Mets Still Talking Ike Davis With Brewers, O’s, Pirates

The Ike Davis rumor mill has calmed down as the holiday season has set in, but Mike Puma of the New York Post provides an update (Twitter link). The Mets remain in contact with the Brewers, Pirates and Orioles regarding Davis, but the team has been unsuccessful in its efforts to pry top pitching prospect Eduardo Rodriguez away from Baltimore.

That the Mets are interested in Rodriguez is no surprise, but neither is the fact that the Orioles won't deal him for Davis. Rodriguez, a 20-year-old left-hander, posted a combined 3.41 ERA with 7.8 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9 in 145 innings between Class-A Advanced and Double-A in 2013. His numbers took a hit upon reaching Double-A (4.22 ERA in 59 2/3 innings), but that isn't all that alarming when considering the fact that he was one of the youngest players in the league. The average age of pitchers in the Eastern League, for context, was 24.6. Hitters in the Eastern League had an average age of 24.4.

This isn't the first time Rodriguez's name has appeared on the rumor mill, as the Twins reportedly asked for the lefty in exchange for Josh Willingham when the Orioles claimed Willingham on waivers in August.'s Jonathan Mayo currently ranks Rodriguez as baseball's No. 85 prospect, and ESPN's Keith Law ranked him No. 44 in his midseason Top 50 prospect list in July (Insider required). Baseball America ranks him third among O's prospects — behind Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman — noting in their subscription-only scouting report that he has the ceiling of a No. 3 starter.

In short, Rodriguez is a lofty asking price for Mets GM Sandy Alderson when peddling Davis to other clubs — higher than his reported asking price of Tyler Thornburg from the Brewers. Davis is projected by MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz to earn $3.5MM in 2014 and can be controlled through the 2016 season.

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  1. Sampsonite168 2 years ago

    Why not try to package Ike with other players/prospects for an SS? I know the old adage “you can never have enough pitching” but you need at least SOME offense.

    • Ben Berkon 2 years ago

      Which shortstop do you suggest?

      • Freddie Morales 2 years ago

        Starlin Castro

        • MLBfan 2 years ago

          And where exactly would Ike Davis play on the Cubs?

        • Tko11 2 years ago

          Not gonna lie I’d be intrigued about Castro if the Cubs are willing to deal him for one of the Mets pitching prospects. His value is pretty low after last season and he it seems like he could use a change of scenery.

          • schaddy24 2 years ago

            I would agree that its something to consider if the Mets are offering pitching prospects, but they are talking about Ike Davis. No way Theo does that.

      • Noah Baron 2 years ago

        Yunel Escobar or Hak Ju Lee would have made sense until the Rays got Loney

        • PileOfSandwich 2 years ago

          Right, because IKE DAVIS, is worth either of those guys.

        • SportsLover 2 years ago

          Well, the Marlins only received minor league 2B Derek Dietrick for Escobar. I would say Ike is as good as Dietrick, certainly.

    • Loody 2 years ago

      I think the plan is to use Davis to get a top pitching prospect so the Mets would then be more willing to deal one of their pitchers for a SS.

      • Tko11 2 years ago

        What SS can they possibly trade for?

        • Loody 2 years ago

          Maybe one of the D’backs SS

        • SpaceOwl 2 years ago

          The question is which one they should, not what can they. There’s Jed Lowrie, there’s the logjam of D-backs SS, etc;

          • Tko11 2 years ago

            I would hope if they are going to trade one of their really good pitching prospects they aim higher than Jed Lowrie, Gregorius, or Owings. Lowrie has a great bat for SS but his dWAR last year was -1.5 which is scary. I do think they can use his bat in their lineup but would not trade one of those pitching prospects for him.

        • Stoibs 2 years ago

          Nick Franklin. He’s available for the right price.

  2. Ben Berkon 2 years ago

    I like what Sandy is doing. He shouldn’t give away Ike Davis, especially given his strong second half last season.

    • brewersfan729 2 years ago

      But you can’t overlook how awful he’s been in the 1st half either.

      • Ben Berkon 2 years ago

        Totally. But the Mets have so few tradeable assets (or rather, assets that they should trade), that Sandy should only get something worthwhile if Ike gets the boot.

        • Koop87 2 years ago

          Ike gets the boot?! Don’t you remember what happened the ast time Ike got the boot?!?!

