NL East Notes: Colon, Byrd, Lee, Papelbon, Zimmerman

Here’s the latest out of the National League East:

  • For the Mets, trading and replacing starter Bartolo Colon would be a more natural step in the club’s progression than moving second baseman Daniel Murphy, making a trade of the former much more likely, according to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. As for Colon, the scouts watching the Mets’ game today against the Mariners were probably not there to see him, according to Adam Rubin of (via Twitter). Of course, word will surely get around of his strong outing; Colon carried a perfect game into the 7th before Robinson Cano broke it up. He ultimately allowed three hits, two earned runs, and a walk while striking out five.
  • The Phillies are still listening to trade interest in outfielder Marlon Byrd, tweets’s Jerry Crasnick. As yet, however, Philadelphia’s asking price has been too high for a buyer to pull the trigger.
  • Phillies hurler Cliff Lee would clear waivers in August, rival evaluators tell’s Buster Olney (Twitter link). Lee’s first outing back from the DL was not promising. As Olney explains (Insider link), however, short samples are important for evaluations of players’ current health and productivity, and that works both ways here. Lee will have one more chance before the deadline (and, presumably, more in August) to boost his value.
  • The already somewhat marginal trade outlook of Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon has been clouded even further by two straight poor appearances and this evening’s trade of Joakim Soria to the Tigers. Among the contenders in need of help at the back of the bullpen, the Angels and Tigers seemed among the more likely to take on significant salary rather than dealing prospects for cheaper arms. But both clubs did the latter, taking away two possible landing spots for the veteran righty.
  • Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals appears to have suffered a “pretty substantial” strain of his right hamstring, manager Matt Williams told reporters including Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post (Twitter link). The third baseman/left fielder seems likely to be out a few weeks at least, though his prognosis remains undetermined. As Kilgore wrote earlier today, the injury could lead the Nats to look into acquiring a second or third baseman before the deadline (with Anthony Rendon playing the alternative position). GM Mike Rizzo said that the team was content with playing Danny Espinosa at second for the time being, but Kilgore notes that players such as Aaron Hill or especially Martin Prado of the Diamondbacks could make sense as trade targets.

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  1. IZZONE 12 months ago

    Papelbon and a little bit of money for Nathan, Feilds and Buck Farmer?

  2. MadThespian 12 months ago

    I was at the M’s-Mets game today. Colon looked good, throwing strikes at a 2:1 ratio over balls. It was a cool, rainy day, with heavy air. Nobody was getting good lift on the ball. Brad Miller’s double (almost HR, it hit just below the yellow line) was probably the hardest hit ball all day. Tejada getting beaned was scary. He went down and stayed down. Hope he’s OK.

    • rct 12 months ago

      They mentioned it in the Mets broadcast, but Colon absolutely dominates at Safeco. Counting yesterday, he’s 13-1 with a 2.12 ERA and a 0.906 WHIP over 106 innings. I’m not an M’s fan, so I don’t know whether or not they need starters, but it’d probably make a little sense for them to take a look at trading for Colon. As a little extra (possibly irrelevant, but hey) info, they also mentioned yesterday that Colon are Cano are very good friends.

      • Matt 12 months ago

        If they send chris taylor to the mets, I bet Sandy would eat a little more of that contract.

        • docmilo5 12 months ago

          Taylor for Colon? :O
          Dang, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Quick, someone throw me a life alert!

          • Matt 12 months ago

            he’s a good prospect, but his AAA stats are inflated in the PCL.

          • docmilo5 12 months ago

            Most PCL stats are over inflated. That being said, the kid may have the best glove in our system, is solid enough with the bat, gets on base and has great speed. He’s going to be a very good MLB short stop. Bartolo Colon is not on the list of those I would move Taylor for. Then again, I’m not the GM so my opinion matters little 😀

          • Matt 12 months ago

            I think we’re all a little guilty of overvaluing our own prospects. I obviously like Chris Taylor or I wouldn’t have brought him up, but there’s a reason that he’s not yet been on any top 100 prospect lists. But as you said, we’re not GMs, so who cares what we think. I do like the Mariners though, and I hope you guys get something for your playoff push.

