Orioles Acquire Jimmy Paredes

The Orioles have acquired infielder/outfielder Jimmy Paredes from the Royals in exchange for cash considerations, the team announced. Paredes, who had been designated for assignment by the Royals last week, has been optioned to Triple-A Norfolk.

This isn’t the first time that Baltimore has shown interest in Paredes, as they briefly claimed him off waivers from the Marlins this offseason before losing him on waivers to the Royals just a couple of days later.

Paredes went from the Astros to the Marlins to the Orioles to the Royals on waivers this offseason and ultimately received just 10 plate appearances (which yielded a pair of singles) for Kansas City’s big league club. Most of his season was spent at Omaha, where he produced a strong .305/.332/.457 batting line in 280 plate appearances.

As a career .306/.343/.468 hitter that bats from both sides of the plate and can play multiple positions, it’s not surprising that Paredes continues to find clubs willing to give him a 40-man roster spot. However, he’s yet to produce in 406 big league plate appearances, having totaled just a .233/.272/.308 batting line.

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  1. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    Hmmm, why him instead of Ian Stewart?

    • Jack Miller 1 year ago

      More positions, while Stewart plays 3rd and occasional 2nd, Parades can play 2nd, 3rd and all the outfield spots in addition to being a switch hitter.

  2. Nick Delahanty 1 year ago

    He was DFA’d by the Royals last week, not the Orioles

  3. unclejesse40 1 year ago

    and the Royals sell off another player. GMDM must be looking for spare change everywhere.

  4. basemonkey 1 year ago

    Super Utility guys are becoming a more and more important position unto themselves in today’s game.

    Those roster spots that used to be reserved for bench players are now being given to specialized bullpen arms. It forces new creative roles to be carved out. Someday we might find a guy who can be the switch-hitting pinch hitter, who carries some power, can pinch run, play multiple INF/OF positions (maybe even C), and even throw some strikes in a bind?

  5. Wooooooo 1 year ago

    Does this eliminate the need for Lough.

    • Matt Bennett 1 year ago

      Jeez what is the big deal about Oriole fans and Lough? He’s controllable for the next five years and he’s cheap. He’s the biggest steal threat on the roster, plays fantastic defense, and has hit over .300 since June 1st. He’s one year removed from a 2.5 WAR in 96 games, which averages out to 4.2 over a full season, in his rookie season. Nick Markakis hasn’t posted a WAR above 2.9 in the last six years, yet everybody seems to love him.

      • Wooooooo 1 year ago

        Look, I love him and I have hope for him. His BA is a bit rough, and I was just worried that the Office see Paredes as a replacement.

  6. Bob Hulsey 1 year ago

    Lots of talent there but not very disciplined. Not a dependable glove and not a disciplined hitter. His weaknesses probably become more evident in the majors than they do at AAA, thus the frequent releasing and claiming.

  7. basemonkey 1 year ago

    Cheap super utility switch-hitter who plays INF and OF. Good value. Classic Duquette move.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, but I think Duquette has an talent evaluation approach of getting $1.50 for every dollar. Meaning: Most folks might scoff or ignore the 50 cent savings moves, but he’s always hunting for “good value.” It’s not glamorous but, every now and then, 1 out of a handful of your moves might catch lightning. It’s stunning to see how much he’s turned around this franchise.

  8. orangeoctober 2 months ago

    Such a good pick up for cash considerations!!

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