    • John Herling 2 years ago

      Sandy will soon discover that he can only keep Ike or give him away, unless he’s part of a package.

  3. snowbladerp14 2 years ago

    not giving up rodriguez for davis no way no how

    • Wexlerrules 2 years ago

      It’s not going to happen.

      • snowbladerp14 2 years ago

        i mean if he was a free agent this point in the season I am offering him a contract but Orioles cant afford to give away young pitching unless its for premier talent and Ike Davis does not fit the category

        • MetsDieHard4Life 2 years ago

          He certainly fit the category when he hit 32 home runs and had 90 rbis. Thats not ages ago buddy

          • snowbladerp14 2 years ago

            still only got on base at a .308 clip. The Orioles dont have a lack of ability to hit HRs they lack the ability to get on base

          • SpaceOwl 2 years ago

            Watching him play last year makes me doubt he’ll ever hit that again, he’s a head case who swings at anything. At this point I’d like to just get rid of him to save salary space for FAs.

          • wkkortas 2 years ago

            I assume you saw him last year, which also wasn’t ages ago.

          • basemonkey 2 years ago

            Os have a 1B in Davis and lots of HRs. They’d take a DH type, but they won’t deal their last needed piece (starting pitching) unless it’s a really great piece.

    • leowalter 2 years ago

      Or Tyler Thornburgh or Nick Kingham. But you can’t blame Alderson for trying,can you ?

  4. Mcgrupp81 2 years ago

    The Mets don’t have leverage. The Mets have too many 1B and Davis is going to make $3 million+ this year. The Mets don’t want to pay for another Davis slow start. They may be able to get a project of their own with a trade but not a prospect. The Orioles, Brewers, and Pirates aren’t stupid. They have scouts who know how messed up Davis’ swing is and it’s no guarantee that Davis can elevate his game and at least put up a .250 average.

  5. JOSH 2 years ago

    Here’s how this thread will go…

    Orioles Fans: “Sandy Alderson is a crazy person”
    Mets Fans: “Beltran for Wheeler…Dickey for D’Arnaud and Syndegaard” – Drops the mic and walks away

    • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

      Big difference is those players were really good…and two extremely desperate teams. None of the three above are all that desperate.

      …Davis is way different than those 2 and aren’t comparable at all.

      • cjr45 2 years ago

        Exactly what I wanted to say thank you.

      • greggofboken 2 years ago

        Check Dickey’s past. How low is/was the basement on him? No harm in a high asking price right now. The only other strong option out there right now is Morales. Worst case is the Mets wait until ST then discount him if nothing materializes. No foul here.

        • basemonkey 2 years ago

          If it goes on that long, he’s not quite DFA material, but he could be one of those guys who gets buried somewhere to buy time for a trade. His age and proximity to free agency just doesn’t make him worth any good prospects. No one is going to give up, say, 6-12 controllable high potential years for a guy who has his blemishes.

      • metsman 2 years ago

        Sure, and the players Sandy is asking for aren’t comparable to Wheeler or Darno, so it’s relative. I would agree they are a bit audacious asking prices from Sandy, and I think that’s everyone’s point, however that doesn’t mean it’s not a good asking price. Just wait. I bet whatever he gets, you and I will agree, is too much.

        • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

          Of course I’d give them Mike Fiers as I think Like Davis is nearly worthless….with some hopeful potential.

          • calamityfrancis 2 years ago

            More like Dislike Davis.

    • wkkortas 2 years ago

      He’s not crazy, but it seems the Mets are trying to trade Ike Davis for the sake of trading Ike Davis, and you usually end up with a lousy deal when you’re focusing on who you’re trading instead of the return

      • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

        Price will come down as we all know the Mets want to trade Davis and are pushing hard to do it…Alderson won’t get what he is asking.

        • JOSH 2 years ago

          …and Cano will never get 10 years. It only takes one team. If Sandy has taught Mets fans anything it’s that he’s very good at finding that one team.

  6. BradyAndersonsSideburns 2 years ago

    How about you send Ike and Murphy and we can figure something out, thanks

  7. Joe Orsatti 2 years ago

    What is so appealing about Davis. He hit 209 last season with 9 long balls and everybody is calling him a good trade option.

