will cost more and is projected to hit less than either Duda or Davis? Between either one of Duda or Davis combined with a Murphy trade, they can make something happen.

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