Mark Reynolds Weighing Offers, Expected To Sign Soon

Free agent corner infielder/designated hitter Mark Reynolds has several offers in hand and is likely to take one by the end of the week, tweets Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post. As Kilgore notes, the Nationals are among the teams to have expressed interest in the slugging 30-year-old. 

Last we heard, the Nats were joined by four other teams that were in on Reynolds: the Rangers, Twins, Orioles, and Yankees. Though Reynolds was let go by the Indians after a rough .215/.307/.373 triple-slash over his first 384 plate appearances of 2013, he was better upon joining the Yankees. In 120 plate appearances for New York, Reynolds slashed .236/.300/.455.

Reynolds has prodigious power, having hit at least twenty home runs over the last six seasons. But with that strength comes a tendency to swing and miss; Reynolds has led the league in K's in four of his seven seasons. Reynolds has also graded out poorly as a fielder as well, though his baserunning metrics see him as average in that regard. It is worth noting, also, that Reynolds has a relatively minor career platoon split (.777 OPS and 147 home runs vs. righties; .834 OPS and 55 home runs vs. lefties).

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  1. Natsfan89 2 years ago

    So what would they do with Tyler Moore? Back to AAA?

    • teddy 2 years ago

      don’t think that the nats will sign reynolds, he is a DH through and through and if he plays on an AL team he will get 400-500 AB compared to the 200 the nats would give him, so if i was Moore i wouldn’t worry about Reynolds taking his spot.

      • Natsfan89 2 years ago

        I agree. I found the rumor odd when first reported and still do for the reasons you said. I know T-Mo and Scott Hairston fill the same role on the bench more or less, but there’s no reason to get rid of him, especially for Reynolds.

    • PieroB 2 years ago

      No. Its looking more and more like a trade scenario involving Moore may be on the horizon. I look for him to land in Houston with Bo because Bo knows T-Mo has the big bat. Houston needs to offer the Nats some young catching I deem. Better would be left-handed catcher Jason Castro that I’d like to see. Maybe Luhnow goes with Max Stassi now instead of later? Given that the last time Ramos put in a full season at catcher combining AAA and the majors was three ago? Castro would be a welcome and desperately needed addition. Astros probably also like Heineman. Nats would have to fork over a catcher or two from their system tho.

      Injury concerns with Castro and a cyst on his knee that was removed and Stassi’s concussion.

    • PieroB 2 years ago

      Maybe he goes to Houston as a part of a package for Jason Castro. Keep hearing that Bo wants T-Mo.

  2. LazerTown 2 years ago

    I like the last line. The most positive thing about him is that he is an average runner?

    • Jeff_Todd_MLBTR 2 years ago

      I thought the first sentence of the paragraph — “prodigious power,” 6-straight 20 HR seasons — was also positive. But I actually found another positive as well: minimal platoon split!

      • Jason 2 years ago

        He strikes out equally well against lefties and righties!

        • Jeff_Todd_MLBTR 2 years ago

          Ha, yeah, pretty much. 29.1% K rate vs lefties and 33.6% against righties. The man just lets it rip, no matter who is on the hill.

  3. MadmanTX 2 years ago

    The Rangers already have Moreland with similar stats–don’t see we need another one.

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

    If Mark Reynolds had only the desire to hit the ball the other way consistently when slumping. He wouldn’t be in the position he is in today. In fact, he would have a MLB Bat. Instead, he is Dave Kingman type.

  5. JCCfromDC 2 years ago

    Please please please … NOT the Nationals!

  6. Bertin Lefkovic 2 years ago

    I’ll take Mark Reynolds on the Yankees. He is a serviceable option at 3B and as good as any backup 1B on the market. I would prefer Stephen Drew or Michael Young, but I would be fine with Reynolds.

    • joey 2 years ago

      your bordering on trolling with some of your comments

      • Bertin Lefkovic 2 years ago

        What did I write that could possibly constitute trolling?

    • Dave 2 years ago

      If you consider him servicable at 3B then you obviously didn’t see his time there with the O’s.

      • Bertin Lefkovic 2 years ago

        Serviceable means what it means. I would not want to see him start 150 games at the position, but if the Yankees sign him and he starts there in 62 games, starts at 1B 20-30 games, and starts at DH 20-30 games, he will help the Yankees more than he will harm them.
        That said, I would prefer to see the Yankees sign Steven Drew, play him at SS, and force Derek Jeter and his monstrous ego to play 3B, but assuming that Jeter would agree to be moved, it is not even something that the Yankees could consider until the Tanaka situation is resolved and by that time, Reynolds might have signed somewhere else, Drew would probably still not be a realistic option, and the Yankees would be stuck with Eduardo Nunez as the only alternative to Kelly Johnson at 3B, which is a risky play, because odds are that Brian Roberts is probably not going to give the Yankees more than 80-100 games at 2B, which means that they would need Johnson to play 60-80 games there, requiring Nunez et al to play at least as many games at 3B. Not good.

        Why didn’t the Yankees include Nunez in the Cliff Lee deal when they had the chance to lock him up way back when? I wonder if the Phillies would be willing to trade Lee, Jonathan Papelbon, and Jimmy Rollins to the Yankees for Nunez, Michael Pineda, and Adam Warren? To hell with keeping the 2014 payroll under $189MM.

  7. joey 2 years ago

    he would go well as a dh with the orioles he fits them well

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