West Notes: Tulowitzki, Preller, Astros, Mulder

Troy Tulowitzki again today voiced his frustration with the Rockies‘ losing ways, though he clarified to the Denver Post’s Nick Groke that his frustration doesn’t mean that he wants to be traded. Said Tulo: “It doesn’t mean I want out of here. It means I’m sick and tired of losing. Something needs to change. Hopefully that comes fairly quickly.” Tulo went on to cite the Red Sox and their quick turnaround from cellar-dwelling team to World Series champions, also opining that the lineup the Rockies fielded in April was good enough to contend.

Here’s more from baseball’s Western divisions…

  • New Padres GM A.J. Preller won’t be taking many (if any) colleagues with him to San Diego, Rangers GM Jon Daniels told Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News“In this case,” said Daniels, “with such a notable position and somebody who has been here so long and has unique relationships, there are strong restrictions on their ability to take anybody else.” As Fraley notes, such the Rangers put some strict guidelines in place when granting Preller permission to interview, and such tactics are not uncommon when a front office allows one of its members to interview with another club.
  • Astros GM Jeff Luhnow will monitor the waiver wire with an attentive eye as always in 2014, but he tells MLB.com’s Brian McTaggart that he doesn’t expect to move anyone, as the club did in 2013 with Wesley Wright“I expect if we put our guys on waivers, most of them will get claimed because they’re young and affordable,” said Luhnow, “but we’re not looking to do anything. … Last year, we ended up moving Wesley through that, but we don’t anticipate anything this year.”
  • Left-hander Mark Mulder, who was with the Angels in Spring Training but tore his Achilles tendon before his comeback attempt could get off the ground, tells the Orange County Register’s Jeff Fletcher that he has begun throwing and will attempt another comeback in 2015 (Twitter link). Mulder, who turned 37 yesterday, hasn’t pitched in the Majors since 2008 and hasn’t topped 11 innings since 2006.

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9 Comments on "West Notes: Tulowitzki, Preller, Astros, Mulder"

Jack Campbell
1 year 24 days ago

I wouldn’t mind if the mets or red Sox took a flyer on Mulder. Great story more competition for the young guys.

Melvin McMurf
1 year 24 days ago

i said that about the angels last year

1 year 24 days ago

Gotta love Mulder’s heart. Go for it, guy.

1 year 24 days ago

As a Ranger fan, too bad Jon Daniels can’t go with him.

1 year 24 days ago

Tulo complains about losing as he sits on the DL, again. PRICELESS

1 year 24 days ago

as a mets fan i would love to have him but your right ,for a guy who misses so much time to open up his mouth especially after sitting at a yankee game while his team was playing? time to shut up Tulo

Roger Wilco
1 year 23 days ago

I’m getting a little tired of the Tulo/Rockies saga. If Tulo wants to play for a winner, he should just request the trade. Who cares if it makes him the “bad guy”? I say this with a bit of sadness, but fans are pretty desensitized to players leaving their club. Albert Pujols, probably a lock for the Hall, left St. Louis for a lot of money that the Cards weren’t willing to pay. Many Cards fans were upset but guess what: They still came to the games because they were winning without him! Not only that but upon Pujols’ first return to Busch Stadium, most fans applauded him for his time with the Cardinals.
It’s not a given that the Rockies are going to win the very next season without Tulo but one thing is certain: Fans don’t usually come to the games to see one guy. They come to the games to see their team win. (assuming that one guy isn’t Babe Ruth)

1 year 23 days ago

The Cardinals are a poor example. Yes Pujols was the face of the franchise but the Cardinals were a very good team without him as evident by them still making there post season.

The Rockies aren’t a playoff team with Tulo and they most certainly won’t be without him.

With a team full of poor pitching, Tulo is a guy you go see.

Roger Wilco
1 year 23 days ago

I understand your point but from what I can tell, hardly anyone goes to Rockies games anyway. I don’t think trading Tulo will result in a huge drop in attendance. Either way, the ball is in Tulo’s court. He wants to complain about the team but seems very concerned about his reputation with Rockies fans.