    • JOSH 2 years ago

      B/C he hit 32 homers the year before and somewhere buried deep down is a really good baseball player. Teams always look for low risk high reward players i.e. Chris Davis. Ike fits that bill rather well

      • btharveyku08 2 years ago

        While true, low-risk suggests NOT having to trade a starter for him. Uehara for Davis and Hunter is not at all the same thing as wanting Thornburg.

      • disadvantage 2 years ago

        Except, if Eduardo Rodriguez is the starting point, it is by no means a low risk.

        • JOSH 2 years ago

          The idea the Alderson won’t be able to get anything of value for Davis b/c of the “9 homers” isn’t necessarily true. Davis has some value. Is it Rodriguez? We’ve seen Sandy do some pretty amazing things with players that have limited value. Rodriguez is the starting point. I doubt he will be the end point, but like I said, Sandys track record is pretty solid.

          • mstrchef13 2 years ago

            You’re right, in a sense. If the Mets can’t get anything of value for Ike, it won’t be for the lack of HRs. It will be because of the putrid average and exceedingly high K rate.

          • disadvantage 2 years ago

            Sandy has done some magic for sure (Giants fan here, STILL bitter over Zack Wheeler), and I for one believe Ike Davis is a way better ballplayer than his 9 HR’s (and even .205 avg) suggest. At the end of the day though, there is still a level of risk involved, and a hypothetical trade involving Rodriguez only increases that.

            That said, I agree that it doesn’t hurt Sandy to at least entertain the idea.

      • basemonkey 2 years ago

        What does it mean to offer a trade to the team who has Chris Davis for the next Chris Davis? Ike isn’t Davis. Davis had a nutty minorleague career

  8. Justin Timberpond 2 years ago

    I would like it if the Brewers got him (some Chris Davis potential in a new home?) BUT I hope that they DO NOT part with Thornburg for him straight up. If they want Thornburg, why not make them take Weeks semi-expensive contract also? Thornburg and Weeks for Ike and Daniel Murphy? Then trade Aramis for prospects or pitching and plug in Murphy at 3rd…?

    • Justin Timberpond 2 years ago

      If you compare Ike and Chris Davis’ year by year production, it’s almost identical. Some terrible seasons with 1 early very good season.

      Opening Day lineup could be –
      Lucroy, Ike, Scooter, Segura, Murphy, Braun, Gomez, Khris Davis.
      Gallardo, Lohse, Peralta, Estrada (who is underrated) and then a 5th (Gorzelanny, Fiers, Hiram Burgos, Jimmy Nelson fight it out during Spring Training)

      • Justin Timberpond 2 years ago

        Batting order –
        Segura, Murphy, Braun, Gomez, Lucroy, Ike, Khris Davis, Scooter, then the pitcher.

        Again, decent

      • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

        They won’t trade Ramirez…it wouldn’t make a ton of sense as they’d get nothing with his contract so expensive.

        • Guest 2 years ago

          Read my initial post.

          Hypothetically thinking about a Thornburg/Weeks for Ike/Murphy swap. With then an Aramis trade

        • Justin Timberpond 2 years ago

          I’m sure they could find a taker as long as the Crew would cover some of the remaining $$$ on his contract.

    • If you think the price of Ike is too much, Murphy’s is MUCH MUCH higher. I don’t see the Mets trading both unless you include Segura. It’s crazy I know, but the Mets seriously love Murphy that much.

  9. Tommets 2 years ago

    I really want Flores to be our 1st baseman. They need to have him there throughout all of Spring Training. If he’s not ready to play 1st yet then start him out at AAA. If he has the work ethic he should be able to play 1st. His size isn’t fit for 2nd or SS. He’ll be a great 2 or 6 hitter and could potentially put up some power numbers as he continues to fill out. Keep Ike so he can teach and sort of mentor Flores at 1st defensively. Duda/Satin could get traded for bullpen help.

    • jjs91 2 years ago

      Flores doesn’t have the bat for first base.

      • Tommets 2 years ago

        Are you trying to imply that all first basemen have to be pure power hitters with mid .200 average? I’d like to point out a 1st baseman his name is James Loney. Now, Loney isn’t the biggest (when I say big I mean filled out) guy by any means. He’s tall and on the skinnier side. Loney hit 13 HRs last season. That is considered very little for a 1st baseman. Yet, he was one of the better offensive 1st baseman and I believe one of the most under rated. I’m not saying Flores is one of the best hitters in the big league or anything like that by any means. However, he can fit very well in this lineup and has no set position. He’s not fit for middle infield or outfield. That leaves 3rd and I don’t have to explain anything about that position and 1st. He is a great pure bat and I think he is capable of hitting at least double digits in HRs. I say we try him out at 1st and next year we get a pure power outfielder. You don’t need to do everything by the book.

