Brewers Acquire Jonathan Broxton

1:49pm: Broxton was a waiver claim, C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes (Twitter links). Reds GM Walt Jocketty says that the two teams have agreed on one of the players to be named later and have a list of players for the other.

12:49pm: The Brewers have bolstered their bullpen by acquiring right-hander Jonathan Broxton from the division-rival Reds in exchange for a pair of players to be named later, the teams have announced.

Jonathan Broxton

Broxton, 30, is in the second year of a three-year, $21MM contract with the Reds. He’s owed about $1.19MM of his $7MM salary this season before earning $9MM in 2015. His contract also contained a $9MM club option for 2016, which comes with a $1MM buyout. However, Broxton’s contract has a clause that causes that club option to become a mutual option with a $2MM buyout if he is traded, meaning he is now guaranteed $12.19MM through the end of the 2015 campaign and can reach free agency sooner even with a strong performance next year.

The former Dodgers closer is enjoying a strong year with the Reds. Broxton opened the season as Cincinnati’s closer with Aroldis Chapman on the disabled list, and he’s pitched well in a setup role since that time. In 48 1/3 innings this season, Broxton has pitched to a 1.86 ERA with 6.9 K/9, 3.2 BB/9 and a 45 percent ground-ball rate. Broxton has been fortunate on balls in play (.221 BABIP) and home runs (5.0% homer-to-flyball ratio), causing sabermetric ERA estimators such as FIP (3.52), xFIP (4.26) and SIERA (3.79) to rate his work less favorably than his actual run prevention rate would indicate.

Milwaukee’s bullpen could certainly use an upgrade, as they’ve recently lost both Tyler Thornburg and Jim Henderson to season-ending injuries. Broxton will provide manager Ron Roenicke with an experienced relief arm, as he figures to aid Will Smith and Brandon Kintzler in bridging the gap from a solid rotation to closer Francisco Rodriguez.

It’s unclear if Broxton had cleared waivers or whether the Brewers claimed him, although given his relatively large salary and the trade provision that increases his option buyout, he seems like a candidate to have cleared waivers. The budget-conscious Reds will likely save some, if not all of Broxton’s remaining salary, which will provide general manager Walt Jocketty with additional flexibility in the coming offseason. The Reds are expected to shop at least one of their starters this offseason, according to multiple reports, as Mat Latos, Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake and Alfredo Simon are all set to hit free agency following the 2015 season.

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports first reported the trade (Twitter link).

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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  1. BaseballBeisbol 10 months ago

    A pretty nice get by the Brew Crew. A lot of people had them losing that NL Central lead for a long time, but they’ve been strong all year.

    • Smrtbusnisman04 10 months ago

      He’s been extremely shaky over the last 3 years. As a Pirates fan, I like this move.

      • William Warner 10 months ago

        I like the reds and pirates I agree he can and will get lit up

  2. Herb Marcum Jr. 10 months ago

    Wonder what the Reds got

    • pmollan 10 months ago

      Salary relief.

      • Aaron Stahl 10 months ago

        It has to be plenty more than that.

        • pmollan 10 months ago

          Usually when it’s a player to be named it’s a salary dump. If Brox commanded a real player back, he’s be named.

          • Aaron Stahl 10 months ago

            I can’t imagine the reds would just give Broxton away with the season he is having. They could have gotten something out of him this winter.

          • pmollan 10 months ago

            Very true. He’s having a great season and the Reds will probably get a couple nice mid-level prospects for him this fall.
            But he is an aging reliever with declining stuff and a big contract. Reds aren’t looking to win this year, just save $$.

          • Jason 10 months ago

            Aaron the Reds have Cueto,Latos,Simon and Leake becoming free agents after next season thats the ONLY reason Brox was dealt

        • Considering how little financial flexibility the Reds have, it most certainly does not have to be anything more than that.

          • Aaron Stahl 10 months ago

            I agree, it just seems to be a little funny considering Jockety has stated again and again that they were still going to make a push for the playoffs in 2015. I know if I were the reds, I would have begun the fire sale of those pitchers this year.

          • Broxton is a luxury a team like the Reds can’t afford to have. They signed him to that deal thinking he’d be the closer with Chapman going to the rotation. They’re in a better position to compete without him.

