Brewers Close To Signing Mark Reynolds

6:27pm:'s Adam McCalvy tweets that the Brewers are looking at Reynolds to be their everyday first baseman. Rosenthal adds in a followup tweet that the deal is expected to be a minor league contract.

5:50pm: The Brewers are close to signing Reynolds, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

5:46pm: The Brewers are making a push to sign corner infielder Mark Reynolds, and he's leaning toward signing with Milwaukee, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports (Twitter link). The Beverly Hills Sports Council client could help the Brewers address their first base need.

Reynolds was said yesterday to be weighing offers with the intent to sign in the near future, though the Brewers are a bit of a surprising destination. The most recent reports on Reynolds indicated that the Orioles, Twins, Yankees, Nationals and Rangers were the most interested parties.

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  1. alexamato 1 year ago

    Man sometimes Bob Melvin confuses me. It’ll be a good signing if its a 1 year/4mil or less. If not, Brew fans will be upset over the loss of Hart. Questionable move, if it happens

    • SumatranRatMonkey 1 year ago

      The dollar figures only truly matter if it’s going to stop them from doing anything else. Even if it’s 1/6 like his contract last year it’ll be fine. Not much left after Hart and Loney signed.

    • AaronAngst 1 year ago

      Especially confusing: When Bob Melvin puts on a bushy mustache and parades around as Brewers GM “Doug” Melvin.

    • Dbacksfan44 1 year ago

      The Brewers GM is Doug Melvin, the A’s manager is Bob Melvin

      • alexamato 1 year ago

        my bad guys. Didn’t realized I wrote Bob Melvin!

  2. ray_derek 1 year ago

    Gross. But brewer fans will be happy because Doug Melvin is great.

  3. Brendan Haglund 1 year ago

    Well… It’s better than Yuni or Juan Francisco. Depending on how much, this really isn’t that awful. (See: “Not awful”, not good, great, alright, or encouraging)

    • And don’t forget Alex Gonzalez coming off his injury. Somehow even worse than Yuni.

  4. jarek redman 1 year ago

    He’ll hit 35 bombs. And strike out 220 times. As a platoon player. With, rumor has it, Bob Hamelin. The 1993 ROY.

  5. Ben Zautner 1 year ago

    So Doug Melvin wanted Juan Francisco from both sides of the plate?

  6. Eric Droegemeier 1 year ago

    So much for the Carp to Milwaukee rumors. Looks like if Boston deals Carp it will be to Pittsburgh.

    • davbee 1 year ago

      The Sox want too much for Carp.

      • Eric Droegemeier 1 year ago

        For a bench guy who posted a 1.2 WAR in just 243 plate appearances, I don’t think they’re asking too much.

        • jjs91 1 year ago

          Carp has played baseball for more than one year.

        • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

          Coming off the bench is way different than starting.

      • dc21892 1 year ago

        They’re asking fair value for what he showed last year.

  7. davbee 1 year ago

    Mark Reynolds -0.3 WAR in 2013, Juan Francisco -0.7 WAR. Reynolds is an improvement, but not much of one.

    • Sage 1 year ago

      You must be using a different site than I do. Using FanGraphs, Reynolds came out to 0.4 WAR, while Francisco put up a -1.3 WAR, to go along with Yuniesky Betancourt’s -1.8, Alex Gonzalez’s -1.1 (before he got hurt), and Sean Halton’s precisely 0.0. But, either way you slice it, Reynolds is definitely an upgrade over the historically bad performance we received last year, and he’s probably a nice stop-gap to Hunter Morris in 2015 or even later this season.

      • davbee 1 year ago

        I use Baseball Reference.

        • Sage 1 year ago

          Gotcha. I figured as much. Either way, both pretty much show the difference. Honestly, I’m just happy we got an upgrade (however little it may be) without trading away prospects.

  8. Ben Zautner 1 year ago

    I think he’s only been on the disabled list once in his career. The dollar figures will be the deciding factor for me whether I like this or not.

  9. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    I think they are getting a deal.
    If the Brewers Hitting Coach can have some sort of Vulcan Mind Meld and get Mark to poke the ball the other way when he is slumping. He could hit .280 and easily have at least 20 home-runs.

