Miguel Olivo Requests Release From Dodgers

Veteran catcher Miguel Olivo has asked the Dodgers to release him after learning he would not be part of the club's trip to Australia to open the season, reports MLB.com's Tyler Emerick. The report indicates that Olivo has not yet been released, but hopes to pursue a MLB job elsewhere if he is. The Dodgers did announce they have reassigned Olivo to their minor league camp.

The 36-year-old said he would not report to minor league camp and accept a MiLB assignment, as the team has requested (the Dodgers have tweeted Olivo has been reassigned to their minor league camp). He has been battling with Drew Butera to be the team's third catcher to open the year, behind A.J. Ellis and Tim Federowicz, as the club will get to bring five additional players to Australia. Olivo, who reportedly has had a solid spring thus far, is at a disadvantage in that Butera would have to pass through waivers to be stashed in the minors.

It is not yet clear whether the Dodgers will grant the backstop's request. Olivo, who is not a Rule XX(B) free agent, apparently does not have an opt-out date until June. He went through a controversial end to his time with the Marlins last year, when he asked to be released due to lack of playing time. 

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  1. A trip to Australia is probably the last thing I’d want to do before the start of the long MLB season. The flight is brutal and the jet lag takes a few days to recover from. Beautiful country, but that doesn’t look like a good idea.

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      Right. And I doubt you really have much time since you need to still prepare for the season. Most of these guys are millionaires, they can afford to take the trip to Australia during their offseason if that’s what they want.

      • BlueSkyLA
        BlueSkyLA 1 year ago

        Some of the players (with the obvious exception of Greinke) would get a real kick out of playing in Australia, despite the grueling travel schedule. It’s a one-time opportunity. Not that Olivo would likely get that opportunity as a third-stringer, even if he was asked to make the trip. As for the release, they should give it to him. What do the Dodgers gain by forcing him to stay on? Why this request even went public is beyond me.

      • I lived in Australia for a year. While I loved the country, the jet lag completely disrupted my eating habits for a fairly long time after I got there. I’m sure they have plenty of people there to monitor that kind of stuff, it’s still a big deal.

  2. schellis 1 year ago

    Olivo did this exact same thing with the Reds last year, before he did it with the Marlins. Teams are eventually going to decide that its better to sign a backup/AAA quality catcher that isn’t a headache and his career will be over.

  3. LazerTown 1 year ago

    Must have a big ego, assuming he will make the team. Threw a fit last year about lack of playing time, yet signs a milb deal that doesn’t have an opt out until June.

  4. bigmike04 1 year ago

    Miguel need to grow up, chances of him landing spot on another team 25 man roster is slim.. He should have remember that teams dont forget the stunt that, he pulled last year with miami marlins by quiting on them during the season.. If he doesn’t have opt out claus in his contract which, I think he does have opt out as his major league service time with the new rules for mlb that was put it but if he doesn’t that dodger shouldn’t released him.. Tell him to report or retired because he not getting out his contract that he signed..

  5. Joe Xavier 1 year ago

    Hi Jeff, the last sentence of the second paragraph needs to be corrected. You typed “who has reportedly has had” regarding Olivo’s solid spring. OK job otherwise!

  6. Wek 1 year ago

    Why would Olivo not make the team as the backup catcher though? Everyone else, besides Ellis, pretty much sucks compared to Olivo (during ST and career).

  7. connfyoozed . 1 year ago

    Olivo may end up running out of bridges to burn before his “play me or release me” tour of the major leagues is all said and done.

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