Blue Jays Acquire John Mayberry Jr.

The Phillies announced that they have traded outfielder/first baseman John Mayberry Jr. to the Blue Jays in exchange for infielder Gustavo Pierre.

Mayberry, 30, has hit .213/.304/418 on the season, good for a 104 wRC+ (roughly league average). He’s best used as a lefty masher, as evidenced by his .255/.339/.582 line against southpaws this season. The Blue Jays are currently the 24th ranked team against lefties per wRC+, so the acquisition of Mayberry should help reinforce the July trade for Danny Valencia. Mayberry is owed about $250K  of his $1.59MM salary for the remainder of the season. He’s currently on the disabled list, but he can help Toronto beyond the 2014 season if they wish, as he is controlled through 2016 via arbitration.

Pierre, a 22-year-old utility infielder, has hit .260/.281/.389 on the season while spending most of the year at High-A Dunedin. He’s not ranked by Baseball America or any similar organization.


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  1. Phillyfan425 11 months ago

    JMJ was always disliked in Philly because he was less than what fans wanted him to be (fans wanted him to be a starting OF – when he was really a decent platoon RHB with some pop). Good luck to him in Toronto, just don’t expect a ton of him.
    Pierre looks like just a piece to send back (22 years old, 6 seasons in the minors, a career .250/.280/.380 line in the minors, and hasn’t played above AA). About the return I’d expect for JMJ.

    • Jaysfan724 11 months ago

      As a Jays fan from Philadelphia…I’m not exactly thrilled about JMJ and know what to expect, but this is definitely a move AA likes to do. Underperforming player, cheap, still under control for a few more years.

      • Infield Fly 11 months ago

        Not thrilled either. I can’t see him doing much of anything for the Jays – beyond being an additional OF and bat off the bench.

        • Gland1 11 months ago

          Who had a career day today?

          • Infield Fly 11 months ago

            Nobody, That’s my bad.

          • Gland1 11 months ago

            Unfortunately I don’t think you’re the first one to get him mixed up with Dom Brown (who had a great day today).

          • Infield Fly 11 months ago

            Yeah (4 for 5) and yes, got my disappointing young Phillies players crossed up, for sure.

  2. Jared S 11 months ago

    Could be part of a backup platoon plan if Melky does not return? Not sure where he fits on the 25 man next year.

    • LazerTown 11 months ago

      Probably just gets non-tendered. This was a drop by Philly, and the Jays gave up nothing.

      • BVHjays 11 months ago

        Yeah, I’d guess Philly wanted to open up an extra 40-man spot so they could add someone in September (i.e. tomorrow) and knew Toronto was interested. The Jays can take a look for a month and then decide if they want to tender him or not.

        Jays ran into trouble often this year against left handed pitching, so having two good lefty mashers in Valencia and Mayberry Jr. next year might be appealing to them.

      • Tanthalas 11 months ago

        Why? He’s the best option we have as of right now for a backup outfielder next year. That’s even assuming we resign Melky, or the need for him could be even greater, as he could possibly platoon in LF. Pillar hasn’t shown he can hit MLB pitching and guys like him who don’t walk much tend to have more trouble making that last jump. JMJ is a proven bat, we need more guys like him on the bench.

  3. Seamaholic 11 months ago

    Seems silly to do a trade like this mid-season, but whatever. Blue Jays aren’t gonna keep Mayberry.

  4. Matt Musal 11 months ago

    Well look at this, son gets to play for the same team his dad did in the late 70’s to early 80’s. I like to see this.

  5. Ruger 454 11 months ago

    Now get rid of Brown.

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