Reds Outright Chad Rogers

Here are the minor moves from the day …

  • The Reds have outrighted right-hander Chad Rogers off the club’s 40-man roster, according to the transactions page. Rogers, 25, has yet to see MLB action. He moved to a relief role this year after spending much of his career as a starter, but has struggled thus far in 2014. Over 45 2/3 innings, Rogers owns a 4.53 ERA but has walked as many batters (5.7 per nine) as he has struck out. All of those marks are career-worsts.

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  1. JMO 12 months ago

    His minor league numbers are great, and he’s in the BP for the first time and it happens to be in AAA. Bad move by the Reds. Lots of those in 2014.

    • ChrisSabo17 12 months ago

      His numbers are great? He walked 5+walks per 9. That’s not great!

      • JMO 12 months ago

        In 2014, not his entire career. Look at his total numbers for all years,

        • ChrisSabo17 11 months ago

          I looked and you are correct they aren’t bad until this year. Makes you wonder if he had a attitude problem or something besides athletic and pitching ability.

  2. VadaPinson 11 months ago

    He has looked bad since ST. Sure it was ST but he was getting hit hard and never seemed to get out of the rut he got in. I guess this is called hitting his professional wall.

    • cru 11 months ago

      Look at the lack of production from the entire club. Bad Leadership!

      • VadaPinson 11 months ago

        ? he has been in AAA the whole year. What does that have to do with the big league club? Leadership is not why they are losing. Injuries and bad players who have replaced the injured ones…along with players having bad years is.

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