Twins Still Have Offer Out To Ervin Santana

The Twins still have an offer out to free agent starting pitcher Ervin Santana, Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press writes. It's unclear how much the Twins' offer to Santana is worth. Berardino notes that, earlier in the offseason, the Twins offered Matt Garza three years and $42MM with a vesting option for a fourth year, although's Darren Wolfson tweets that the offer to Santana is significantly less. Earlier on Sunday, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported that the Twins had made a three-year deal to Santana, but that Santana preferred a one-year deal if he could not get a deal in the four-year, $50MM range.

The Twins appear to be continuing to try to upgrade a rotation that struggled in 2013. They've already added Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes on multiyear deals this offseason, while re-signing Mike Pelfrey to a two-year deal. The Twins' top 2014 draft choice, No. 5 overall, is protected, so they would only have to give up the No. 46 overall pick if they signed Santana.

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  1. Lilstackhustla 1 year ago

    Not sure how he expects to ever do any better than that.

  2. WyattStev 1 year ago

    Oh my godddd please get this deal done Twins. We’d finally have a real rotation! Give him his 14 or 15 a year for 4!

    • Sky14 1 year ago

      Why should they bid against themselves?

    • pft2 1 year ago

      Sounds like he is only looking for 12.5 per year

      • WyattStev 1 year ago

        Well have you noticed how the twins put out good money for players but players are going to take the better team if they get 2 of the same offers! Twins actually offered garza a better deal than the brewers.. But I think if the twins offer 3/42 with 4th option yr they could get him! Maybe would have to do 3/45 tho

  3. 0vercast 1 year ago

    So the Twins offered Garza a deal with an AAV of $14MM and he ended up taking $12.5MM AAV from the Brewers. Once you’re that rich, it might not even matter anymore, but these guys are really overplaying their hands lately.

  4. 0vercast 1 year ago

    Another thing that’s worth mentioning, if the Twins do sign Santana, they’d have a rotation that looks like this for next year:


    I can’t help but wonder, where do the prospects fit in? Gibson and Worley primarily, but also possibly Meyer or May if they’re lighting it up in the minors. Not to mention Samuel Deduno, who’s worthy of a #5 spot in a MLB rotation.

    • David X 1 year ago

      Worley is not a prospect any longer. I’d like to see Kris Johnson get a shot, though.

      • dwarfstar 1 year ago

        Maybe he was talking about Trevor May

      • 0vercast 1 year ago

        He a 25 y/o old pitching out of AAA, having never really established consistently himself in the Bigs. That’s a prospect in my book, albeit a borderline one.

    • Sky14 1 year ago

      My thoughts exactly, if the Twins do sign Santana then it would make the Pelfrey deal look that much worse. There would be no spot for Gibson, Meyer and May who could all be ready this year and it would all but guarantee Worley, Diamond and Deduno are cut. The latter group is not that big of a deal but they don’t seem all that worse then Pelf and he has a two year deal. It’s also noteworthy that Gibson has been the best pitcher in camp this far.

    • ian 1 year ago

      Pitchers get injured. Last year 8 Twins made 10 or more starts, the year before it was 9. Gibson et al will get their chance. Correia will be gone within a year and Pelfey’s contract is small enough to get rid of if they need to.

    • twins33 1 year ago

      I made a post about this just now before reading the other posts. I had the exact same thoughts. If Pelfrey wasn’t there this wouldn’t really hurt much, but if you consider the draft pick and what it does to the prospects it seems like a bad idea.

  5. BCleveland3381 1 year ago

    The Twins have improved their rotation a bit. But they still have a rotation filled with #4 and 5 starters. As a Mets fan, them giving Pelfrey a 2 year deal is mind boggling. He is awful. Santana would be a huge upgrade for this rotation no doubt, but he’s a low end #2 starter on most teams. The Twins could use him because he would easily be their best pitcher, but with or without him, this rotation isn’t very good.

    • rct 1 year ago

      Man, I still cannot get over the Pelfrey contract. He was awful in 2011 and missed all of 2012. The Twins then gave him $4MM, which I guess is somewhat justifiable, but then in 2013 he pitches pretty much as bad as he ever has. Then. . .not only does he get a substantial raise, he gets a two year deal! Madness.

  6. bobbleheadguru 1 year ago

    Very smart move for Twins.

    If he pitches OK, then his trade value will be high this year or next year.

  7. 0vercast 1 year ago

    There were times last year I refused to watch Twins games if Pelfrey was starting, but I just have a gut feeling he’s going to rebound this year and the next, so I liked that signing.

    I’m actually quite excited to see what he and Hughes have in store for the Twins in 2014. Call me crazy, but I think they may be our two best pitchers this season.

    Furthermore, I REALLY want to see Worley get another legitimate shot at this rotation. I’d hate to sell low on him so soon, because he’ll be an asset for another team shortly. Just watch, he’ll end up with the A’s and win 15 games next year.

  8. WyattStev 1 year ago

    Man you are crazy

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