    • Brendan Haglund 1 year ago

      Segura, Gomez, and Gennett all flourished under Johnny Narron last year (Both has “career” years). Why not Reynolds? … Right?

      • buckybone 1 year ago

        Gennett was a rookie, Segura was in his first full year (and cratered in the second half).

    • jarek redman 1 year ago

      .280?!? Is he hitting beach balls for all 162 games?

    • buckybone 1 year ago

      Last time he hit above .240 was…2009, which was the last time he was better than a 1 WAR player. 20 HR could easily happen (he got 21 last year, and hasn’t gotten under 20 since 2007 when he didn’t get called up until mid-May), but he’s a .220 player who’s going to strike out 150+ times.

  10. GrilledCheese39 1 year ago

    Most strikeouts and home runs in a platoon between Reynolds and Francisco?

  11. Justin Timberpond 1 year ago

    Reynolds vs lefties and Francisco vs righties will be better than Halton/Francisco.

    Needs to be a 1 year contract… obviously

  12. So the Brewers got Ike Davis after all.

  13. disqus_DjdJQeM9Da 1 year ago

    they already signed him like an hour ago post it already

  14. Mike1L 1 year ago

    How does he get to be “their everyday first baseman” and “on a minor league contract?” You would think he could do a little better?

    • buckybone 1 year ago

      Pretty much everyone else is looking at him as a bench bat. Brewers are the only ones offering him consistent playing time.

      • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

        He will have to earn that time though…he could easily go to the bench as they have a lot of comparable players. Then if Hunter Morris starts of well at AAA he could also lose it then too.

  15. Mike 1 year ago

    I’m gonna make a bold call… Reynolds doesn’t make it to opening day and someone like Halton or Morris gets the starting nod after a very good spring.

    • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

      Sean Halton? People always talk about him and I don’t get it. His stats are awful and provides little upside. Honestly I would start or platoon Fransico with Reynolds in the 8th spot for power before I’d ever consider Halton.

      • Mike 1 year ago

        Halton showed some good bat work in his short time in the majors. He may be a hardly known prospect but at this point, any Brewers prospect is a hardly known prospect. I think Halton can be like a Khris Davis kinda player if he accepts first as his position and his bat continues to develop.

        • Byrontastic 1 year ago

          Although He has value as a outfield reserve too. The Brewers OF is deep at this point, but it might help him onto the 25-man roster at some point.

          • Mike 1 year ago

            I see how cheap this contract really is and now I think Reynolds may be worth keeping. I can envision Ramirez being the odd man out now, shifting Reynolds to third and flipping Aramis for some prospects should Halton or Morris emerge as the bat they hoped they’d be in spring training.

  16. GoRav114 1 year ago

    It seems like a bad idea to have him playing first base every day but over the course of a season Brewers fans will see that Reynolds is a good ballplayer. Of course he strikes out way to much but he also walks a lot, sees a lot of pitches, can hit homeruns and can even carry a team on his back for a couple of weeks. If he can lessen or eliminate those periods of time where he is just terrible he could do well. I’m sure the defensive metrics aren’t good but he had a reputation for his toe work and good defense at first over a full season in Baltimore before Chris Davis took over.

    Do not let him play 3rd ever, eww that was bad.

  17. Matlock 1 year ago

    what else do the brewers’ fans expect? There is nothing out there at 1B. Morales? pass; costs a draft pick and primarily a DH. ike davis? pass; not worth good young starting pitching. hunter morris? pass; not ready as his AAA ops under .800 proves that. I really dont see the drawback of this signing; classic low risk, high reward scenario. and reynolds has a good eye, evident by his career obp vs his career ave.

    • I don’t know about other Brewer fans, but I was personally hoping they’d sign Reynolds for quite a while (since Hart left). Like you mentioned; absolutely no point in giving up prospects/picks for a minor upgrade when they aren’t likely to compete and need to reload the farm. Just the replacement of Yuni/Alex Gonzalez, Maldonado, etc with Reynolds will improve production immensely at 1B, and the signing should, knock on wood, remove any thought of resigning Yuni.

  18. First Bleed 1 year ago

    Welcome back Rob Deer!

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