Giants, Red Sox Near Jake Peavy Deal

10:06am: The Red Sox are “close” to trading Peavy to the Giants, Rosenthal and Jon Morosi report (via Twitter), although there are still details to be ironed out before the deal is done.

9:58am: Yesterday, the Red Sox and Giants were in the midst of serious talks regarding Peavy, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets. The Giants don’t have much starting pitching depth right now and currently have Yusmeiro Petit in the rotation in place of the injured Matt Cain. Also, Peavy and Giants manager Bruce Bochy worked together when they both were with the Padres.

9:33am: The Red Sox are “close” to trading starting pitcher Jake Peavy to an unknown National League team, Jen Royle of the Boston Herald tweets. (She notes, however, that “[l]ots of things need to happens before this gets done.”) That NL team is not the Cardinals, who have lately been connected to Peavy. (The Red Sox had reportedly been scouting the Cardinals’ system in case Peavy trade discussions advanced.) The Braves have also reportedly been involved in Peavy trade talks, and Royle guesses that the Giants or Brewers could also be possibilities.

Peavy has a 4.72 ERA with 7.3 K/9 and 3.3 BB/9 in 124 innings this season. He is making $14.5MM this season before heading to free agency this winter.

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  1. Eddie Edwards 1 year ago


  2. EarlyMorningBoxscore 1 year ago

    Good. As much as I like Peavy the person, he was not great this year. Time to move on and bring up Workman/Webster/Ranaudo. I assume it’ll be Workman, though.

  3. ray_derek 1 year ago

    Never been a Peavy fan, always been overrated.

    • Karkat 1 year ago

      He had a great run from 04 to 08 before he got hurt, though

  4. Victoria Roberts 1 year ago

    Great, can we move him before his next start? No way he beats Archer.

  5. Ben Dover 1 year ago

    Please not the Braves. Please Wren not the Braves.

    • biffsniff 1 year ago

      Ben Dover, you wouldn’t happen to be related to Eileen Dover?

      • Ben Dover 1 year ago

        Cousins. Her father Skip Dover is my uncle.

    • Gnotorious 1 year ago

      Peavy for BJ would be fine by me. Braves eat some extra cash or throw in a prospect for Andrew Miller.

      • Not a chance of that happening.

        • Gnotorious 1 year ago

          don’t be so sure. There was some discussion between the two teams last week about BJ.

          • Gnotorious 1 year ago

            welp, I guess not. The Giants got him. BJ could still be going to the Sox before the deadline though.

          • Did it involve laughter?

  6. Joe 1 year ago

    I bet its the Giants, they would rather have Peavy start against the Dodgers than Yusmeiro Petit

  7. Daniel1216 1 year ago

    Marlins have been looking for a veteran starter maybe him?

  8. Thanks for somewhat helping with the ring Peavy!

  9. bigbadjohnny 1 year ago

    if Peavy heads to the Giants, he will be a plus in the post season.

    • 123Redsox 1 year ago

      He has been in the playoffs 3 times in his career. In 2005 he had a 16.62 ERA and was 0-1. In 2006 he was 0-1 with a 8.44 ERA and last year was 0-1 with a 9.03 ERA in the playoffs. Other interesting facts: 1) he averages 4 and two thirds per post season outing 2) he averages giving up 4.6 earned runs in those 4 and two thirds 3) he averages 7 hits in those 4 2/3 with 4) 2.6 strikeouts in those 4 2/3 to 1.6 walks

    • 123Redsox 1 year ago

      so would a bag of peanuts get the deal done now? Or do you this that the Giants would be offering less?

    • For the other team.

  10. 123Redsox 1 year ago

    Peavy to the cards for randal grichuk… sox eat the remainder of his salary for this season and 5 of the 15 million if he accepts his player option next year

  11. Any idea who the Red Sox are getting in return?

  12. Zummies 1 year ago

    Speaking of “surly.”

  13. He was pretty good in August when the division was hardly locked down. He might not have been good in the playoffs, but he did contribute.

  14. 123Redsox 1 year ago

    4-1 4.04 is good? the ERA is what you really need to look at here as the sox averaged the most runs per game in baseball last year at about 4.5 runs/ game. The giants dont exactly have that quality of an offense.

  15. For a #4 starter, a 4.04 ERA is not bad, but that’s also not what I said.

    The ERA is what you need to look at if you want to bash his contribution. Peavy was great in August. His 4.04 ERA was the result of a few bad starts late in September.

  16. For a #4 starter, a 4.04 ERA is not bad, but that’s also not what I said.

    The ERA is what you need to look at if you want to bash his contribution. Peavy was great in August. His 4.04 ERA was the result of a few bad starts late in September.

  17. 123Redsox 1 year ago

    they could do better than a 4.04 for their 4th starter

  18. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do here. I’m not disagreeing with you, but there’s more to Peavy than that number.

  19. 123Redsox 1 year ago

    I get it man. It is just that sure you deal for a guy that can help you get there, but for his salary you can get the same thing cheaper and a guy that could be a bit better in the post season. in other words, if i was going to trade for a guy, i would want a guy to not just get me there but help me in the playoffs too and for the salary and the return thge sox would want in order to eat money, it is just not worth it.

  20. 123Redsox 1 year ago

    for the team receiving Peavy that is.

  21. The Sox traded for Peavy knowing they weren’t getting Cy Young Peavy. He gave them a month and a half of good starts. #4 starters are a gamble in the postseason. But the Sox won so who cares?

  22. 123Redsox 1 year ago

    I know. I am as happy as the next guy that they won but when you deal for a guy, deal with the purpose of winning it all, not just to get there. I didn’t like the Peavy deal last year and I still don’t. He has given up the most homeruns in baseball this year. He is 5-15 with the sox in the regular season between this year and last year and he is 41st of 44 american league starting pitchers this year in era this year.

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