West Notes: Rangers, Padres, Rockies

Rangers pitcher Tanner Scheppers has been told to arrive in Spring Training ready to both start and close following Derek Holland's knee injury, Anthony Andro of FOX Sports reports. "It opens the door for someone," Scheppers said of the injury, while noting that Colby Lewis and Robbie Ross should also be in the mix for a rotation spot. Andro also spoke with Elvis Andrus, whose 2013 double play partner of Ian Kinsler has been replaced by Jurickson Profar, and outfielder Michael Choice, whose chances of securing a starting job fell after the Shin-Soo Choo signing. Here's more from baseball's Western divisions:

  • Holland says he was told by his surgeon that he may have injured his knee several years ago without realizing it, T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com reports. "He said it just happened again," the pitcher related. Holland also explained that the injury happened on the stairs in his home while playing with his dog.
  • The Padres will have the resources to make upgrades if they're in the mix for a playoff spot after the 2014 All-Star break, club management tells Bill Center of U-T San Diego. Center opines that San Diego's 2014 season is likely to hinge on whether key players like Carlos Quentin can stay on the field. Injury concerns surround some 40 percent of the projected Opening Day roster, according to Center.
  • Earlier this evening, we heard that Rockies pitcher Tyler Chatwood changed agencies, switching from the Boras Corp. to Dan Lozano's MVP Sports.

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  1. Dynasty22 2 years ago

    Scheppers has only started 12 games while he was in the minors and none in the big leagues. Considering what has happened with Feliz and Ogando, they should just give him a definite role.

    • johnsilver 2 years ago

      Scheppers is a pretty decent 7th inning reliever (now) and has the potential to be a pretty decent 8th inning reliever in the future, but I don’t know if starting is ever going to be on his horizon. Ranger fans may be a lot more in tune than I, but it seems to me his pitch count per batter is rather high. He doesn’t have outstanding command of his pitches either, though he does have a high speed FB, is more or less a 2 pitch pitcher.

      I would not like to see another Joba Chamberlain/Danial Bard ruined reliever situation here when Texas may be on the cusp of creating a setup guy in another year or so that they can control for another 5 years and run the risk of setting him back.

      • Bcatz11 2 years ago

        Scheppers was the setup man last year and did a great job. He pitched almost exclusively in the 8th and closed when Nathan wasn’t available. In my mind he was first in line to close this year. If Feliz is indeed healthy and can regain his 2010-11 form he could win the closers role tho. Soria is another option for the 8th and 9th inning. I think Ross is the more likely to convert to a starter, but I’m not sure that is even necessary with options like Colby, ogando, Tepesh and others on the roster.

  2. wadesawko 2 years ago

    Padres rotation is looking very good. They could be very sneaky this year. Ian Kennedy and josh Johnson to pitch what they are capable of. Tyson Ross was impressive and Andrew Cashner is an ace to be. They do need an upgrade at 1B. Some one like Justin Smoak could do with a change of scenery.

    • RobbyH619 2 years ago

      Justin Smoak? No I rather keep Alonso. He may not have power but he hits for a good average and is good at first defensively. Smoak won’t benefits in petco

    • skandy1 2 years ago

      That’s sure a lot of “ifs” for a rotation that’s looking very good? Tyson Ross had won 6 games in 3 seasons while in the A’s system and finished 3-8 last yr.. As for Cashner, he’s always seemed to be more suited as a closer or reliever. A place for him to show off his 100MPH arm.

      • RobbyH619 2 years ago

        Did you really just talk about wins to indicate how well a pitcher performed? Total fail. In 125 innings Ross had a remarkable 54.9% gb rate, 3.20 fip, and performed well as a starter considering both Andrew Werner and Andy parrino aren’t helping the A’s.

        • skandy1 2 years ago

          Oh no, a saber guy…No i didn’t …and the stats you quoted get you what? They didn’t translate into wins. the A;s are stacked with pitchers. No comment on what he did in the A;s system?

      • johnnycomelately9 2 years ago

        No, you’re wrong about Cashner. Do yourself a favor and glance at his second half numbers. Ace #’s. The Padres also have Burch Smith, Robbie Erlin, and Matt Wisler competing for the 5th start and I personally would take all 3 over Ian Kennedy and Ross.

        Add to the mix Luebke, Kelly, and Wieland returning and you start to see their ok on the pitching side; also rookie Medica should hopefully push Alonso some and Blanks can even play their if they get in a pinch; they also traded Decker for local Poway star Dickerson who should be able to hit bombs at 1b but probably plays below avg defensively everywhere..

  3. phillies1102 2 years ago

    I really want to see all the crazy pundits who are mad at Holland because he played with his dog while under an MLB contract, which they could call irresponsible. The same way they were mad at Andrew Bynum for bowling during rehab.

    People need to understand that these athletes are also people. Let them have a life.

  4. PadresFan619 2 years ago

    The Padres “…will have the resources to make upgrades if they’re in the mix…”

    But will they actually do it? NOPE! That revenue-sharing money is just far too tantalizing.

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