          • docmilo5 12 months ago

            Kyle Seager wasn’t a top rated prospect, either. Yeah, I’m still crossing my fingers for Morales and Rios. Keep our pitching chips and top prospects for big deals, this season or this winter (Price, Hamels). If we can’t make the big deal, only use our lesser chips.
            If we don’t overvalue our own prospects, well give good things away for mediocre deals. Keep overvaluing your specs. 😀

  3. hiflyer000 12 months ago

    The Angels and Tigers both vastly overpay for closers and Rube is just sitting on his hands doing nothing while all the good deals pass him by. Again.

    • bobbleheadguru 12 months ago

      Not a real “vast overpay”. Their top prospects are like other teams mid-level prospects.

    • timpa 12 months ago

      Both teams got closers better than Papelbon and with less of a financial and long-term commitment.

      and I don’t think there’s locker room/PR issues with either player. Papelbon brings outspokeness and “me-ness” that some GMs/managers won’t want.

      I think the main problem when the Phillies attempt to make trades is they undervalue prospects, but overvalue veterans. When they’re trading *FOR* a vet it worked out fine. The team trading with them usually got a better deal because the Phillies would give up too much.

      However, trying to trade away a vet is difficult because they expect teams to overpay like they do/did to get a vet.

  4. I don’t think it ever seemed likely that the Tigers were going to pay 20+ million for their closer position.

    • bobbleheadguru 12 months ago

      Nathan is sunk cost. Soria is really not that overpriced at $7-8MM (depending on # games ended)… assuming that he is an above average late innings guy.

      Red Sox had their chance to perhaps get the two (maybe even 3) best Tigers prospects for Uehara and Drew (better than what Texas got).

      That window has obviously closed. Good decision by Ben to hold?

      • I was looking more to next year with that statement since Papelbon and Nathan would have been under contract.

        We won’t know if it was a bad decision regarding Uehara for awhile. He’s wanted in Boston and if he stays, it makes sense. If we lose him anyway, than I think it could have been a mistake.

        • bobbleheadguru 12 months ago

          I think you mean Soria, not Papelbon, but I get your point.

          • No, I always talking about Papelbon and his significant salary. Soria’s isn’t particularly significant.

      • Mike1L 12 months ago

        I guess it depends on whether the Red Sox get themselves back into the playoffs. Drew seems to be coming around a bit after the horrific start (and can still be traded) and the team itself seems to be coming around. It’s a very weak division, and very tempting to hold. Injuries could still open another door.

  5. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 12 months ago

    Phillies hurler Cliff Leewould clear waivers in August, rival evaluators tell Buster Olney. Well, Gee Buster if you compare Lee’s outing with A. J. Burnett’s last night.
    It was litterally night and day!

    AJ was filthy and he had to deal with a rain delay, Lee well the more I think about was kind of awful!

    • flyerzfan12 12 months ago

      did you watch Lee’s outing? His control was awful by Lee standards but many of the 12 hits were bloops or broken bats. Not $25 mil/year quality but the most important thing for his first outing back was making it through it healthy. Of course I would have loved a 9 inning shutout with 12 Ks. I’d also love Papelbon to pitch like he wants to be traded instead of lowering his already low trade-value every outing, but that’s life. Miserable, miserable time to be a Phils fan.

  6. daveineg 12 months ago

    Neither Prado nor Hill makes a whole lot of sense for the Nats. Prado’s not a rental and won’t come cheap. Where are they going to play him when Zimmerman returns? Hill’s signed through 2016 and while the D-Backs would deal him, where are the Nats going to play him when Zimmerman returns? They might be better off just picking up Darwin Barney. I think the Brewers would listen on Weeks even though they are obviously still in the race.

  7. Pennsy 12 months ago

    Nats only need to put Zach Walters at 2B.

  8. Paclypse71 12 months ago

    As a Braves fan I’d hate to see Prado go to the Nats. Losing him still stings.

  9. OriginalHitman 12 months ago

    With the way Flores & Herrera are tearing it up, there’s no way they can tell us that Murph’s days aren’t numbered.

  10. rct 12 months ago

    I honestly don’t think that Sandy is worrying about what impression his moves make. It’s just silly NY media nonsense. If someone offers a great package for Murphy, Sandy will trade him. If not, he’ll keep him.

  11. mauryfeldman 12 months ago

    I agree! They should explore a Murphy trade, and if they can get an upgrade at any need position and move Flores to 2B, they should do it.
    I wonder if the “impression such a move would make” element is more about the Wilpons, who would care about such a thing.

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