Orioles Notes: Rodney, Balfour, Lough

The Orioles have talked with the Mets about Ike Davis, but it sounds like the asking price coming out of Queens is a touch high.  The Mets tried to get the O's to part with top pitching prospect Eduardo Rodriguez in a deal but, unsurprisingly, Baltimore said no.  Davis to GM Dan Duquette & Co. may not happen, but Orioles fans would like to see something significant go down.  More out of Baltimore..

  • Steve Melewski of MASNsports.com looks at Fernando Rodney as a closer candidate for the Orioles in the wake of Grant Balfour's non-deal.  Rodney offers a big strikeout rate, a power arm, and decent groundball numbers, all characteristics that surely make him attractive to the O's.  However, his $10MM asking price is likely a turnoff for the cost-conscious Orioles.
  • Peter Schmuck of The Baltimore Sun fears that the Orioles' window of opportunity might be closing as the New Year approaches.  Nobody expected Baltimore to go out and get Robinson Cano or Jacoby Ellsbury this winter, but the Jim Johnson trade and the collapse of the Balfour agreement have left them with a lot of uncertainty at a time when division rivals have combined to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on free agents and will do even more.
  • In today's column, ESPN.com's Buster Olney ranks the top ten defenses in baseball.  The Orioles are at the top of the heap thanks in part to third baseman Manny Machado, who is "the best at his position, and itโ€™s not close," according to one talent evaluator.   Newcomer David Lough also helps their case as he posted one of the best UZR/150 ratings among outfielders with at least 650 innings last season.  Baltimore acquired Lough in exchange for Danny Valencia earlier this month.

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  1. Tom 2 years ago

    Yes, we Oriole fans want something to happen, but not Ike Davis. I’d rather see them give up the draft pick for Kendry Morales than Rodriguez for Davis.

    • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

      They already said they weren’t giving up Rodriguez for Davis. If they could get him for less, I’d much rather give up a Mike Wright type guy for Davis than lose the #17 pick for Morales.

      • Tom 2 years ago

        I don’t understand the appeal of Ike Davis at all, personally. I think he makes the lineup weaker. Sure, he has power potential, but so does everyone else in the lineup save for Lough and whoever plays 2B.

      • basemonkey 2 years ago

        I’d rather give up marginal guys for Davis. He’s a guy who’s close to free agency somewhat and played himself out of a job with slow first halves, borderline DFA material. Wouldn’t give up top prospects for that.

        • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

          I wouldn’t give up Top Prospects either. That’s why I said Mike Wright. I’d probably have him at 9 or 10 as far as O’s prospects go.

          • basemonkey 2 years ago

            Wright is still a prospect. Anyone in the top 10 isn’t worth Davis for me. Because, I feel like if we wait a few months he might be a victim of roster shuffles anyways and get traded for minimal return or just outright released.

            The Mets have some interesting players who might just force the issue. Davis is a 26-27 yr old player with a track record of under average OBP, AVG, and contact rates in the majors. He had a good power year a year ago, but his minorleague record doesn’t suggest his the contact rates are outliers. The known commodity of Davis just isn’t worth the potentially productive cheap years of Wright, who might be a backend starter, or, decent reliever.

            That said, you’re entitled to yr opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. RyanWKrol 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t trust Rodney as my closer, even with his 2012 campaign. Watching him with the Angels was a heart attack every time. And he still overthrows his fastball. He could be dominant if he just trusted his pitches and set up that deadly changeup properly.

  3. Ley_Z 2 years ago

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks the O’s need to spend big on a closer. Make Hunter the closer and sign a low risk starter or some other role player instead.

  4. Orioles fans would be more understanding if it didn’t appear that Duquette and Angelos completely lost control over the off-season. No one expected Cano, but to not get any major activity done, like signing Chris Davis to an extension, is just lazy.

    The bullpen is weaker than it was at the start of the offseason. LF is a push, the starting rotation is weaker and DH is still an empty hole. What exactly is the plan?

    • not_brooks 2 years ago

      Nothing has been done about second base other.

      Clearly, the plan is to hope that internal candidates can get the job done, because the team has no interest in spending money on impact free agents or trading prospects for quality veterans.

      • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

        They need to give Flaherty a real chance at 2B. After coming back from AAA at the end of May, from June on he put up like .276/.333/.486 in addition to playing solid D the rest of the year. Admittedly that’s SSS, but he was benched in favor of the Brian Roberts Farewell Tour for no good reason at that point, so who knows…

        With Schoop on the way, this should be Flaherty’s chance.

        They really need a SP and 2 back up options for AAA though.

  5. Damon Bowman 2 years ago

    Forget Ike Davis — he’s a poor man’s Dave Kingman. The O’s biggest problem in the lineup is OBP — something Ike Davis doesn’t help with. I’d much rather find out the asking price of Billy Butler. You’d have to think that starting pitching is what KC wants and I’d be willing to move multiple prospects to make it happen. Everybody but Bundy and Gausman are available. Rodriguez looks good, but only projects as a #3. If you don’t project as potential ace, you’re available.

  6. 123Redsox 2 years ago

    This shows how much Peter Shmuck knows –he fears that the Orioles’ window of opportunity might be closing as the New Year approaches. The Jim Johnson
    trade and the collapse of the Balfour agreement have left them with a
    lot of uncertainty at a time when division rivals have combined to spend
    hundreds of millions of dollars on free agents and will do even more.
    Dear Mr Schmuck- It doesn’t matter how much money you spend as long as you put together a winning ball club. Look at all the money the RedSox spent when they when they put together “the greatest team of all time” (As some called it) in 2011 when they had their famous collapse. Then look at last off season’s RedSox WORLD SERIES team’s spending this past off season. Gomes, Ross, Uehara,Drew, napoli,Victorino, Dempster. none of those guys made over 13.25 million last season. AND THEY WON THE W.S. and to specifically adress the closers role, Here are the guys who close Hanrahan- 7,040,000 (Number 1 choice as closer going into the year)

    Bailey- 4,100,000 ( Number 2 choice)

    Uehara- 4,250,000 (Number 3 Choice) ( Led team in saves and games finished)

    As you can see, they didnt go out to spend a whole lot on a closer. And they still won the world series. This shows that there is no reason why a team “has to” spend big money on the free agent market.

    • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

      How do you figure that the Red Sox didn’t spend a lot on their closer last season? They put over $7 mil into Hanrahan who landed on the DL before May Day and another $4 mil into Bailey who was picked up because he had experience as a closer. Right there you’ve got $11 mil and even though you hadn’t planned on both closing, they did. Whether you want to be cute with your accounting or not, the Sox did spend in excess of $15 mil on closers.

      • 123Redsox 2 years ago

        But thats because they used 3 relievers as opposed to one. it happens often where a closer is either replaced in the closing role or goes down with an injury and someone else has to close. considering that only came out to 15 million isnt that high.In 2012 the yankees used 4 guys to close out games throughout the season. In total the Yankees paid a little over 28 million on those relievers. So when you are talking about a comity of players, 15 million isnt a lot.

    • not_brooks 2 years ago

      As inexpensive as the Red Sox additions were last winter, they were all potential difference makers.

      The O’s have added David Lough, who is essentially a younger Nate McLouth with a better glove, and a bunch of journeymen relievers.

      This is a team that won 85 games last year, and they’ve done nothing to improve several areas of need.

      No one is saying that the O’s have to spend big money.

      They just need to do something of significance.

  7. 123Redsox 2 years ago

    The O’s need a guy that knows how to get on base. How about bringing Michael Young in as a Utility Infielder. He can play some 2B, spell J.J. hardy once in a while at SS , spell manny machado at 3B (When he comes back) as well as Chris davis at 1B. In addition, in order to rest Nick Markakis or David lough, Davis could move to one of those two corner outfield positions and Young could play 1b. He could start at 3B everyday while machado is out (Flaherty or Weeks would play 2B) or at 2B (Almanazar or Flaherty would play 3B) In addition, due to the fact that you have other guys that can start once in a while already, Young could be rested or see time at DH seeing as how he is getting older. remember, Young may not be the same player hitter he was 5 years ago but he can still get on base. And he is your best fit as far as FA go.

    What are your thoughts?