        • jjs91 2 years ago

          “Yet, he was one of the better offensive 1st baseman and I believe one of the most under rated.” He was about average, and that was his only decent year in a while.

        • Ruben_Tomorrow 2 years ago

          Loney is a great defender at first. Typically, guys that don’t hit home runs at first base have a lot of range at the position. Flores has none, and is it any surprise that the Mets never talk about Flores? They don’t see him as apart of their future (or at least not in a large role). I could see the Mets trying to package him in a deal.

  10. arthur3 2 years ago

    Ike Davis, he with a $3.5 million – $4 million in 2014 salary, is projected as a part-time player because of his horrendous batting-line against left hand pitching . Ike Davis, coming off 2013 with a .205 BA, 1 home run of every 45 at bats, and almost 1 strikeout for every 3 at bats, Alderson can’t be blamed for asking a high price for Davis if the market dictates it, but teams like Brewers, Pirates, and Orioles will find better alternatives (at a lower cost in prospects and/or money) elsewhere if the asking price is “out of whack” with the market- as Alderson currently is.

    • metsman 2 years ago

      The Mets aren’t shopping him on his recent performance and no team wants him for it, it’s all based on rather you believe he has potential, or that his first two seasons were the real Davis and the last two are a result of Valley Fever…and furthermore, that he will just suddenly not be afflicted now . I wish some of my fellow Met fans were rival GM’s, because they seem to think that he will reemerge for the simple fact that they want him too…..

      All I have to say is Connor Jackson…their respective MLB trajectories couldn’t be much similar both situationally and statistically, and if they will finish the same way Ike is due for two unsuccessful cups of coffee on different teams and subsequent early retirement. That Valley Fever is some scary stuff.

    • leowalter 2 years ago

      You mean a better alternative like a Mitch Moreland ?

    • mstrchef13 2 years ago

      The O’s intentionally jettisoned most of their high strikeout players at the end of 2012 (most notably Reynolds and Andino). I think taking on Ike would put them back in the swing and miss mode.

  11. The guy I can see the Orioles actually being excited about is Daniel Murphy and not Ike Davis. Ike has potential yes, but he’s been atrocious recently. Murphy is a better player and he could play a position where the Orioles need. Yup 3B. Machado’s home has always been SS, and it will be in the future. Trading for Murphy allows you to slot both he and Machado at their regular positions. Oh and the Mets are desperate for SS?? Welcome to Queens J.J. Hardy.

    Now Murphy is not enough for Hardy. But I wonder if the Orioles make that trade if Mets send along a SP prospect of the deGrom ilk, and maybe one more filler prospect. The Mets get a SS, and the Orioles lock up the left side of their INF, and add a pitching prospect.

    • KJ4realz 2 years ago

      Mets wouldn’t want a SS on a one year deal

      • They presently have nothing they can count on at SS. Hardy gives them a huge improvement for 2013 and a negotiating window for his next contract. Also, the fact that they only want Drew on a 1-2 year deal makes me think they will gladly take one year of Hardy.

    • Bonzi77 2 years ago

      Orioles fans love Hardy. The Angelos regime doesn’t trade popular players, regardless of their contract situation. They’d rather the guy left for nothing in a year so they can blame him for being the one who decided to leave.

      • I get that. but all it takes is one team willing to overpay for them to budge on that. Let’s say the Mets offer Murphy and Montero for Hardy, you think they still say no??

    • calamityfrancis 2 years ago

      How about Flores of the Mets. He’s a natural 3B, he’s MLB ready and has a great bat.

      • Personally I love Flores, but if he’s enough to do Hardy, you have to make that move. Most likely though Murphy and Flores stay and Ike goes. I’m just hoping for a good return for Ike.

        • calamityfrancis 2 years ago

          Wouldn’t be Murph and Flores as one of them would have to start at 2B for the Mets next year.