          • Aaron Stahl 10 months ago

            I can’t say they are in a better position to compete without him. He was a great set up man for possibly one of the best closers in the league. The reds certainly do not have a great bullpen, so subtracting Broxton cannot help.

          • The Dodgers are the only other team with that expensive of a set up man. Subtracting Broxton helps them as a team.

          • Jason 10 months ago

            Rev i loved having Broxton but your post is 100% correct

    • chcu 10 months ago

      Doesn’t the Brewers system blow? Probably nothing great.

  3. garret 10 months ago

    good move for reds! Save money and need to get some hitting.

  4. Porkins 10 months ago

    Great move! The contract is a little big but for a couple of PTBNL he can help this year and next year.

  5. toddcoffeytime 10 months ago

    Brewers needed a lefty bat and a power RHP for the bullpen, and acquired both this trade season. Great work by Doug Melvin to get both without giving up much.

  6. pmollan 10 months ago

    Love it.

  7. Sage 10 months ago

    It’s about damn time. Hopefully we can actually win tonight and hold onto our slim division lead. Got the Cardinals breathing down our necks, and all facets of our team have been falling apart these last few days. Almost no-hit last night, gave up 13 runs the night before, and hadn’t performed much better before that, losing 2 out of 3 each to the Padres and Pirates.

    This move is a big help, but we need Garza back, we need Peralta to get his head back on straight, and we need to offense to start swinging the bat better again. Good move, but it ain’t all the help we need.

  8. Raúl Paz 10 months ago

    Got Lucroy & Braun in return

  9. Extract 10 months ago

    well done, Doug Melvin. In cases like this, is it most likely the teams have agreed on the PTBNL and don’t want to announce it? Or that the PTBNLs will be based on Broxton’s performance?

    • Guest 10 months ago

      It could be based on whether or not he ends up closing…

    • Chris Dawson 10 months ago

      Player to be named later is usually done so they don’t have to clear waivers… Probably already agreed on

    • Chris Koch 10 months ago

      States that one player has already been agreed upon. And I think the second will be based on Broxton’s performance/Brewers Playoff outcome. A list of 5players likely A being the best prospect with Division win. Choice of B/C should the team get a Wildcard. And D/E being Broxton blows, and the Brewers don’t make the Playoffs. Making the Playoffs has monetary Value making Broxton’s contract less a burden.

      I’d think 1 player involved would be Jim Henderson as the first player agreed upon.

  10. Baloo 10 months ago

    It’s a shame for the Reds. Between Dusty Baker’s poor managing last year, and the mass amount of injuries this year, they could never get out of the hole, even though on paper they looked like one of the best teams in the NL at the start of the season. A lineup of Hamilton Votto Phillips Bruce Mesoraco Frazier if all healthy next year can really contend. The pitching staff of Cueto, Latos, Simon, Leake, Bailey with Cingrani still in the minors is also very good, and the bullpen of Broxton and Chapman also great. The defense was also very good. But then everyone got hurt, the team stopped hitting, and it’s kind of sad to see the window close on these Reds. Hope they make some moves to try to keep relevant beyond 2015.

    • Franl Edwardo 10 months ago

      I think, especially being a Reds fan, Reds fans have diluted themselves into believing Votto is more than he is. He was great for a season and good for a couple more. The nerds have made us believe him getting on base has made him more valuable and a better than he is. Pitchers are not afraid of a guy watching pitches go by, they know he can’t hit a good fastball and clearly have not feared his power for a few years. I love Phillips, he is the ultimate gamer, will play through anything, but he is aging and in decline. While his defense remains elite, his bat has dropped way off. Add in Cozart the horrible production from right field and i think the offense has been extremely over rated. While the pitching staff is very good, that bullpen is horrible and extremely non dependable. The Reds window is closed. Prepare for the future. Start now and the window opens sooner than later.