    • GrilledCheese39 2 years ago

      Good concept, but I can’t help but laugh when you said he could spell Hardy at shortstop

      • 123Redsox 2 years ago

        yea. he is still a good enough fielder where maybe 10 games played at short this season for him wouldnt make that much of a difference.

        • 123Redsox 2 years ago

          okay, even if HE wasnt to spell hardy a few times throughout the season, Flaherty or weeks could play SS and he would play 2B. This isnt as far fetched perhaps

      • Tigers72 2 years ago

        Maybe he could spell Hardy by playing third and having Machado play short.

    • FOmeOLS 2 years ago

      Michael Young was a terrible DeFender when he was with the Rangers, and that was two years ago.
      He has only gotten worse defensively, if that is even possible, and his bat has gone away for ever

  8. Erin Carr 2 years ago

    Ummm Manny is a hell of a third baseman but Brett Lawrie and Longoria are just as good defensively…..

    • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

      Seriously? Lawrie has average range and, by most defensive metrics, cost the Jays runs last year. He’s got potential and a good arm but he has a lot to get better at before I’d compare him favorably to Longoria or Machado. Solid in 2012, bad in 2013.

      • Erin Carr 2 years ago

        First of all those stats are brought down due to the fact Lawrie played a decent amount of second base in 2013. His range factor in 2012 was the second highest in all of baseball……..

        • Erin Carr 2 years ago

          That’s usually not considered ” average”

        • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

          “A decent amount of second base in 2013.” He played 6 games there and 103 at 3B. I seriously doubt those 6 games are going to skew his overall numbers. Go to baseball reference and look exclusively at his 3B numbers for 2013. I stand by my statement that he was average at best last year. 2012 showed he has potential to be very good, but that was one season and he took a step backwards in 2013. Oh, by the way, when his range factor was 2nd highest Lawrie also committed the most errors of any 3B in the AL.

          • Erin Carr 2 years ago

            Dude his range factor in 2012 was 5th best in the league…… And please don’t use errors to make your point. Players with great range make more errors because they make more plays….. Simple logic dude. I actually don’t have a problem with you believing that Longoria or Macahado had better defensive seasons in 2013 but please don’t act like Brett Lawrie has average range………

          • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

            So where was he last year?
            The lgRFG for 3B was 2.50 in 2013.
            Lawrie’s RFG was….wait for it….2.50.
            That says he’s average.

          • Erin Carr 2 years ago

            link to baseball-reference.com 5th in range factor during 2013……

      • Erin Carr 2 years ago

        He also came second to Beltre in the 2012 fielding bible awards…… Like I said Machado’s great but Longoria and Lawrie are just as good

        • OhthePossibilities 2 years ago

          Are you sure you didn’t fill that red cup a few too many times?

    • FOmeOLS 2 years ago

      Andrelton Simmons is Machado’s equal.
      The other guys are not. No offense to great players. But Beltre, Lawrie and Longoria are not close to what Machado has done. YouTube “Machado 2013 defense”

      • Erin Carr 2 years ago

        You have obviously not seen Lawrie play, google his name and you’ll find that he makes plenty of highlight reel plays that are just as good as anything Machado’s ever done

      • Erin Carr 2 years ago

        Simmons is a shortstop……..

        • FOmeOLS 2 years ago

          Yes but those are the two greatest defenders in MlB. Simmons is the only one who is in the same league as Manny

  9. Joe Orsatti 2 years ago

    The Os have a kid who they just got in November names Johnny Monell who will be competing with Clevenger for back – up catcher. Look at his on base numbers in winter league. He’s doing great. I think in the next year or so, he can be an excellent man off the bench or at DH because not only can he get on base, he has good power as well.

    • 123Redsox 2 years ago

      Who else played in that winter league? I mean, the fact that he got on base and showed power means not much if he was doing it against sing A players. But if he was going up against guys such as joba chamberlain and Joba was truly trying to get him out, then this Monell kid could perhaps be a legit option perhaps like you think he will be.

    • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

      Monell has more options than Clevenger. Unless he blows up in ST, he’ll start the season in Norfolk.

  10. Wek 2 years ago

    At the end of the day, the O’s will get what they want, and that is to sign no one. Feel bad for O’s fans.

  11. LInkcat 2 years ago

    Brett the lightning rod Lawrie disagrees

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