    • Emmanuel 2 years ago

      As a mets fan, i’d trade Murphy and Ike for JJ Hardy.
      The only thing that would make me hesitant is that Hardy is a free agent next year…

      • I don’t think they’d take Murphy and Ike, i think it’s one or the other. And with Murphy’s value being higher, in theory he can get you more. Now if they’re that sold on Ike, the teams would’ve found common ground by now you’d think.

  12. TL 2 years ago

    I still think Jeff Locke should be able to get it done. He was lucky in the first half and fairly unlucky in the second half last year. He isn’t really an all star but he is not a bad option as the 4th/5th starter.

    Edit: If I’m the Pirates, I’d add Chase D’Arnaud to the deal if necessary.

    • Opti-Mets-tic 2 years ago

      I’d say you’re probably right. It seems to be a pretty “fair” trade. But, the Mets kinda have to feel that one out, and see if they can’t get more first. It’s not really the type of trade you pull the trigger on right now. You’ve gotta make absolutely certain the Brewers wouldn’t give up more first.
      I think by the end of it all, this is the type of trade that happens. And, Davis isn’t a Met by the end of January.

      • TL 2 years ago

        Bucs fans seem to be split on Locke’s future with the club. I’d say his value probably lies elsewhere given that the Bucs are currently slated to go with a rotation of Liriano, Cole, Morton, Volquez, and Rodriguez (with Taillon most likely on the way by mid-season).

        Also, I know the Mets want Kingham. I think he’s an awful lot for the Pirates to give up. For all of their prospects, the Bucs will need to build their future rotations out of the minors if they hope to spend big bucks signing guys like Alvarez to long-term deals. They will only remain competitive (without a payroll increase – which isn’t happening) if guys like Taillon, Kingham, and Glasnow are a part of the rotation over the next few years.

        • wkkortas 2 years ago

          I agree; Davis is too much of a high-risk, high-reward gamble to give up someone with Kingham’s potential for–and, frankly, I don’t think I trade Locke even-up for Davis.

  13. FOmeOLS 2 years ago

    Scary thing about this situation is that the orioles do not need a first baseman. They already have one of the best in the game.
    Why would they want Ike Davis unless they’re considering trading Chris Davis???
    What a scary thought.

    • calamityfrancis 2 years ago


      • Emmanuel 2 years ago

        I think in that case Chris would be the DH instead of Ike i assume?

        • snowbladerp14 2 years ago

          no way Davis played gold glove caliber 1st base last year

          • Emmanuel 2 years ago

            To tell you the truth i dont know much about CD’s defense but Ike is a great defensive player, coming from a mets fan. Its his hitting that needs improvement

          • snowbladerp14 2 years ago

            I believe Davis came in 2-3rd for the gold glove last year for whatever thats worth

          • Spit Ball 2 years ago

            not much

    • leowalter 2 years ago

      Because the Orioles won’t be able to re-sign Davis.

  14. wsj217 2 years ago

    Can the Mets please sign Ubaldo Jimenez, he has so much upside. It would solidify the rotation with Harvey being out for the year and it would show they are trying to contend.

    • snowbladerp14 2 years ago

      id prefer arroyo or burnett if they can convince him to pitch. Jimenez has some scary bad years in Cleveland and will command a huge 4-5 year contract.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

      Jimenez’s upside is greatly diminished by his high asking price

  15. Matt Kase 2 years ago

    Rodriguez isn’t going anywhere, look at his career mark of 14hrs in over 360 innings pitched. The dude will be the O’s #2 by 2016

  16. Freddie Morales 2 years ago

    Trade Ike to get whatever pitching prospects you can get. Then trade Murphy, Montero and DeGrom to the cubs for Castro. Sign Dice k, Sizemore, and Balfour and mets have a pretty good team. Now only if Duda were good.

    • mstrchef13 2 years ago

      You assume that (a) Matsuzaka can still be effective, (b) Sizemore is healthy, and (c) the Cubs are willing to part with Castro. I really don’t see any of those things being true,

      • Freddie Morales 2 years ago

        I assume dice K is an insurance policy over the current mets starters. Sizemore is low risk high reward. He is better option than DenDecker n capt Kirk. And I think cubs would be willing to trade Castro for the right offer considering 2 of their top prospects are SS. They get a huge offensive upgrade at 2B, get pitching prospects that they don’t have while dealing from position of strength.

