NL West Notes: Butler, Rockies, Dodgers, Wright

The NL West makes a strong showing on Jim Bowden's list of the offseason's seven most underrated transactions (ESPN Insider account required).  The Giants and Dodgers combine for three of the seven moves, while the Diamondbacks find themselves on possibly the wrong end of one of the deals — Bowden believes the White Sox got the best end of the three-team Sox/D'Backs/Angels trade since Adam Eaton fills a big need in Chicago and Bowden doesn't rate Hector Santiago too highly.

Here are some more items from around the NL West…

  • The Rockies didn't push harder for more fifth starter depth since they didn't want to block right-handed pitching prospect Eddie Butler, according to Troy Renck of the Denver Post (Sulia link).  Butler, the 46th overall pick of the 2012 draft, pitched very well last season, including an 0.65 ERA in 27 2/3 Double-A innings.  If he continues to progress next year, the Rockies could call Butler up by late May or early June.  Juan Nicasio and Jordan Lyles are currently slated to battle for the fifth spot in the Colorado rotation behind Jorge De La Rosa, Jhoulys Chacin, Tyler Chatwood and Brett Anderson, though Anderson's health history will create a need for depth.
  • The Rockies added Raul Fernandez to the 40-man roster rather than risk losing him in the Rule 5 draft, as Colorado has been cautious about losing even low A-ball prospects to the Rule 5 draft since the Padres took Everth Cabrera from their roster in 2008.  Baseball America's Jack Etkin profiles Fernandez, who owns a 96-mph fastball and projects as a back-end reliever.
  • Jamey Wright signed his first Major League contract since 2005 when he agreed to a one-year, $1.8MM deal with the Dodgers last week.  Fangraphs' Mike Petriello looks at how Wright has revived his career by adding a cutter to his arsenal, which led to more strikeouts and more success against right-handed batters.
  • Right-hander Javy Guerra has become little more than a minor league depth option for the Dodgers, and Steve Dilbeck of the Los Angeles Times opines that Guerra could become trade bait.  Guerra (who is out of options) emerged as the Dodgers' closer in 2011 but hasn't been nearly as effective since, pitching in just 10 2/3 Major League innings in 2013.

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  1. silverwidow 2 years ago

    Guerra is out of options, which means he is almost certainly gone before spring training ends.

  2. Vinnie White 2 years ago

    Really looking forward to seeing Butler pitch. If Anderson is healthy, the future looks bright with the Rox staff with the three top guys and Butler. Also, Gray is on the horizon as well. That will be a nice rotation, even if we eventually lose Jorge.

    • Damon Musha 2 years ago

      As an A’s fan, I can tell you that Anderson’s a BIG if. Never have I seen a more fragile baseball player, where you felt like it was a win if he got through the GAME w/out having to make a trip to the DL. Maybe he’ll turn it around in CO, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

      • John Donovan 2 years ago

        If Brett Anderson doesn’t work out, we always have Tyler Anderson right around the corner as well.

        • Seamaholic 2 years ago

          Tyler Anderson might not be too bad, actually. He’s been too good to not pitch in the big leagues, although I get that his relative lack of K’s disturbs people.

  3. Kayrall 2 years ago

    Wrong Adam Eaton….

  4. RyanWKrol 2 years ago

    Hector Santiago has a career 2.98 ERA away from US Cellular Field, and was 3.12 on the road in 2013. Only question is how he can do over 30 starts if he’s not used in the Angels’ bullpen in 2014. I wouldn’t sleep on Santiago.

    • Rene2331 2 years ago

      Adam Eaton a guy that’s hit .250 with no speed. Yea ok

  5. meep 2 years ago

    the once loved Javy Guerra now has no place with the dodgers. a team that uses him as a pen arm and not a starter like the dodgers did will love this guy

    • vtadave 2 years ago

      Maybe it’s New Years and I’m drunk, but when did the Didgers use Guerra as a starter?

      • thegrayrace 2 years ago

        he made a few minor league starts this season.

        … but he’s pretty bad at pitching, regardless of the role.

      • meep 2 years ago

        the dodgers didnt use him to start, but in the minors he made a few starts

        • Jesus Gutierrez 2 years ago

          they used him as a starter to expanded his workload to become a long reliever not a starter …

    • thegrayrace 2 years ago

      Even as a reliever, he is not very good. His ERA and saves in 2011 were totally deceptive. He still only had a 7.3 SO/9 with a 3.5 BB/9.

      He has a WHIP of 1.557 over 10 (yes, ten) minor league seasons.

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 2 years ago

      For one season he looked like he might have something. The Luis Cruz of pitching.

  6. LazerTown 2 years ago

    I’m surprised Jamey stuck around so long. 10 years ago he was in his late 20’s and was a fringy backend starter, and he is still around.

  7. JSapp11 2 years ago

    Love that an underrated signing is a 3/15 deal for a set up man… What’s underrated about that?

  8. Dodgers.714 2 years ago

    Can the dodgers trade ethier with guerra

  9. Purple_Hazed 2 years ago

    Rockies don’t want to block a pitcher? LOL

  10. BobbyJohn 2 years ago

    Other than not getting back adequate value for Dexter Fowler, I have to say that I am pretty happy with what the Rockies have done this offseason.

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