      • Baloo 10 months ago

        SS is not a big deal sacrificing hitting for defense when you don’t play him in the 2 HOLE (Thanks Dusty!) and the rest of the lineup hits. As far as Votto goes, he’s a stud. Not sure what you’re going for here. Last four years he’s been worth 6.7, 6.2, 5.6, and 6.4 WAR. His slash line in 2013 was 305./.435/.491/.926. He’s tailor made for the two-hole behind Hamilton with his OBP and he hits for extra bases. Plus his defense is great. He’s not a cleanup guy I think. Plus he’s hurt. But he’s worth the money. Phillips is indeed aging, but for a 2B his numbers are not bad and his defense is also elite. The biggest hole for the Reds has been LF. And Bruce having a down year this year really hurts too, he’s been nothing less than consistent the last 3 years, hitting at least 30 bombs.

        The lower bullpen rungs have been bad with guys like JJ Hoover. But the Reds really have put a lot of talent together for the last two years. But again injuries and Dusty Baker ruined their chances.

        • Alex Smith 10 months ago

          Great defense? It may be due to the injuries, but the last couple of years Votto has been average AT BEST on defense

      • Sky14 10 months ago

        Couldn’t disagree more with your take on Votto. The “Nerds” are right because they know there is more to being good than HRs. Votto has a career line of .310/.417/.533/.950, which is absurdly good. Prior to this year he lead the league in OBP four straight years. Just because he had a subpar (by his standards) 60 games doesn’t diminish the fact that he’s been one of the best hitters in baseball.

        • Franl Edwardo 10 months ago

          career numbers are what get guys like Votto the contracts he and Pujols and Cabrera got. He had one great year, a couple of very good years. Watching pitches go by him makes him a great hitter…not likely. He is a hitter, one that has not hit the ball with real authority in well over a year. He now has an, apparent, chronic knee issue. Does looking at numbers on a screen let you see he can not hit a fastball, pull almost any pitch, field a ground ball, appear fearful while just simply running the bases. The guy is done and will kill this payroll for years to come. Horrible contract. Contracts like his should get guys fired.

      • Sean Casey 10 months ago

        “Pitchers are not afraid of a guy watching pitches go by” I’m not sure I agree. Votto lead the National League in intentional walks for the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

  11. Franl Edwardo 10 months ago

    Great move by the reds. Free up his salary and Broxton can not be counted on in really clutch situations. This does not even account for when he eventually gets injured and goes on to the DL. I give the brewers credit for addressing a weakness and trying to use the window of this season to get as deep into the playoffs as possible

  12. Smart move by the Reds. Broxton is having a great year, but 9 million for a set up man is not a luxury this team could stomach for next year and still be competitive.

  13. JasonGrabowski 10 months ago

    Just keep the ball away from him in crucial games so he doesn’t get Matt stairs-d, jimmy rollinsed or most recently, josh harrisoned. Did I miss anymore?

    • oh Hal 10 months ago

      He’s a veteran with a reputation. He’s probably guaranteed to get crucial innings given Roenicke’s tendencies.

  14. Brennan 10 months ago

    Bring Mark Williams to his hometown in Cincinnati. That guy has a bulldog mentality on the mound and comes from a thriving Marietta baseball organization where he won a championship. Of course it would take more than thhis, but Williams would be an easy pickup considering his recent suspension. Nothing to lose.

  15. Tom Mitsoff 10 months ago

    It’s probably two players who are on the major league roster. They will be helping Milwaukee this season, and then come to the Reds after the season is over. If they were not on the major league roster, there would be no point in having them be named later. No reason on waiting to name prospects who are not with the big league team.

    • toddcoffeytime 10 months ago

      Or its a PTBNL so they do not have to clear waivers, or possibly because the players are from this years draft class (players cannot be traded until they are with an org for a year). Highly unlikely that the Brewers are trading two players on their current ML roster for Broxton.

      • stl_cards16 10 months ago

        PTBNL must be named within 6 months. So it’s not possible it is someone from the 2014 draft.

    • oh Hal 10 months ago

      Go ahead – speculate on who that would be.

      • Reed Bigelow 10 months ago

        I’m going to speculate two pitchers and one is on the major league roster. I’ll also speculate one of the two pitchers throws lefthanded. Gorzelony,. Estrada, Helweg , Wang, maybe Smith, Kinzler or Fiers. Mil already has their rotation set for next year with Garza, Peralta, Lohse, Nelson and Garraldo is a FA. Fiers could be part of that rotation making Estrada and Helweg available. Thornburg and Henderson are injured. .Milwaukee has very few infielder prospects, and cincy doesn’t need another catching prospect. Mil has a bunch of mediocre OF prospects. It would make sense Mil would want to keep any and all pitchers for the stretch drive It won’t be any top 10 Mil prospect if mil absorbs the majority of his salary.

