Jorge De La Rosa Claimed, Blocked On Waivers

Rockies left-hander Jorge De La Rosa was claimed off waivers by an unknown team who made the move in order to block the southpaw from being dealt elsewhere, CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reports.  The claim was made long enough ago that Colorado has since pulled De La Rosa back from revocable trade waivers and he’ll finish the rest of the 2014 season in the purple pinstripes.

De La Rosa has a 4.19 ERA, 2.11 K/BB rate and 6.6 K/9 over 154 2/3 innings with the Rockies this season, and combined with his strong 2013 campaign, the 33-year-old looks to score a healthy contract as a free agent this winter.  The Rockies, of course, hope that they can keep him from reaching the open market.  They are known to be eager to retain one of the few pitchers who has had success at Coors Field (De La Rosa has a 3.19 ERA in 13 home starts) so even if the southpaw had been claimed by a team looking to make a trade, Colorado would’ve asked for a lot to move him.  The Royals and Orioles were linked to De La Rosa before the July 31 trade deadline, and the Rockies asked Baltimore for no less than their top pitching prospect (Kevin Gausman) in return.

It’s no surprise that De La Rosa failed to clear waivers, given that he’s only owed a little under $2MM for the remainder of the season and could’ve been helped a number of contending rotations.  The lefty would’ve had to go unclaimed past every NL team and then every AL team in order to clear the August trade waivers.

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  1. pastlives 10 months ago

    Probably the A’s?

  2. Leon Barry 10 months ago

    Giants to block the Dodgers?

    • SFGiantsfan_10 10 months ago

      Probably not, considering that the Giants don’t have THAT high of waiver priority. Probably an NL Central team.

  3. JJ 10 months ago

    Orioles to block the Yankees?

  4. frogbogg 10 months ago

    My guess…. Red Sox claimed him.

    1. Stop Yanks from getting him.
    2. Corner the market on De La Rosas.

  5. connfyoozed . 10 months ago

    I would not be surprised Pirates either claimed him to block him from Cards or Brewers, or were blocked from him. They have like De La Rosa for years and haven’t kept it a secret. There is no way Jorge made it to AL teams.

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