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While there haven't been any extension talks (and won't be) between the Royals and James Shields, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports writes that it's not completely out of the question for Shields to re-sign their ace this coming offseason. However, in order to do so, the team will need to make the postseason, he adds. Royals executives have said that they might take a loss this year due to the team's record payroll, but they also believe that a postseason run could push them into the black, according to Heyman. That type of turnaround could keep them in the bidding to retain Shields, who will hit free agency entering his age-33 season.

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  1. Who are the Twins trade partners RE: Gibson? Mariners?

  2. Daniel Morairity 1 year ago

    Jeff Samardzija is still on the trade rumors and he might not be with the cubs

  3. cyberboo 1 year ago

    The Cubs asked for both Stroman and Sanchez, both pitchers Toronto will need in the future for a two year rental of Samardzija. The risk is too high and also very expensive to trade for him. The cost to acquire him does nothing to improve the teams fortunes in 2014 and guarantees them nothing in return except more wasted talent going to other teams to benefit from. Pitchers that are out of options will now start hitting the market that lost out on a rotation slot, but would also make a good 4th or 5th starter for the team. Concentrate on those, not some pitcher that you mortgage the farm to acquire that becomes a liability on team payroll and is no guarantee in the AL east. As a footnote, if the Jays could acquire him for out of options players like Sierra, Redmond, Jeffress, etc, those are the players to trade, nothing else.

    • Charles Kime 1 year ago

      Looks like GMs realize they can rob Toronto by dealing with AA, who has traded Halladay, League, Alvarez, Nicolini, and Snydergaard for very little in the way of wins at the major league level. Dickey, Morrow and Drabek have not produced for the Jays despite the hype.

  4. Jun Kim 1 year ago

    If Theo keeps asking that price I say the Shark ain’t going anywhere. Who in their right mind would give two top prospects and another prospect for him? He’s no Price, he’s no Sale, he’s no Kershaw. You give two top prospects and another prospect for an ace not a 4th starter that has 3rd starter potential.

    • Mikel Grady 1 year ago

      Same talk as theo will never get his price for dempster or garza . Look at the farm system he did pretty darn good. Those were rentals just think was he will get for a control player. There will be more arm blow outs and teams with xtra wild card trading for him and Theo’s price. He is a 15 game winner on a dodger cardinal type team. Prospects are just what ifs shark had major league stats

      • Jun Kim 1 year ago

        Don’t kid yourself please. Shark does not worth Stronman and Sanchez along with another prospect. End of discussion. Get out of here.

      • Jun Kim 1 year ago

        Jayson Parks, of Baseball Prospectus stated that Mark Stronman and Aarson Sanchez is an overpay for David Price, and if that seems like an overpay than it is an extreme overpay to give those two prospects for Samardija. Aaron Sanchez is looking very impressive throwing 97-98 mph with no runs on 13 innings. Why should we trade those two and another prospect for a 2 year rental that may never pan out in our division? Please explain me this. Samardija may get a great return but it is not going to be from Blue Jays. It doesn’t make sense, absolutely doesn’t make sense.

    • JSapp11 1 year ago

      A 4th starter.. What are you looking at…

      • Jun Kim 1 year ago

        Well if he gets traded to our team our rotation will probably be like Dickey, Burehle, Morrow, Samrdzija, and Happ or Romero. He is pitching in the National League we don’t know how he will do in the A.L East especially in our dome that is ranked 3rd in home runs scored..

  5. Larry DePaoli 1 year ago

    I don’t believe the Cubs have any intention of extending Samardzija. Finding a trade partner sooner rather than later might be prudent as his performance will likely be mediocre (at best) during the regular season. Theo has done a pretty good job of getting a lot for a little. Maybe he can pull it off again.

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