        • Yorkshire 10 months ago

          Gallardo has an option that will be picked up.

          • Reed Bigelow 10 months ago

            If I was in charge of the brewers, I’d pick up his option. However, Broxton ‘s paycheck for next year will be huge, and the brewers will be looking to unload more payroll beside just Weeks off their books. keeping Gallardo kind of makes Fiers or Nelson a 6th starter or trade bait. one article said the brewers made an offer for Price . if you have Gallardo, Lohse, Peralta, Garza and you add Price, for the next 2-3 years, do you really need Nelson and Fiers?

        • Chris Koch 10 months ago

          Gorzellany won’t be traded in this deal his contract ends he has 0 value to Reds. Estrada has 0 value to Reds also. Hellweg/Wang are too promising to give up for Broxton.

          I’m guessing it’s Jim Henderson(setup man for 2015 Reds) and then a Prospect dependant upon the Brewers Playoff outcome. The more Home games hosted(or none if missed) equals Money that offsets taking on his contract for 2015.
          It’d be like the C.C. trade list. One of our AA RP future(Goforth/Pena/Gagnon) or maybe Damien Magnifico if missed playoffs.

          • Reed Bigelow 10 months ago

            That was just speculation on my part. Estrada has 0 value to the brewers, yet he is still under 30. Hellweg may be promising, but I don’t see a future for him as a Brewer. he’s not going to become a starter in the next 3-5 years as others like Fiers and Nelson moved ahead of him. in 3 years, he may start or another younger pitcher may pass by him. he has basically 0 value as a starter, and his trade value isn’t going to get any higher. I like Wang, but I’m guessing so would Cincy! I’d be willing to unload Henderson, but I doubt Cincy wants an old injured reliever.

    • Chris Koch 10 months ago

      My guess is Jim Henderson is the agreed upon and the Prospect is depending on Division win/ Wild card appearance/ or missed Playoffs completely. Hosting you hope 3games minimum on a division win offsets Broxton’s contract. Missing the Playoffs means this is a salary dump and Henderson+ a Nobody is all he’s worth.

  16. slasher016 10 months ago

    One is probably on the Brewer’s 40 man roster (but not in majors) so he would have had to clear waivers. The other might be performance based or the reds just wanted to scout a handful of players since this had to happen quickly for postseason eligibility.

  17. Reed Bigelow 10 months ago

    it was said it’s 2 players to be named later. one player has already been selected, and the other player is from a pool of 5 players. my guess is they are both pitchers who probably didn’t clear waivers and the brewers may want to possibly call them up to pitch in September.

  18. Dale Pearl 10 months ago

    the emergence of Jumbo Diaz who is making the league minimum made this deal doable. The numbers are not as good as they initially appear particularly when you look at the advanced stats. Not saying he isn’t good but at the same time I think his monetary value would put him somewhere around 5 to 6 million.

    Looks like the Brewers are going all in for this season, but at the same time Broxton just might be the closer for the Brewers next year.

    Another thing to keep in mind also is that Broxton has had his fair amount of trips to the DL for both his elbow and forearm. So the trade looks particularly good for the Brewers this year with medium risk for next year.

  19. Anthony Coleman 10 months ago

    Does this mean Jimmy Nelson would be ineligible for the postseason roster since he was “sent down to the minors” for Figaro, then recalled on September 1st?

  20. William Warner 10 months ago

    I will bet they got aa and single a fringe talent money will be spent on cueto all the reds talent is in Florida and not on the 40 man roster Good bye Broxton hello 9 million

  21. Jason 10 months ago

    extremely shaky over the last 3 years? you might want to look at his numbers this year

  22. Jason 10 months ago

    the ONLY reason im glad hes gone is because of the $$$$

  23. mack22 10 months ago

    Dodger fans were relieved when they got rid of Broxton. There was a Yankee game played at Dodger stadium where Broxton blew a 5 or 6 run lead in the top of the 9th, and lost. He never was the same since.

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