AL Central Notes: Harang, Porcello, Hanrahan

The Indians had Aaron Harang in spring training this year, but released him due to an out clause in his contract, the Plain Dealer’s Paul Hoynes explains. Since then, Harang has pitched very well for the Braves (despite a nine-run outing against the Marlins earlier this week), and Carlos Carrasco has struggled in the Indians’ rotation. Hoynes argues, however, that Harang is more of an NL pitcher, and that he has benefited from the Braves’ defense, which is much better than Cleveland’s. Here are more notes from the AL Central.

  • Rick Porcello‘s improvements this season are legitimate, and it may be time for the Tigers to sign him to a long-term contract if they can,’s Jason Beck writes. Through five starts, Porcello has a 5.50 K/BB ratio, thanks largely to a reduction in walks, and he’s getting lots of swings and misses. He’s also due to hit the free-agent market after next season, just before he turns 27. That could make him a valuable commodity indeed.
  • The Tigers’ bullpen is “a mess,” which was why Detroit was wise to give Joel Hanrahan a guaranteed deal this week,’s James Schmehl writes. The Tigers sent Hanrahan to the disabled list upon signing him, since he’s still recovering from Tommy John surgery, and it’s unclear exactly when he’ll return. If he does, though, and he’s anything like he was in the past, he could help transform the Tigers’ struggling bullpen into a “dangerous” one, Schmehl argues.

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  1. Metsfan93 1 year ago

    Never realized how much Porcello is improving year-to-year. Improving his ERA several straight years, his FIP every year, his K/BB ratio has shot up each season since his rookie year and his walk rate has dropped I think four or five straight years, and he’s still super young. Scherzer and Bailey were both sabermetric darlings, young, and talented before finally breaking through. I think Porcello’s improvements should make him next. I believe he’s got his FIP/ERA combo down to about 3.3/3.6 this year so far.

    • paqza 1 year ago

      Porcello has always been underrated and used to significantly underperform peripherals due to a poor infield behind him. He is a solid #2.

      • IZZONE 1 year ago

        Porcello hasn’t been a two but he has been a good three and has the potential to become a very good 2 with his new curveball. For contract what about 4/48?

        • Mr Pike 1 year ago

          He’s already making 8.5M. He will be above 12M next year.

  2. paqza 1 year ago

    Harang will regress dramatically moving forward. Look at his fastball velocity this year – the downward trend couldn’t be more obvious. Still a great pickup with that defense and price tag, though.

  3. tune-in for baseball 1 year ago

    Low risk with an excellent upside possibility with Hanrahan. I have read lots of comments giving anywhere between 12-18 months for him to be top notch. With that in mind, it would have been nice to give him a little extra money up front and include a team option for 2015. If Ricky P. can repeat his April success the rest of the year, DD will once again be correct about what talent to keep and what to trade away. I believe DD is going to keep Porcello in the Tigers Den for many more years.

    • weaselpuppy 1 year ago

      Bailey is getting smoked so far this year, fyi…. Ricky doesn’t profile like Scherzer at all as far as physically or pitch mix…he’s no #3 starter, but he could be one next year. Ceiling beyond that is limited IMO. If the plan is to let Scherzer walk, then keeping Ricky for $17M a year long term is pretty meh, given they are paying Sanchez about that. If they find $ for Scherzer, no chance Ricky can stay…this is the contingency that Ray was acquired for…stay cheap at the back end w/Ray and Smyly with Scherzer w/o Ricky.

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