Pirates Sign Jayson Nix

The Pirates announced that they have signed outfielder Jayson Nix.  The veteran is expected to be active for today’s game against the Diamondbacks.  To make room for Nix, the Bucs designated Dean Anna for assignment.

Nix signed with Tampa Bay in January as a non-roster player before being shipped to the Phillies in March for cash.  The Phillies went on to outright Nix in May, allowing him to return to the Rays, who released him late last week from their Triple-A affiliate.  Nix, who turns 32 later this month, was originally drafted 44th overall by the Rockies in 2001 and he’s suited up for six different franchises over his seven years in the majors.

The Pirates claimed Anna, 27, off waivers from the Yankees in July after he was DFA’d.  He hasn’t set the world on fire this season but he’s only a year removed from being a Pacific Coast League All-Star and leading the PCL in batting average while producing a .331/.410/.482 line in 132 games for the Padres’ Triple-A affiliate

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  1. Ron Greenawalt 12 months ago


    • formerdraftpick 12 months ago

      Because with Barmes out, they haven’t had anyone on the team who can hit below the Mendoza line.

  2. Stratocaster 12 months ago

    Nix is an infielder, no? Probably just a typo.

  3. jury_rigger 12 months ago

    this is the move that will take them over the top

  4. Chiburgh 12 months ago

    Nix active for today’s game. Brent Morel was optioned to AAA Indy.

    • Jerze 12 months ago

      Which i wouldnt say is a bad move. As a white sox fan, i saw plenty of both of these guys..Nix has way more pop and is more versatile.

      • Chiburgh 12 months ago

        I have a soft spot in my heart for Morel, but I agree with you on Nix.

  5. formerdraftpick 12 months ago

    Why can’t they bring up Lambo?

    • Jerze 12 months ago

      I think theyre looking more for help at 3B with Alvarez having issues. Lambo only helps in the OF and maybe 1B, where they already have Davis and Sanchez at 1B, Cutch, Polanco, snider, Harrison in the OF and Marte when he gets back. Plus tabata at AAA if they went that route. Nix can play 2B, SS, and 3B, so he fits better what they need. infield is where they need depth

      • Hurdled Again 12 months ago

        Spot on. They’ve obviously been very hesitant to sit Mercer because he’s played well, but I think more because they have been uncomfortable with anyone else at short. I think every player needs a day off at least once per month. Even Cal had days he would only pinch-hit to keep his streak alive on technicality. Walker hasn’t sat much, either. Add Pedwoes at third and a utility infielder becomes a wise addition.

    • Chiburgh 12 months ago


  6. Lyle Harnois 12 months ago

    another below the mendoza line hitter…omg

  7. BeatEmBucs 12 months ago

    Unfortunately, Alvarez to the bench, Harrison every day 3B, and Nix becomes the super utility guy.

    Pedro’s throwing issues aren’t resolving themselves. Too much talent to just give up on, but it looks like it’s time for him to pick up a first baseman’s mitt.

    • Hurdled Again 12 months ago

      They asked him to do that years ago, when he first challenged for King of Errors. He blatantly refused not only that, but playing winter ball. I just don’t see how they don’t try to trade him if he continues this THREE-YEAR pattern and refuses to convert to first. Even so, his hitting has been so bad that it’ll take a breakout in these last two months for the Pirates to get any meaningful return.

      • formerdraftpick 12 months ago

        Maybe Alvarez can just underhand it to the shortstop who can then throw it to first.

  8. Light_tower_power 12 months ago

    Pirates fans prepare for the hardest hit foul balls you have ever seen

  9. Seems Josh Harrison becomes the everyday 3B, Nix moves into the super util role, and Pedro Alvarez, well, something has to be done with him. He’s a mess in the field

  10. bucsws2014 12 months ago

    What were Martinez and Morel?

  11. jimmy streich 12 months ago

    This is the move we have all been waiting for – the Pirates are officially contenders with the all star platoon of Davis/Sanchez (can Gabby go back to college roids) 3B of Pedro and a band aid pitching staff.. Thank you Neal we will win it all even if Walker/McCutchen have to go on DL

  12. Rodd Baker 12 months ago

    yes, he has.

  13. ProjectNeo 12 months ago

    He’s played 25 games in the outfield since coming up to the bigs in 2008. The man is an infielder.

  14. Mo Vaughn 12 months ago

    Not even that, only 22 games.

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