  17. Hockeydude99 2 years ago

    Hate to say but that was a silly offet to the O’s who dont need a 1st baseman; especially one who is lacking production as this guy.

  18. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

    Since Peter Angelos is involved the day to day again
    I will gamble that this trade won’t happen.
    One reason being Angelos doesn’t know Ike Davis from Ike Turner.
    Two even if he did, he’s been hurt. Angelos doesn’t like injured players.
    Three O’s really aren’t compatible with the Mets, I mean why give up Rodriguez when a.) he has never been injured b.) two he isn’t in need of a change of scenery.
    Ike Davis needs a change of scenery, if the O’s had a player, who could offer someone like Ike, then we could cut a deal, but alas we don’t so….
    Bottom line is the O’s won’t do a blessed thing this off-season. They are done!

  19. Mike Adamson 2 years ago

    I just don’t understand how the Mets feel that they can land a top pitching prospect for Ike Davis? He was terrible last year. Why would any team be willing to move a top 100 prospect for this guy? Am I missing the value here?

  20. Jacob Holton 2 years ago

    The Brewers to me wouldn’t make much since Juan Francisco is a lefty. If he goes to Baltimore I could see Mike Belfiore going to New York. If he goes to Pittsburgh I could see Brandon Cumpton and a minor league SS going to New York. He would be a DH in Baltimore and a partner against righties in Pittsburgh with Gaby Sanchez against lefties. The Mets then upgrade their bullpen and save $3 million to help other needs.

  21. jmo 2 years ago

    it’s a Orioles top pitching prospect….With their history he will be a bust. They haven’t had a successful pitching prospect since…..well Mussina, Ponson?

  22. Robert Wilhelm 2 years ago

    Should Pittsburgh be more interested in Davis, Moreland, or Lind?

  23. Rick Eger 2 years ago

    Between Pedro and Davis the Bucs would be looking at 500 strikeouts.

  24. SpaceOwl 2 years ago

    Even as a Mets fan, this made me laugh cause it’s true.

  25. calamityfrancis 2 years ago

    That’s what everyone said before he landed wheeler for beltran…and then d’arnaud and syndergaard for RA Dickey…

  26. MetsDieHard4Life 2 years ago

    Hes only being the smartest GM weve ever had. How can you not see the brains behind the trades hes made to date. I dont understand why people knock Sandy hes done a phenomenal job

  27. MetsDieHard4Life 2 years ago

    But yea he is probably getting laughed at lol

  28. greggofboken 2 years ago

    Both Wheeler for Beltran and d’Arnaud/Syndergaard/Becerra for Dickey/Thole/Nickeas were viewed as substantial overpays as well….but they all happened. (How low is/was the basement on Dickey.) No issues with a high asking price right now. Worst case scenario is they can discount him deeply in spring training if nothing materializes. At this point who else is out there? Morales…and no one’s taking at his asking price.

  29. metsman 2 years ago

    Not so fast; the last trade he made he got a rookie reliever who throws 99 MPH and a top 10 second baseman prospect for a month of a 39 year old coming off a PED suspension. His FA allocations can be questionable, but over the past few years, he’s up there with the best GM’s in the game with his trading track record. What he gets for Davis will make you eat your words.

  30. Mil8Ball 2 years ago

    The problem trying to find someone to overpay is how low the basement on Davis is and how bad he has shown he can be. No one wants to take a risk on a guy who could be totally worthless…to the point he is so bad he cant even be on the bench. If his down stats were more average to where a GM is confident he can at least be an everyday player Anderson could get a decent prospect.

    The upside isnt worth the risk in this situation…the fact you could get a player with iffy power and an AVG. Of .200 is just not warranting a good prospect.

  31. Matt Talbert 2 years ago

    IDK man. They already have Rizzo and an elite 1b prospect behind him. They already found difficult to deal him. Why would Baltimore trade for him (they haven’t any need)?

  32. wkkortas 2 years ago

    But if the Mets aren’t getting anyone to take the bait for Ike, why would the Cubs trade an All-Star caliber shortstop in a deal where Ike is the centerpiece?

  33. Mil8Ball 2 years ago

    Haha eat my words? No I highly doubt it…I will be waiting though.

  34. snowbladerp14 2 years ago

    I misread the original post I thought this discussion was about which pitcher the orioles should sign

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