Reds Make Ryan Ludwick Available

The Reds are telling teams that outfielder Ryan Ludwick is available in trade, reports Bob Nightengale of USA Today (via Twitter). Ludwick, 36, is playing on a $7.5MM salary this year and comes with a $9MM mutual option next year (with an onerous $4.5MM buyout).

Playing in left field for Cincinnati, Ludwick owns a .261/.325/.392 line on the year, his 12th as a big leaguer. He has hit only six home runs, falling well off the pace he set in 2012, when he swatted 26 long balls and slashed a robust .275/.346/.531. An injury-riddled, disappointing 2013 intervened, and Ludwick has not returned to the form that earned him his present contract.

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  1. AB4EYE 1 year ago

    I love Luddy but he’s hardly even available to his own team half the time.

  2. dave 1 year ago

    I wish Luddy would come back to St. Louis!!!

    • schellis 1 year ago

      Heck if the Cards would be willing to just take on his contract I’d go and help him pack.

  3. Ryan276 1 year ago

    I doubt many teams will be interested, but this is still encouraging to me as a Reds fan– hopefully it means the team will not be “buying” this year, and will refrain from trading prospects for an ill-fated attempt at a playoff run.

    • Chris1G 1 year ago

      I have a feeling we will be seeing him in a Yankee uniform soon

      • Cuso 1 year ago

        No way. Not with a mutual option for next year. If they’re balking at Byrd because of the option, there’s no way they’ll go for a washed-up Ludwick (who stands to make more than Byrd next year somehow).

  4. Lexi Ronson 1 year ago

    Along with this news, Ryan Howard, Grant Balfour, and Prince Fielder are also available.

    Ludwick has always been available. The Reds are just trying to remind people he still exists.

  5. Phillyfan425 1 year ago

    To Philly, with prospects, for Byrd (and cash).

    • Jeff Miller 1 year ago

      It’s a great fit.

      • Phillyfan425 1 year ago

        I knew you would like it. Since I stole the idea from you.

    • Ryan276 1 year ago

      Good thought, but that would actually make the Phillies a bit younger (Byrd’s got almost a year on Ludwick), so probably not happening. . . .

  6. Arndt Miles 1 year ago

    O, hello mariners.

  7. connfyoozed . 1 year ago

    I just don’t think that the phone is going to be ringing off the hook in Cincinnati after this earth-shattering news bulletin.

  8. هذا الرجل رهيبة الكبير خليل 1 year ago

    Dont do it Cash!

  9. BENNY RODRIGUEZ 1 year ago

    Marlon Byrds option next year, Willingham might not be dealt at the deadline and Rios has the no trade. I can see him going to the Yankees

    • Phillyfan425 1 year ago

      I don’t get why teams not on Byrd’s NTC are so afraid of his option. He has to log 600 PA next year (or 550 next year and 1100 this year and next year combined). If he’s really under-performing, he shouldn’t get the PAs to hit either total. And if he is performing well, why would you not want him at $8 M the next season? Heck, even if you wanted to avoid it if he’s playing well, I’m sure it would be easy to justify giving a 38 year old guy a couple days off a month (minimizing his PA for the season to probably the right number).

      • Jeff Miller 1 year ago

        I don’t get it either. While it’s an attainable option if healthy and playing well, it’s gonna take some 130 starts to reach it. Generally if an older player isn’t playing well you’re not gonna give him 130 starts.

        • Jaysfan1994 1 year ago

          I think the belief is that teams don’t want to be on the hook for his 8M next season when a 37 year old former PED user potentially breaks down. It’s also hard to believe he hasn’t become a defensive liability given his age.

  10. ZoinksScoob 1 year ago

    This could be a Jack Z low-end pickup for the Mariners if they can’t come to terms with Texas on Rios. If he also traded for Bonifacio from the Cubs, wouldn’t cost them much total, and might just be enough to balance out the lineup. Certainly wouldn’t send skyrockets across the Seattle skyline, but they would definitely be an improvement.

    • Danielle Rennifer 1 year ago

      What do you think about a three team trade w/ the Red Sox to also acquire Lackey/Lester to give some veteran experience over Elias for the playoff race? Bonifacio may not help the Mariners on sputtering offense as Jimmy Rollins would make sense at shortstop (Taylor can give him some days off) and Ludwick in the outfield.

  11. Danielle Rennifer 1 year ago

    Ludwick to the Mariners would make sense to step up on anemic offense as the Reds can receive Justin Smoak or Logan Morrison and couple others. Do it Jack Z & Walt Jocketty.

    • Dale Pearl 1 year ago

      I would take this offer and also be willing to pay his contract remainder of this year.

  12. David Greene 1 year ago

    Do the Reds think anybody actually wants him or is dumb enough to pay him what they do ? He isn’t even worth his buyout next season.

  13. Dale Pearl 1 year ago

    wow this is the Reds big move to make themselves competitive in the division? The Reds should be announcing that everyone on the 40 man roster is available.

  14. chuckm2222 1 year ago

    Pitching is our strong point and sustainable with overall age.Any prospect arms along with Ludwick,Heisey,Cozart should offered in the most attractive bundle to get any legit offensive piece available that not too old.If we were healthy and Votto at least halfway productive we’d be running away with this division! We’re closer to contending than what most may realize. Go Reds!

  15. metalhead65 1 year ago

    who is going to want him? they would be lucky to get a bag of used baseballs in return for him thanks to walt’s generous retirement contract he gave his former cardinal. he did well for the reds from July on when they first got him but not well enough to deserve that contract. there was a reason the reds were his 4th team in 3 years and everybody but walt knew it. he has yet to figure out that his guys are former cardinals for a reason. I just hope he does not trade any of the few good prospects they have for 36 year old outfielders making 8 million dollars or utility guys almost as old and making nearly as much. just go with what you have and save that talent for the reds. the only way they will be consistent contenders id to develop the talent they have in the farm system instead of trading them.

  16. tmartz32 1 year ago

    Ludwick is a very difficult player to trade. He’s older than dirt, has a horrific contract (with an awful buyout), and can’t run, hit, or field.

  17. ChrisSabo17 1 year ago

    As a Reds fan… please someone take him! I said it was bad signing when it went down Luddy is a great guy but the Brass Monkey is wore out and his hands are ungodly slow! He caught fire for a month and a half and cashed in for it.

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