D’backs Shopping Aaron Hill, Barely Listening On Martin Prado

While the Diamondbacks are interested in moving second baseman Aaron Hill, they have indicated a lack of motivation in dealing jack-of-all-trades Martin Pradoreports CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman. According to Heyman, the club is “barely listening” to inquiries on the latter.

Both players are owed approximately the same amount in future guarantees: $28MM for Hill and $26MM for Prado, both through 2016. And both have scuffled at the plate, with Hill slashing .251/.285/.381 and Prado checking in with a .274/.319/.369 line. But the club appears to view Prado, who is two years younger and a more flexible option in the field, as a part of the team’s core moving forward.

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  1. OaklandFan22 11 months ago

    Milone for Hill straight up makes too much sense.

    • Seamaholic 11 months ago

      Hill may be flat done. He’s been really bad this year. There are better options out there and Milone is worth something.

      • OaklandFan22 11 months ago

        Hill has heated up considerably and would be an upgrade over the Sogard/Callaspo/Punto trio. I think he could contribute down the stretch.

        • Seamaholic 11 months ago

          At that price though? I think he might be the highest paid player on the A’s!

          • OaklandFan22 11 months ago

            Unfortunately Jim Johnson was this year lol, what a joke.

          • liberalconservative 11 months ago

            Milone-NO Just a terrible contract unless the d-backs slide in a bunch of money.

      • kungfucampby 11 months ago

        He’s hitting rather well since the break.

    • mmiller54 11 months ago

      As a Dbacks fan, I would be thrilled to get Millone back. I’d even be ok paying over half of Hill’s salary.

      • Rook 11 months ago

        I’m pretty sure Milone is a fly ball pitcher. Fastball around 87-88. That might play alright in that big ball park in Oakland but it could back fire big time in AZ.
        Never mind the fact that I don’t want KT trading with the A’s at all.

    • mmiller54 11 months ago

      As a Dbacks fan, I would be thrilled to get Millone back. I’d even be ok paying over half of Hill’s salary.

  2. Brandon Marin 11 months ago

    What about a deal with the nationals for Detwiller.

  3. mmiller54 11 months ago

    Kevin Towers at his finest. He’s so attached to Prado for no good reason.

    • Rook 11 months ago

      Prado plays third is why I think they prefer to keep him over Hill.

      • ratboy 11 months ago

        It doesn’t really explain why they’ve bent over backwards for Prado though.

    • kungfucampby 11 months ago

      I’m not sure he’s in charge anymore, and Prado seems like the kind of ballplayer LaRussa values in a clubhouse. I could be entirely wrong though.

    • disqus_GCP3t2KAY4 11 months ago

      No good reason? Just look at how much Prado’s grit has helped the clubhouse and the standings! You can’t measure that kind of impact.

  4. Rook 11 months ago

    Norris or Sanchez from Toronto on a Hill trade is what I would like to see.

    • That wouldn’t happen even if Arizona ate most of Hill’s contract.

    • GetToTheChoppa 11 months ago

      Yeah Norris or Sanchez for Hill, Goldschmidt, Corbin, Tony La Russa, free access go the pool during the off season, property in Arizona, and unlimited supply of lemon flavored Arizona Iced Tea.

  5. Should be trying to trade both of them. At least Prado probably has some value right now, Hill barely has any.

  6. Prozack 11 months ago

    Hill to the angels for mike trout…

    • GetToTheChoppa 11 months ago

      Toss in Goldschmidt, Corbin, and they’ll even take on Cahill no extra charge. Oh and you pay for Hills contract.

  7. Gator4444 11 months ago

    Prado has more trade value than Hill. Why doesn’t KT understand this?

    • davbee 11 months ago

      KT will hold onto Prado until he’s two years older and has Hill’s current value. It’s what he does–overvalues mediocrity, and is too quick to let go of potential.

    • Especially when he said he wants to get good players back instead of dumping salary. With Prado we might actually get a decent return!

      Both of them seem to be trending downward, don’t wait until his value goes down to what Hill has become.

  8. brett 11 months ago

    This is insane. The only player that should be “untouchable” is Goldschmit everyone else should be up for grabs

    • davbee 11 months ago

      Goldschmidt, Archie Bradley and Braden Shipley should all be untouchable.

    • ratboy 11 months ago

      Goldschmidt should definitely be made available. This team isn’t going to compete for a few years now that Towers has nerfed the MLB roster while simultaneously managing to deplete the farm system, and the price of Goldschmidt in FA is going to be astronomical (or if it isn’t for whatever reason, then a trade would benefit them). The only reason I wouldn’t want them to field offers on him is because they can’t seem to figure out how to get anything decent in return.

  9. East Coast Bias 11 months ago

    What does barely listening look like? Do they have their fingers in their ears while yelling “I can’t hear you?”

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